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Motorway tolls Hungary 2023 → Price, payment, toll road sections

Barbora Kollárová
Published on 14.2.2023

  • Selected motorway and road sections are tolled by an electronic system.
  • The vignette is mandatory for motorcycles, cars, trucks up to 3.5 t, caravans and buses. Vehicles over 3.5 t pay an electronic toll according to the actual distance travelled.
  • Vignettes are sold with a 10-day, monthly or annual validity, plus there are annual regional vignettes on sale.
  1. Motorway tolls Hungary 2023 → Price, payment, toll road sections

    Price and validity of a vignette in Hungary for 2024

    The price of the vignette is determined according to the category of the vehicle, and the data recorded in the registration certificate is decisive. In Hungary, vignettes are mandatory for a total of four vehicle categories.

    Vehicle categories

    • Vehicle category D1
      Category D1 includes motorcycles and passenger vehicles with a maximum permissible weight of 3.5 t and up to 7 seats, including the driver’s seat and trailer.
    • Vehicle category D2
      This category includes all passenger vehicles authorised to carry more than seven persons, caravans and lorries with a maximum permissible weight of 3.5 t and motorhomes.
    • Vehicle category B2
      Category B2 includes buses, i.e. motor vehicles for the carriage of passengers with more than 9 permanent seats, including the driver’s seat.
    • Vehicle category U
      Vehicle trailers of categories D2 and B2 are classified under the U designation.

    Price list of Hungarian motorway vignettes 2024

    Category 10-day Monthly Annual Regional (annual)
    D1-Motorcycles €7,422750 Ft €12,014450 Ft €13349190 Ft €15,445720 Ft
    D1-Vehicles €14,855500 Ft €24,038900 Ft €13349190 Ft €15,445720 Ft
    D2-Vehicles €21,608000 Ft €3412600 Ft €18969830 Ft €3111450 Ft
    B2-Buses €4817730 Ft €6825150 Ft €618228850 Ft €6222890 Ft
    U-Trailers €14,855500 Ft €24,038900 Ft €13349190 Ft €15,445720 Ft

    The 10-day vignette begins to be valid on the day specified by the buyer and ends on the tenth day at midnight. The monthly vignette is valid from the date specified by the buyer for the whole of the following month. The annual stamp is valid for 13 months, from January 1st to January 31st of the following year. The annual Hungarian regional vignette is intended for toll sections in the given regions. The period of validity is the same as for the annual vignette.

    If you accidentally enter a toll section, you have 60 minutes from the time of entry to purchase an e-vignette.

  2. Where to buy a Hungarian motorway vignette 2024

    Where to buy a vignette in Hungary

    In Hungary, vignettes are sold at almost all petrol stations and near border crossings. The points of sale are marked with e-VIGNETTE or MATRICA signs. The complete list of points of sale can be found here.

    Where to buy a vignette in the UK

    There are no points of sale in the UK where you can buy a physical Hungarian vignette. However, you can buy it conveniently online as listed in the next section.

    Where to buy a vignette online

    The easiest way is to buy the vignette online at the official website or the retailer The site is available in Hungarian, Romanian, English and German.

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  4. Paid sections in Hungary 2024

    Sections charged by toll in Hungary

    • M0: Budapest city ring
    • M1: Budapest – Tatabánya – Györ – Austria A4
    • M2: Budapest – Vác, 30 km
    • M3: Budapest – Nyíregyháza – Vásárosnamény
    • M5: Budapest – Kecskemét – Szeged – Serbia A1
    • M6: Budapest – Szsekszárd – Bóly
    • M7: Budapest – Székesfehérvár – Croatia A4
    • M8: Dunavecse – Dunaújváros
    • M9: Dusnok – Szekszárd
    • M15: Mosonmagyaróvár – Slovakia D2
    • M19: Györ – Györ (city)
    • M30: Emöd – Miskolc
    • M31: Nagytarcsa – Gödöllö
    • M35: Görbeháza – Debrecen
    • M43: Szeged – Romania A1
    • M51: Budapest – Dunaharaszti
    • M60: Bóly – Pécs
    • M70: Letenye – Slovenia A5
    • M85: Györ – Csorna
    • M86: Csorna – Szombathely

    Map of motorways in Hungary

    A complete map of Hungarian motorways and toll roads is available on the official website

  5. Motorways in Hungary: Speed limits, fines…

    Speed limits in Hungary

    • Urban area: 50 km/h
    • Rural area: 90 km/h
    • On the road for motor vehicles: 110 km/h
    • On the motorway: 130 km/h

    Fines for vignettes

    A driver without a valid vignette faces a fine of €4416220 Ft if paid within 60 days. If you pay after 60 days, the penalty will increase to €17564850 Ft. Vignettes are checked via a camera system at the toll gates; drivers without a vignette will be fined automatically. You can also be fined for purchasing a vignette for the wrong category of vehicle.

    Toll-free motorway sections 2024

    A list of toll-free sections can be found at

    Where to place the vignette

    There is no need to attach a vignette to the windshield. When purchasing a vignette at the points of sale, you choose the one according to the required validity and enter the registration number of the car and the country of registration. The seller will give you a control slip which you will sign to confirm that the information is correct.

    For online sales, the purchase is confirmed by a confirmation message from the service provider. You need proof of payment of the fee in case of a roadside check. Moreover, according to the legislation in force, these certificates must be kept for two years from the last day of validity of the vignette.

  6. Speeding fines in Hungary 2024

    In Hungary, in addition to a fine, you can get three penalty points for speeding more than 25% over the limit. The total number of penalty points is 18 and they are valid for three years.

    If the driver cannot or will not pay the fine (administrative proceedings), the police can impound the car. This also applies to foreign drivers. As part of the fight against corruption, it is possible to pay by credit card and fixed fines are set for individual offences. If you pay in cash, the officer must give you a receipt for the amount paid.

    Speeding in a 50 km/h zone

    • 15-25 km/h: €8130000 Ft
    • 25-35 km/h: €12145000 Ft
    • 35-45 km/h: €16260000 Ft
    • 45-55 km/h: €24390000 Ft
    • 55-65 km/h: €351130000 Ft
    • 65-75 km/h: €540200000 Ft
    • over 75 km/h: €810300000 Ft

    Speeding in a 100 km/h zone

    • 15-30 km/h: €8130000 Ft
    • 30-45 km/h: €12145000 Ft
    • 45-60 km/h: €16260000 Ft
    • 60-75 km/h: €24390000 Ft
    • 75-90 km/h: €351130000 Ft
    • 90-105 km/h: €540200000 Ft
    • over 105 km/h: €810300000 Ft

    Speeding in a zone with a speed limits higher than 100 km/h

    • 20-35 km/h: €8130000 Ft
    • 35-50 km/h: €12145000 Ft
    • 50-65 km/h: €16260000 Ft
    • 65-80 km/h: €24390000 Ft
    • 80-95 km/h: €351130000 Ft
    • 95-110 km/h: €540200000 Ft
    • over 110 km/h: €810300000 Ft
  7. Driving fines in Hungary 2024

    Hungary has a system of penalty points for traffic offences. If a driver accumulates 18 penalty points, he loses his licence and can only reapply after a six-month ban and completing a course.

    • Running a red light – up to €270100000 Ft
    • Driving under the influence of alcohol – from €4015000 Ft to €810300000 Ft
    • Driving without seat belts fastened – €8130000 Ft
    • Using a mobile phone while driving – from €4015000 Ft to €8130000 Ft
    • Not using a child car seat – from €4015000 Ft to €12145000 Ft
  8. Driving in Hungary 2024

    Mandatory car equipment in Hungary

    • First aid kit
    • Reflective vest (for each passenger located in the cab of the car)
    • Warning triangle

    Motorcycle, scooter and moped drivers and their passengers must wear a protective helmet.


    Winter tires are not mandatory in Hungary, but their use is recommended. They are mandatory only on on-road sections marked with appropriate road signs.
    The minimum tread depth of winter tires is 3 mm.
    Snow chains must be taken with you when you are travelling to Hungary in winter, in case of deteriorating weather conditions. Without them, you may not be allowed into the country.

    Seat belts

    Seat belts must be worn on all seats equipped with them.

    Kids in the car

    Children under 150 cm in height must be carried in a child car seat or a booster seat.
    Children under 3 years of age can be transported in a rear-facing child seat in the front seat. In this case, the front passenger airbag should be deactivated.

    Drinking and driving

    In Hungary, there is zero-tolerance for blood alcohol. If a blood alcohol level of up to 0.8 ‰ is measures, a fine of €4015000 Ft up to €810300000 Ft may be imposed. If the blood alcohol level exceeds 0.8 ‰, legal proceedings will be initiated.

    Daytime running lights

    Daytime running lights are mandatory for all motor vehicles in Hungary.

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