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Motorway toll Finland 2024 → Price, how to pay, paid roll sections

Barbora Kollárová
Published on 14.6.2024

  • Motorways in Finland are free of charge for car and truck drivers.
  • Tunnels and bridges are not charged either.
  • In Finland, you will encounter driving fees on ferries.
  1. Motorway toll Finland 2024 → Price, how to pay, paid roll sections

    Motorway tolls in Finland 2024

    Finnish motorways are free of charge for motorbikes, passenger cars and all vehicles with a maximum gross weight of over 3.5 tonnes. There are also no roads subject to toll.

  2. Motorways in Finland 2024

    All information you need to know before travelling to Finland by car can be found in the special tourist brochure. The brochure is available in 6 languages, including English or Russian.

    Motorway network in Finland

    • 1 Helsinki – Turku
    • 2 Vihti – Pori
    • 3 Helsinki – Tampere – Vassa
    • 4 Helsinki – Oulu – Tornio – Norway
    • 5 Heinola – Kuopio – Kajaani – Sodankylä
    • 6 Loviisa – Lappeenranta – Kajaani
    • 7 Helsinki − Porvoo – Kotka – Russia
    • 8 Turku – Pori – Vaasa – Liminka
    • 9 Turku – Tampere – Kuopio – Tohmajärvi
    • 10 Turku – Hämeenlinna – Tuulos
    • 11 Nokia – Pori
    • 12 Rauma − Tampere − Lahti − Kouvola
    • 13 Kokkola – Mikkeli – Russia
    • 14 Juva – Parikkala
    • 15 Kotka – Kouvola – Mikkeli
    • 16 Ylistaro – Seinäjoki – Kyyjärvi
    • 17 Kuopio – Outokumpu – Joensuu
    • 18 Jyväskylä – Vaasa
    • 19 Jalasjärvi – Nykarleby
    • 20 Oulu – Kuusamo
    • 21 Tornio – Kilpisjärvi
    • 22 Oulu – Kontiomäki
    • 23 Pori – Joensuu
    • 24 Lahti – Jämsä
    • 25 Hanko – Lohja – Mäntsälä
    • 26 Hamina – Luumäki
    • 27 Kalajoki – lisalmi
    • 28 Kokkola – Nivala – Mainua
    • 29 Tornio – Keminmaa

    Map of motorways in Finland

    The simplest and clearest map of Finnish motorways is provided by Wikipedia.

  3. Motorways in Finland: Speed limits, fines…

    Speed limits in Finland

    On the major roads, speed limits are reduced in the winter months (from October to April). They are intended to improve roads safety due to slippery road surfaces and short days.

    • In cities and built-up areas: 50 km/h
    • Outside of built-up area: 80 km/h
    • On roads for motor vehicles: 100 km/h in summer, 80 km/h in winter (sometimes even 70 km/h)
    • On motorways: 120 km/h in summer, 100 km/h in winter

    The maximum permitted speed for buses is 100 km/h.
    The maximum permitted speed for trucks is 80 km/h.

    Ferries in Finland

    Finland is known as the “Land of a Thousand Lakes” and has approximately 179,000 islands, which is why Finland has a number of shipping companies and ferries are an integral part of transport. Strategic connections, especially where ferries replace bridges, are served free of charge by the national carrier.

    For a map clearly showing all ports for domestic shipping, see All timetables, transport information and conditions of carriage are also available here.

    Finland Ferry

    The easiest way to get to Finland is by ferry. Direct lines run from Germany, Sweden and Estonia. You can book a cruise, for example, at The advantage is that the site is in Czech.

    Germany to Finland Ferry

    The route between Germany and Finland is operated by Finnlines. It is possible to travel from Travemünde to Helsinki. The price when booking well in advance for a one-way ticket for 2-4 persons and a passenger car starts at €541. If you book a return cruise directly, you will get a 20% discount.

    Registering for the Star Club also promises savings; if nothing else, you’ll at least be kept in the loop about Finnlines’ bargains and promotions.

    Estonia to Finland

    Transport on the Tallinn-Helsinki route is provided by Tallink and Silja line, for example. The price for a one-way ticket for 2 people and a car ranges from €60. The price also depends on the time you travel. Generally, it is cheaper to travel late in the evening. You can save a few euros by buying a return ticket.

  4. Driving fines in Finland 2024

    In Finland, so-called “traffic fine fees” are paid for minor traffic offences. The amount of the traffic fine fee varies from €20,00 to €200 depending on the nature of the offence. For example, the fine for a pedestrian traffic offence is €20,00, but for a motor vehicle driver the charge for a traffic offence is €100.

    The traffic fine fee must be paid within 30 days of receipt of the notice of the decision on the traffic fine. If the driver has been guilty of driving at least four times within two years or three times within one year, the police may impose a driving ban.

    Speeding fines in Finland

    Speeding is strictly controlled in Finland and the amount of fines depends on the driver’s income. Speed cameras are activated at 6 km/h above the legal limit. There is no penalty if speeding up to 10 km/h.

    Fines of between €170 and €2 660 can be expected if the maximum speed limit is broken. Serious offences are subject to a summons to court, an individual fine and the withdrawal of the driving licence.

    Fines for selected traffic offences in Finland

    • Red-light running – €100
    • Failure to comply with entry ban – €100
    • Using a mobile phone while driving – €100
    • Driving without seat belts fastened – €70
  5. Driving in Finland 2024

    It is forbidden to blow the horn in Finnish towns and cities, except in cases of imminent danger.

    Mandatory car equipment in Finland

    • Reflective vest
    • Warning triangle

    For motorcyclists, moped riders and their passengers it is compulsory to wear safety helmets.
    Helmets are compulsory for all cyclists.


    If weather or road conditions require, winter tires must be used from November 1 to March 31. It is a driver’s responsibility to ensure that the vehicle has winter tires in winter conditions.

    Studded tires are permitted during this period and may be used out of season if weather or road conditions require so.

    Winter tires with a minimum tread depth of 3 mm must be used on the following vehicles:

    • Vehicles with a total weight not exceeding 3.5 tonnes.
    • Vans
    • Special purpose motor vehicles of a maximum total weight of 3.5 tonnes.
    • Motorcycles, mopeds, tricycles, quadricycles, heavy quadricycles and light quadricycles
    • Specific trailers towed by vehicles referred to in the preceding indents or with an attached mass exceeding 0.75 tonnes but not exceeding 3.5 tonnes.

    In difficult winter conditions (snow or slush on the road) the tread depth of winter tires should be at least 5 mm.

    Seat belts

    In Finland, all passengers must wear seat belts.

    In 2006, the obligation to use seat belts in busses and coaches came into force. On all buses, passengers must wear a seat belt or other restraint device if fitted to the seat. Since 1999, it has been mandatory to equip new buses with seat belts on all seats. This requirement does not apply to buses intended for public transport with standing room for passengers.

    Children in the car

    When transporting a child under 135 cm in a passenger car, van or lorry, a car seat suitable for their height and weight must be used.

    Children under the age of 3 must not be transported in a car without a car seat.

    In the extreme case, where the child car seat cannot be installed in the car, children over the age of 3 may sit in the rear seats.

    Drinking and driving

    The maximum blood alcohol limit in Finland is 0.5 per mile or 0.22 milligrams of alcohol per litre of breath.
    Driving under the influence of alcohol carries a ban between 2 months and 5 years, depending on the amount of alcohol in the blood.

    For example:

    0,5 ‰ – 0,59 ‰ – driving ban for 1-3 months for the first time, 6-8 months in case of recidivism
    0,8 ‰ up to 0,89 ‰ – driving ban for 2.5–4.5 months for the first time, 7.5–9.5 months in case of recidivism

    Daytime running lights

    Daytime running lights are mandatory in Finland all year round.

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