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Motorway toll England 2023 → Price, how to pay, toll road sections

Ivana Gajdosikova
Published on 13.2.2023

  • There is a charge for crossing some bridges, tunnels and for entering central London and Durham.
  • The M6 motorway near Birmingham is tolled for motorcycles, cars and trucks.
  • In most cases, tolls are paid in cash, by card on the spot or via the mobile application.
  1. Motorway toll England 2023 → Price, how to pay, toll road sections

    Toll road charges in England for 2024

    The cost of tolls on the M6 motorway depends on the vehicle category. The toll calculator is available on the official website of the motorway operator

    Vehicle categories in England

    There is a total of 5 vehicle categories in England:

    • Category 1: Motorcycles
    • Category 2: Passenger cars
    • Category 3: Passenger cars with trailer
    • Category 4: Vans, lorries and motor homes
    • Category 5: Trucks

    Toll price on the M6 motorway in England 2024

    1. Motorcycles 2. Passenger cars 3. Passenger cars with trailer 4. Vans, lorries and motor homes 5. Trucks
    Workdays 7:00–19:00 €4,63£4 €9,50£8.20 €14,01£12.10 €16,56£14.30 €17,25£14.90
    Workdays 5:00–7:00, 19:00–23:00 €4,52£3.90 €9,50£8.20 €14,01£12.10 €16,56£14.30 €17,25£14.90
    Workdays 23:00–5:00 €4,17£3.60 €8,11£7 €12,85£11.10 €15,05£13.00 €15,63£13.50
    Weekends 5:00–23:00 €4,63£4 €9,50£8.20 €13,78£11.90 €15,75£13.60 €16,67£14.40
    Weekends 23:00–5:00 €4,17£3.60 €8,11£7 €12,85£11.10 €15,05£13 €15,63£13.50
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  3. London entrance fees 2024

    Congestion Charge

    If you are heading to central London by car, you will have to pay the so-called Congestion Charge. The amount of the fee is €17,37£15 and is paid per day for one car during the whole working week from 7:00 to 22:00. The fee is paid only for the entrance to the centre of London. For the exact area, including the search engine of the streets that are charged, please visit the official website You will only pay the fee once, no matter how many times you enter and exit the toll zone on the same day. The fee is not paid on December 25th.

    Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ)

    In 2019, the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) came into effect, where you pay to enter designed “Greater London” zones, which you can find on the map at The fee is paid for non-compliance with emission standards. The fee of €14,47£12.50 is paid by the drivers for not meeting the Euro 3 emission standards for motorcycles, Euro 4 for petrol cars is Euro 6 for diesel. The fee is paid per day (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) and is not paid only on December 25th.

    Overview of emission standards:

    • Euro 3 became mandatory for all new motorcycles in 2007
    • Euro 4 became mandatory for all new cars in 2005 and light vans in 2006
    • Euro 6 became mandatory for all new heavy-duty engines for trucks and buses from January 2014, from September 2015 for passenger cars and from September 2016 for larger vans up to and including 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight.

    For lorries, vans or special heavy vehicles (over 3.5 tonnes) and buses, minibuses and coaches (over 5 tonnes) a fee of the Low Emission Zone (LEZ) applies. These vehicles must also meet the emission standard and, in the event of non-compliance, must pay a LEZ fee. Details of fees and conditions are available at

    How to pay London entry fees

    The Congestion Charge for entering London is paid at If you pay in advance or directly on the day of the ride, you will be charged €17,37£15. By midnight on the third day after the ride, the payment is increased to €20,26£17.50. If you do not pay by midnight on the third day after the ride, you will receive a fine notification (so-called PCN).

    Free TfL Pay to drive in London application will make it easier for you to pay all your London entrance fees (Congestion Charge, ULEZ a LEZ). Create an account and you set up Auto Pay (automatic payment). This system records the number of days in a month that the vehicle passes within the toll zone and automatically deducts the payment from your account each month.

  4. Toll payment in England 2024

    There is a total of 8 toll stations on the M6 motorway. Fees can be paid there in cash, by credit card (credit, debit or fuel) or via an electronic system. Some sections are without toll stations. In these cases, the toll must be paid in advance or additionally by the next day via the Internet.

    Payment in cash or by credit card

    Tolls on M6 motorways can be paid in cash or by credit card. Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Maestro cards are accepted, as well as refuelling cards e.g. Euroshell or DKV.

    Electronic toll TAG

    TAG is an automatic electronic toll payment system in England. A device is placed on the windshield of your car, thanks to which the system automatically records the passage through the toll gate. Tolls are deducted directly from your bank account. Equipment rental costs €1,16£1 per month. Users are provided with a 5% discount on tolls. The advantage is that you do not have to stop and pay at the toll gates, but you will go straight through them in lanes reserved for users of the TAG system.

  5. Paid road sections in England 2024

    Toll motorway sections in England

    M6 Toll West Midlands

    Map of motorways and toll roads in England

    A very detailed regional map of the toll motorway M6 Toll West Midlands is available at

    Sections charged with special toll

    In England, in addition to tolls on the M6 motorway, you pay for crossing selected bridges and tunnels as well. Tolls for London Dartford and Mersey Gateway need to be paid in advance or no later than the second day after the crossing on the operators’ website. Some bridges and tunnels have their own TAG automatic payment system, for example, Humber TAG, Severn TAG or Tamar TAG, for others it is possible to use prepaid cards for a predetermined number of journeys.

    Charges for the passage of some tunnels and bridges in England 2024

    Bridge / Tunnel Motorcycle Passenger cars Automobiles up to 3,5 t cat. 1 Automobiles from 3,5 t cat. 2
    M25 Dartford free €2,89£2.50 €3,47£3 €6,95£6
    A4 Batheaston Bridge €0,58£0.50 €0,93£0.80 €1,74£1.50
    A15 Humber Bridge free €1,74£1.50 €1,74£1.50 €4,63£4.00
    A19 Tyne Tunnels free €2,20£1.90 €2,20£1.90 €4,52£3.90
    A38 Tamar Bridge free €3,01£2.60 €3,01£2.60 €7,30£6.30
    A41 Mersey Tunnels – Queensway €2,32£2 €2,32£2 €4,63£4 €6,95£6
    A41 Mersey Tunnels – Kingsway €2,08£1.80 €2,08£1.80 €4,17£3.60 €6,25£5.40
    A57 Dunham Bridge free €0,46£0.40 €0,69£0.60 €1,16£1.00
    A533 Mersey Gateway free €2,32£2.00 €2,32£2.00 €6,95£6.00
    A3025 Itchen Bridge weekdays 7:00–9:30, 16:00–18:30 free €0,93£0.80 €0,93£0.80 €1,62£1.40
    A3025 Itchen Bridge  off peak and weekends free €0,81£0.70 €0,81£0.70 €1,62£1.40

    For a complete list of toll bridges and tunnels, including lower-class roads, please visit

  6. Motorways in England: Speed limits, fines …

    Speed limits in England

    In England, speed limits are calculated primarily in miles (mph).

    • Urban areas: 48 km/h (30 mph)
    • Outside the urban areas: 96 km/h (60 mph)
    • Cars and motorcycles on motorway and highway: 112 km/h (70 mph)

    Fines for motorway tolls

    In England, careful inspections are carried out via a camera system. If it is not possible to pay on the spot, the toll must be paid no later than the next day by midnight.

    If the toll on the M6 motorway is not paid within 2 working days from the date of travel, administrative costs of €81£70 including VAT will be added to the original toll.

    For example, a fine for unpaid T-Charge in London is €93£80 if paid within 24 days, €185£160 if paid within 28 days, after more than 28 days €278£240 is required to be paid.

    Eurotunnel by car

    The fastest way to get to England is by Eurotunnel. It leads from Coquelles near Calais, France to Folkestone, England. The journey takes about 35 minutes, the ticket price includes car transport and transport of up to nine passengers. The Eurotunnel terminal is located at exit 42 of the A16 motorway in France. The terminal in England is accessible from the M20 motorway at exit 11A. You can find more information on the official websites of the Eurotunnel. In the table below, we present only a selection of the cheapest tariffs. Motorcycles pay half price.

    Eurotunnel transfer price 2024

    1-2 days 2-5 days Unlimited
    Way there €93£80 €115£99 €115£99
    Way back €93£80 €115£99 €115£99
  7. Speeding fines in England 2024

    According to the British media itself, radars and patrols are everywhere. For cars with British license plates, fines are calculated according to the driver’s weekly income. For foreign license plates, fines are calculated even by the price of the car! The amounts of fines thus vary widely.

    The Police Directorate itself advises police officers not to deal with speeding below 10% of the speed limit during the ticketing process and also to take into account the 2 mph measurement error. However, after leaving the EU, some police officers may pick on vehicles with license plates from EU countries. Therefore, be careful, it does not pay to exceed the speed limit.

    Tables of fines (for all road types)

    • 1-24 km/h (1-15 mph): €116£100 and 3 penalty points
    • 25-41 km/h (16-25 mph): from €116£100 to €1 158£1000 and 4 penalty points
    • 42-48 km/h (26-30 mph): from €116£100 to €1 158£1000 and 5-6 penalty points
    • over 48 km/h (30 mph): from €116£100 to €2 895£2500, withdrawal of driving license from 1 month to 1 year
  8. Car driving fines in England 2024

    Example of fine amounts for selected driving offences:

    • Red light running – €116£100 and 3 penalty points
    • Driving under influence of alcohol – up to €2 895£2500, driving ban or even imprisonment
    • Driving without seat belts fastened – €116£100 up to €579£500
    • Using a mobile phone while driving – €232£200
  9. Driving a car in England 2024

    Undoubtedly, the biggest challenge for drivers from the rest of Europe in England is driving on the left side of the road. So always be alert and take extra care.

    Mandatory car equipment in England

    A warning triangle, reflective vest, first aid kit and fire extinguisher are not mandatory but only recommended.


    Winter tires are not mandatory.

    The minimum tread depth is 1.6 mm.

    Seat belts

    The use of seat belts is mandatory for all passengers in the car.

    Child safety in cars

    In England, children must use a child car seat in the car until they are 12 years old or up to 135 centimetres tall.

    Children over 12 years of age or over 135 centimetres tall must wear a seat belt.

    Drinking and driving

    The maximum legal limit for blood alcohol level is 0.8 per mile.

    For driving under the influence of alcohol, in the best case you pay a fine, be banned from driving or, in the worst case, be sentenced to imprisonment and go to prison. The actual punishment you receive depends on your particular offence and the judges who are hearing your case. At best, you get a fine of up to €2 895£2500.

    Refusal to undergo a breath test may be punished by an unlimited fine, 6 months imprisonment or a ban of driving for at least 1 year.

    Daylight driving lights

    There is no requirement for daytime running lights in England. It is recommended for motorcycles. In low visibility, lighting is mandatory.

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