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Motorway toll Belgium 2023: Price, where to buy, toll road sections

Ivana Gajdosikova
Published on 15.2.2023

  • Motorways in Belgium are free for cars and motorcycles.
  • Trucks over 3.5 tonnes pay fees via the ViaPass system.
  • The Liefkeshoek tunnel in Antwerp is tolled for all vehicles.
  1. Motorway toll Belgium 2023: Price, where to buy, toll road sections

    Toll road charges in Belgium for 2024

    Belgium motorways are free of charge for drivers of motorcycles, cars and other cars weighing up to 3.5 tonnes. Only the Liefkeshoek tunnel in Antwerp is tolled.

    The ViaPass satellite toll system has been introduced in Belgium for trucks weighing over 3.5 tonnes. All lorries over 3.5 tonnes must be equipped with an On Board Unit (OBU), which charges each kilometre on toll road and motorway sections.

    The toll rate depends on a region, vehicle weight, road type and emission class. You can find a complete price list on the ViaPass system website.

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  3. Toll payment in Belgium 2024

    OBU for vehicles over 3.5 tonnes is offered by several accredited providers, including AS24, Axxes, Eurotoll, Satellic, Telepass and Toll4Europe. Some of them operate only in Belgium, others work with tolls in other European countries as well.

    Each of these system operators offers different conditions and a different payment system. Tolls can be settled by a flat-rate prepaid tariff or by billing based on actual kilometres travelled.

    The electronic online toll collection system for vehicles over 12 tonnes is provided by Eurovignette. You only need one valid Eurovignette to pass through Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark and Sweden.

  4. Motorways in Belgium 2024

    Highway network in Belgium

    • A1 Brussels – Antwerp – Netherlands
    • A2 Leuven – Netherlands
    • A3 Brussels – Leuven – Liège – Germany
    • A4 Brussels – Namur – Luxembourg
    • A7 Brussels – Mons – France
    • A8 Halle – Tournai – France
    • A10 Brussels – Ghent – Bruges – Ostend
    • A11 Antwerp – Zelzate
    • A12 Brussels – Antwerp– Netherlands
    • A13 Antwerp – Hasselt – Liège
    • A14 Antwerp – Ghent – France
    • A15 La Louvière – Namur – Liège
    • A16 Mons – Tournai
    • A17 Bruges – Tournai
    • A18 Bruges – France
    • A19 Kortrijk – Ypres
    • A21 Antwerp – Turnhout – Netherlands
    • A25 Liège – Netherlands
    • A26 Liège – Neufchâteau
    • A27 Battice – Germany
    • A28 Aubange – France
    • A54 Nivelles – Charleroi

    Map of highways in Belgium

    An indicative map of the motorways can be found on Wikipedia and a more detailed map can be found on Detailed maps of individual regions are available here as well.

    Sections charged with special toll

    In Belgium, only the Liefkeshoek tunnel in Antwerp is tolled, and the amount of the toll depends on the height of a vehicle and a method of payment. The use of the Teletol automatic system is subject to a minimum annual expenditure of €50.

    Liefkeshoek tunnel passage fees 2024

    Cash Credit Card Teletol
    Category 1
    (height < 3 m)
    €7,00 €5,60 €4,00
    Category 2
    (height ≥ 3 m)
    06:01 – 21:59
    €22,00 €19,90 €16,00
    Category 2
    (height ≥ 3 m)
    22:00 – 06:00
    €7,00 €5,60 €4,00
  5. Highways in Belgium: Speed limits, fines…

    Speeds limits in Belgium

    • in built-up areas 50 km/h
    • other roads outside the built-up area 90 km/h
    • on highways 120 km/h

    Fines for highway tolls

    Passenger cars are not fined for non-payment of tolls. In Belgium, however, traffic regulations must be strictly observed. If the speed exceeds 10 km/h and for parking violation, there is a fine from €55, if you exceed the speed by more than 20 km/h the fine reaches €150.

  6. Speeding fines in Belgium 2024

    The fines in Belgium tend to be very high, according to local authorities, as a precautionary measure. Recently, a lot has been invested in radar equipment, which is now located in the least expected places. For example, it is common to place radar within sight of a village end sign or at highway exits.

    Sending of fine notices is automatic, so the case of a driver who had to pay a fine for driving 696 km/h is extraordinary! Of course, it was a malfunction, and given the automatic sending, no one found it strange.

    You do not have to worry about encountering a police patrol – they are polite and lenient. They just require respect and decency. There are several cases where police officers have fined an official for insulting them even during a routine roadside check.

    Speeding in residential areas

    • 1-10 km/h: €50
    • 11-20 km/h: from €60 to €150
    • 21-30 km/h: from €260 to €350
    • Over 31 km/h: from €55 to €2 750, possibility to withdraw your driver’s license in a range of 8 days to 5 years.

    Speeding everywhere else (rural areas, urban areas, highway)

    • 1-10 km/h: €50
    • 11-30 km/h: from €60 to €150
    • 31-40 km/h: from €205 to €250
    • Over 41 km/h: from €55 to €2 750, possibility to withdraw your driver’s license in a range of 8 days to 5 years.
  7. Driving fines in Belgium 2024

    In Belgium, traffic fines are divided into four categories, with the first one covering the lightest offences and the fourth the most serious ones.

    The minimum fine for the first degree infringement is €58, for second degree €116, third degree €165 and €473 for fourth-degree violations. You will always be summoned to court for a fourth-degree violation.

    You can usually simply pay the fine on the spot at a reduced rate. If several infringements are detected at the same time, the total amount must not exceed €866. This applies to violations that can be resolved on the spot.

    The amounts are indicative and may in practice be higher or lower depending on the circumstances in which the traffic offence was committed.

    • Red light running – from €174 and possible driving ban of 8 days to 5 years
    • Driving under influence of alcohol – from €179 to €1 260 and possible driving ban of 3 hours to 5 years
    • Failure to give the right of way – from €116 and possible driving ban from 8 days to 5 years
    • Crossing a solid white line – from €174
    • Driving without seat belts fastened – from €116
    • Using a mobile phone while driving – from €116
  8. Driving in Belgium 2024

    Mandatory car equipment in Belgium

    • Warning triangle
    • Fire extinguisher – mandatory for vehicles registered in Belgium, for foreign vehicles is recommended
    • First aid kid – mandatory for vehicles registered in Belgium, recommended for foreign vehicles.
    • Reflective vest – for vehicles registered in Belgium, it is mandatory to have a reflective vest for each person in the car, for foreign vehicles, it is mandatory only for drivers.
    • Safety helmet – mandatory for motorcycle drivers on motorcycles from 50 cc onward it is mandatory to wear protective clothing: gloves, a long-sleeved jacket, trousers with long pants and boots with ankle protection.


    In Belgium, winter tires are not mandatory and are only allowed from 1 October to 30 April.
    However, they are recommended in winter conditions. The minimum tread depth must be 1.6 mm, but a minimum of 4 mm is recommended.

    The use of snow chains is only permitted when the roadway is covered with snow or ice.

    Seat belts

    The use of seat belts is mandatory on all seats if equipped.

    Kids in the car

    Children must be transported in an appropriate child restraint system up to a height of 135 cm. Children from the age of 3  to 135 cm must not be carried in the front seat even if they are transported in a child restraint system.

    You can be fined €165 for incorrectly securing a child in a car.

    Drinking and driving

    For the driver of a car or motorcycle, 0,5 ‰ of alcohol in the blood is allowed. The amount of fines for drink-driving is graduated according to the measured amount of alcohol in the blood per mille:

    • From 0,5 ‰ to 0,8 ‰: od €179 and driving ban of 3 hours
    • From 0,8 ‰ to 1,0 ‰: €420 and driving ban of 6 hours to 15 days
    • From 1,0 ‰ to 1,2 ‰: €578 and driving ban of 6 hours to 15 days
    • More than 1,2 ‰: €1 260, at the request of the pubic prosecutor from €1 600 to €16 000 and/or driving ban of 8 days to 5 years

    For driving under the influence of drugs, you might get an immediate 15-day driving ban. At the request of the public prosecutor, you can get a fine from €3 000 to €4 000 and driving ban of 3 months to 5 years.

    Daylight driving lights

    Daytime running lights are not mandatory for car drivers in Belgium. The dipped-beam headlights should only be switched on in low visibility.

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