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Motorway toll Greece 2021: Prices, payment options and toll roads

Ivana Gajdosikova
Published on 1.1.2021

Motorway toll Greece 2021: Prices, payment options and toll roads | © Zoransimin |


Motorway toll pricing in Greece for 2022

Toll charges in Greece depend on category of the vehicle and driving distance. It’s not that easy to calculate the exact charges as there are seven separate companies for each motorway sections, that provide toll services. Toll pricing is only available online at their official websites: Aegean Motorway, Attiky Odos, Egnatia Odos, Kentriky Odos, Moreas, Nea Odos and Olympia Odos.

For example, there are six operators involved in administration of the best known PAThE (Patras-Athens-Thessaloniki-Evzoni) motorway. The map with a toll price calculator can be found here.

Vehicle categories in Italy

With each motorway operator there are different standards for categories of the vehicle. In general, vehicles can be divided into four categories:

  • Class 1: Motorbikes
  • Class 2: Passenger cars and vans with height up to 2.2 meters
  • Class 3: Buses and trucks with 2 to 3 axles and height over 2.2 meters
  • Class 4: Lorries with 4 axles and more and height over 2.2 meters

Prices for roads subject to toll in Greece 2022

MotorbikesPassenger carsTrucks and buses
Evzoni – Athens£ 21,6825.50 €£ 3237.35 €£ 7993.40 €
Evzoni – Chalkidiki£ 1,111.30 €£ 1,531.80 €£ 3,834.50 €
Evzoni – Igoumenitsa£ 6,467.60 €£ 9,1810.80 €£ 23,0427.10 €
Athens – Kalamata£ 9,1010.70 €£ 14,1116.60 €£ 3641.90 €
Athens – Patras£ 7,829.20 €£ 12,0714.20 €£ 3136 €
Athens – Sparta£ 9,0110.60 €£ 13,9016.35 €£ 3541.25 €

Toll payment methods in Greece 2022

There are several ways for paying tolls in Greece. When passing through Greek motorways, tolls are collected at toll gates once you enter toll road.

Pay by Credit Card or Cash

Motorway tolls are collected in cash using euros. Some toll gates offer payments by card or by coins using automatic cashiers.

Electronic payment methods

In addition to cash payment, tolls can be paid using electronic payment system. An electronic payment system allows you to travel through toll stations without having to stop at gates. An electronic device is attached to the windscreen and allows the Toll System to identify it and activate the electronic transaction process accordingly.

There are several systems for electronic payments and operators providing it, such as: Aegean Motorway offers eWay electronic payment method, Olympia Odos offers O-Pass, Nea Odos offers Fast Pass and you can use e-Pass with Kentriki Odos provider. E-Pass system can be used for crossing Rio-Antirrio bridge and also on motorways that are operated by Attiki Odos and Moreas.


Toll road network in Greece 2022

Motorways and roads subject to toll in Greece

  • A1 Athens – Lamia – Larissa – Thessaoniki – Macedonia
  • A2 Igoumenitsa – Ioannina – Kozani – Thessaloniki – Komotini – Turkey
  • A3 Lamia – Kipourgeio
  • A4 Trikala – Larisa
  • A5 Kalamata – Patras – Ioannina
  • A6 Attika – Athens
  • A7 Korint – Tripolis – Kalamata
  • A8 Athens – Korint – Patras
  • A11 Schimatari – Chalkida
  • A24 Thessaloniki – Nea Moudania
  • A25 Soluň – Lefkonas – Bulharsko
  • A27 Kozani – Ptolemaida – Macedonia
  • A29 Siatista – Albania
  • A62 Attika
  • A64 Attika – Athens
  • A71 Tripolis – Sparta
  • A90 Chania – Rethymno – Heraklion

Map of Greek motorways and roads subject to toll

You can find the map of all Greek motorways subject to toll at Wikipedia website.

The detailed map showing toll roads with their operators can be found here.

Tunnel and bridge tolls in Greece

In Greece, in addition to motorways you are charged for passages of some tunnels and bridges.

Price list for crossing tunnels and bridges in Greece 2022

MotorbikesPassenger carsTrucks and buses
Tunnel Preveza£ 0,600.70 €£ 2,553 €£ 4,255 €
Bridge Antirrio£ 1,621.90 €£ 11,4813.50 €£ 17,2620.30 €

Motorways in Greece: Speed limits, penalties…

Speed limits in Greece

The maximum speed limit on Greek motorways is 130 km/h, 90 km/h outside of built-up areas and 50 km/h in built-up areas.

Motorway toll penalty

Motorway toll must be paid before you enter toll road. If you don’t pay for tolls, you will not be able to enter the motorway. In this case, there should be no toll penalties.

Greek ferries

The best way to travel around Greek islands is by using ferries. The busiest ferry port is Igoumenitsa – this is the most frequent destination for ferries sailing from Italy. The other ferry ports are located in Piraeu and Patrasu.

Ferry to Crete

Minoan Lines ferry operator provides routes connecting Piraeus to Heraklion. One-way ticket without berth costs £ 3946 € per person and vehicle transportation costs around £ 5160 €.

The ferry is operating on daily basis, all year round with crossing duration of around 8 hours. There are special discounts available, such as 20% off select return tickets or 50% off student and children tickets.

Ferry to Corfu

If you’re travelling to Corfu by car, you can get on ferry in port Igoumenitsa.
The ferry is operating on daily basis and sailing journey takes less than two hours. The ticket costs £ 9,3511 € per person, plus £ 3440 € per vehicle. The children from 4 to 10 years of age travel for a half price and you can also get group discounts.

You can find more information at the official website of Ionion Lines.

Ferry to Rhodes

You can book a ferry to Rhodes via Blue Star Ferries with crossing duration of around 15 hours. The ferry sails from port Piraeus every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday with stops on Kos and Santorini island. The price per person in economy class is £ 5463.50 €, super economy ticket costs £ 17,0020 € and you pay £ 89104.50 € per vehicle.

There are different types of ferry discounts available, such as 20% discount on select return tickets or up to 50% student discounts.

Ferries from Italy to Greece

The most common way to travel between Italy and Greece is by ferry. You can sail to Venice from port Igoumenista via Anek Lines. Sailing takes around 24 and a half hours and the price per person starts at £ 6678 € and £ 89105 € per vehicle.

Alternatively, you can travel by faster ferry via SuperFast Ferries, where the price starts at £ 5665.40 € per person and £ 7791 € per car. Sailing journey takes around 9 hours.

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