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Motorway toll Ukraine 2023 → Price, toll road sections, information for drivers

Barbora Kollárová
Published on 15.2.2023

  • Highways in Ukraine are free for cars and trucks.
  • The speed limit on the highway is 130 km/h, in the rural area 50 km/h.
  • Ukraine officially requires an international driving license to drive a car.
  1. Motorway toll Ukraine 2023 → Price, toll road sections, information for drivers

    Toll road charges in Ukraine for 2024

    The quality of roads in Ukraine is not very good. Only in exceptional cases do the expressways have a central dividing strip with barriers. All roads are state-owned.

    Neither cars nor trucks need a vignette to travel by car in Ukraine.

    However, charging for both categories is already under consideration, as well as charges for entering major city centres. For the time being, however, no such fees are levied. At present, there is only one motorway in Ukraine that meets the requirements for the toll roads. It is a 22.5 km long highway section with three lanes in each direction, equipped with a modern information system connecting the capital Kyiv with Boryspil International Airport.

    In the future, it is planned to reconstruct and toll 6 of the most important Ukrainian expressways.

  2. Speed limits in Ukraine

    • Residential zones – 20 km/h
    • Urban area – 50 km/h
    • Rural area – 90 km/h
    • Expressway with a dividing line – 110 km/h
    • Motorway – 130 km/h

    It is always necessary to follow the traffic signs.

    For example, there are streets in Kyiv, where you can drive at 80 km/h between April 1 and November 1. In winter, the usual 50 km/h is allowed.

    Violations of the speed limit are monitored by both the traffic police and the camera system.

    Fines are paid by bank transfer or deposit into a state bank account. The police may not require you to pay the fine in cash.

    The camera system monitors the following offences: running red lights, driving in a lane designated for public transport, speeding.

    Speeding is considered to be 23 km/h higher than the permitted limit.

  3. Fines for selected offences

    • Driving in the lane reserved for public transport – €17,25680 ₴
    • Driving through a junction on a red light – €10,78425 ₴€12,94510 ₴

    If the perpetrator of an offence documented by CCTV pays the fine imposed within 10 working days of being notified of the fine, he may pay only half of the fine.

    If not paid within 15 days, the fine will be doubled and enforced.

  4. Speeding fines in Ukraine 2024

    One could say, with a little exaggeration, that in Ukraine, due to the condition of roads, you cannot even exceed the maximum permitted speed. However, the fact is that many nice highways have been created, especially in the vicinity of large cities. But beware of local police officers who often ask for bribes, especially when they see a car with a Western license plate. It is therefore worth knowing the following table of fines, which has recently been updated by the legislators with much higher rates.

    Table of fines (for all road types)

    • 10-20 km/h: from €255 to €340
    • 30-50 km/h: €510
    • over 50 km/h: €863400 ₴
  5. Driving a car in Ukraine

    Mandatory car equipment in Ukraine

    In addition to spare fuses, bulbs, jack, warning triangle, keys, spare parts and first aid kits, you must also have a fire extinguisher and an orange reflective vest in your car.

    A petrol canister is also recommended. The gas station network in Ukraine, especially in the more remote areas, is not as developed as in the EU.

    Gas stations in Ukraine

    At most gas stations, expect to pay the required amount of fuel first and then you can refuel. You can find the average prices in individual regions of Ukraine and at individual gas stations at

    Drinking and driving

    In Ukraine, if a driver has a blood alcohol concentration higher than 0.2 per mile (about 1 bottle of a beer), he will be regarded as a driver under the influence of alcohol.

    Driving under the influence of alcohol carries a fine of approximately €25410000 ₴ to €86234000 ₴. In case of preteaded driving under the influence of alcohol, a fine of up to €1 29451000 ₴ can be imposed. In serious cases, the driver may lose his driver’s license for up to 3 years.

    Daytime running lights

    Drivers in Ukraine are obliged to use the daytime running lights between October 1 and May 1. Failure to comply with this obligation may result in a fine of €10,78425 ₴.

    Seat belts

    The driver and all passengers are required to wear seat belts when driving. Motorcycle drivers must wear a helmet while riding. Failure to comply with this obligation may result in a fine of €1,2951 ₴.

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  7. Traveling to Ukraine by car

    Crossing the Ukraine border by car

    To enter Ukraine by car, in addition to a valid passport, you will need a so-called international driving license according to the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic of 1968. This must be requested in advance at any municipal authority with extended powers. In addition to these documents, you will also need a vehicle registration card and a certificate of insurance (green card).

    If you do not own the car directly, i.e. another person is listed as the owner on the registration certificate, you will also need a power of attorney to use the car to cross the border. This power of attorney must be officially translated into Ukrainian. You can find the translator authorized to make the official translation here.

    When entering the country, you will pay an environmental fee at the border of approximately €10,00 for every 1000 cc of engine capacity of the car.

    Please note that you may be stuck in the check-in queue at the border for several hours. The situation at individual border crossings, whether from Poland or Slovakia can be monitored online at

    Customs restrictions on exports from Ukraine

    From Ukraine, you can export 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars, 250 grams of tobacco or all of these products up to 250 grams, 5 litres of beer, 2 litres of wine, 1 litre of hard liquor (with alcohol content of over 22 %).

    You should not transport meat and dairy products from Ukraine to the EU in non-original packaging and produced outside the EU.

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