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Motorway vignette Czech Republic 2023 → Price, where to buy it, toll road sections

Barbora Kollárová
Published on 14.2.2023

  • All motorways and selected sections of expressways are charged.
  • Since January 1, 2021, classic stickers have been replaced by electronic vignettes.
  • The price for vignettes remains unchanged for 2023.
  1. Motorway vignette Czech Republic 2023 → Price, where to buy it, toll road sections

    Price and vignette validity in the Czech Republic for 2024

    Price list of motorway vignettes 2024

    Motorcycles Vehicles up to 3.5 t Vehicles for natural gas/ biomethane Vehicles over 3.5 t
    10-day Free €13,08310 Kč €6,54155 Kč Toll
    30-day Free €18,57440 Kč €9,29220 Kč Toll
    Annual Free €631500 Kč €32750 Kč Toll

    The price of vignettes remains the same for 2024, with a reduced charge for natural gas or biomethane vehicles (even in combination with other fuels). ATTENTION: The price reduction does not apply to LPG-powered vehicles.

    The electronic vignette will continue to be available in 10-day, 30-day and annual versions. All three variants can be purchased 3 months in advance, when purchasing, you can choose the date from which the stamp will be valid.

    The annual motorway vignette is valid for a full 12 months from the selected date.

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  3. Where to buy a vignette 2024

    On the Internet in the e-shop

    On December 1, 2020, the online sale of motorway vignettes was launched in the new official e-shop

    The purchase is simple, just choose the type of vignette (annual, 30-day, 10-day), enter the license plate number of the vehicle and the country of registration, choose the start of the vignette’s validity and, if applicable, claim the eco-price for biomethane or natural gas vehicles. The last step is the payment. Immediately after receiving the confirmation of payment, it is possible to drive on the highway.

    At points of sale

    It is possible to buy e-vignettes at selected points of sale, when making a personal purchase, the same data is entered as for making an online purchase.

    In self-service kiosks

    Sef-service kiosks are located mainly in border areas before entering the toll section of the motorway. In the kiosks, it is only possible to pay for the e-vignette in cash.

  4. Fines for speeding in the Czech Republic 2024

    Speeding is the most commonly punished traffic offence in the Czech Republic. Automatic speed cameras have also been installed in towns and cities, sending fines directly to drivers’ mailboxes. Compared to the rest of Europe, the Czech Republic has rather lower fines.

    Speeding in the urban area

    • up to 5 km/h: to €421000 Kč
    • 6-19 km/h: to €421000 Kč, 2 points
    • 20-39 km/h: to €1062500 Kč, 3 points
    • over 40 km/h: from €2115000 Kč to €42210000 Kč, 5 points, administrative procedure: possible revocation of licence from 6 to 12 months

    Speeding in the rural area

    • to 10 km/h: to €421000 Kč
    • 11-29 km/h: to €421000 Kč, 2 points
    • 30-49 km/h: to €1062500 Kč, 3 points
    • over 50 km/h: from €2115000 Kč to €42210000 Kč, 5 points, administrative procedure: possible revocation of licence from 6 to 12 months
  5. Paid road sections in the Czech Republic 2024

    A list of tolled sections of motorways and highways is available on the official website.

    Tolled road sections of motorways and expressways in the Czech Republic

    • D0: Modletice – Prague, Slivenec (exits 76–16)
    • D1: Prague, Chodov – Kývalka (exits 2–182)
    • D1: Holubice – Kroměříž, west (exits 210–258)
    • D1: Kroměříž, east – Říkovice (exits 260–272)
    • D1: Přerov-Předmostí – Rudná (exits 282–354)
    • D2: Brno, Chrlice – state border (exits 3–61, in the opposite direction from Lanžhot, a rest area)
    • D3: Mezno – Čekanice (exits 62–76)
    • D3: Měšice – Veselí nad Lužnicí, north (exits 79–104)
    • D3: Veselí nad Lužnicí-south – Úsilné (exits 107–131)
    • D4: Jíloviště – Háje (exits 9–45)
    • D5: Prague, Třebonice – Beroun, east (exits 1–14)
    • D5: Beroun, west – Ejpovice (exits 22–67)
    • D5: Sulkov – state border (exits 89–151, in the opposite direction from Rozvadova, a rest area)
    • D6: Jeneč – Krušovice (exits 7–42)
    • D7: Kněževes – Knovíz (exits 3–18)
    • D8: Zdiby – Řehlovice (exits 1–64)
    • D8: Knínice – state border (exits 80–92, in the opposite direction free of charge)
    • D10: Stará Boleslav – Bezděčín (exits 14–39)
    • D10: Kosmonosy – Ohrazenice (exits 46–71)
    • D11: Jirny – Jaroměř-north (exits 8–113)
    • D35: Sedlice – Ostrov (exit 127 až km 158)
    • D35: Mohelnice, south – Křelov (exits 235–261)
    • D35: Holice – Lipník nad Bečvou (exits 276–296)
    • D46: Vyškov, east – Prostějov, south (exits 1–21)
    • D46: Držovice – Hněvotín (exits 26–37)
    • D48: Bělotín – Bělotín, east (exits 1–3)
    • D48: Rybí – Frýdek-Místek (exits 22–44)
    • D48: Rybí – Frýdek-Místek, east (km 24 to exit 52)
    • D48: Dobrá – Žukov (exits 54–70)
    • D52: Rajhrad – Pohořelice, north (exits 10–23)
    • D55: Hulín – Otrokovice, north (exits 16–30)
    • D55: Otrokovice, east – Napajedla (exits 32–34)
    • D56: Ostrava, Hrabová – industrial zone – Frýdek-Místek, north (exits 40–52)
    • D56: Ostrava, Hrabová – industrial zone – Frýdek-Místek, west (exits 40–54)
  6. Motorways in the Czech Republic: Speed limits, fines…

    Speed limits in the Czech Republic

    • Urban area: 50 km/h
    • Rural area: 90 km/h
    • On the road for motor vehicles: 110 km/h
    • On the motorway: 130 km/h

    If a motorway or road for motor vehicles passes through built-up areas, then a maximum speed of 80 km/h is permitted.

    Penalties for motorway vignettes

    Control of motorway vignettes is carried out by patrols of the Police of the Czech Republic and officers of the Customs Administration via cameras in vehicles or at control gates. They will immediately see on the control tablet whether the vehicle has purchased a valid electronic vignette or is exempt.

    Drivers who driver on the motorway without a valid vignette can be fined up to €84420000 Kč. If a driver declares an exemption from the vignette and is not entitled to it, he can receive a fine up to €4 221100000 Kč.

    Drivers of exempted vehicles who fail to file a notice of exemption, which is required by law, face fines of up to €2115000 Kč. If the driver has not reported within the prescribed period that the grounds for exemption from the motorway toll have ceased to exist, he may also be fined up to €2115000 Kč.

    If you still have an old vignette stuck to the windscreen of your car you may pay a fine of up to €1062500 Kč.

    Vignette-free motorway sections 2024

    You can drive free of charge on motorway bypasses near major cities. These sections are shown on the map published on, motorways without tolls are marked in red.

    Where to place a vignette

    The vignette no longer needs to be placed anywhere. The system automatically knows whether the toll has been paid for the vehicle by the registration plate.

    Motorway vignette 2024 exceptions

    According to the Ministry of Transport, the vehicle is exempt from tolls if the person holding the ZTP or ZTP/P (severe health disability card) licence travels by car. Vehicles used to transport dependent children, which are being treated for cancer or hemoblastosis are also exceptions.

    From January 2020, electric, hydrogen and hybrid vehicles are exempt from the toll – as long as the CO2 value does not exceed 50 g/km. This exemption shall be automatic if they are assigned a special licence plate. If these vehicles do not have a special licence plate, a notification must be submitted.

    Vehicles operated by homes for people with disabilities are also exempt from the fee if they are used to transport such persons.

  7. Driving fines for the year 2024

    The Czech Republic has had a points-based system since 2006. Drivers are credited between 2 and 7 points for traffic violations. The maximum amount of points is 12.

    If the total exceeds 12 points, known as a demerit, your driving licence will be revoked for one year. You can claim a return of the driving licence earliest 1 yeat since its revocation. In this case, you will have to undergo a psychological examination, a medical examination and a driving test.

    In addition to the addition of points, fines shall be imposed on the spot or in administrative proceedings for the offence.

    To find out the number of points, you can request a statement at any CZECH Point location, e.g. at a branch of the Czech Post. If you want to find out the exact details of the offences you have committed, you will need to contact the authorities to obtain more detailed extract from the offence register.

    If you do not commit another violation within one year of committing the last violation, 4 points will be deducted from your point account (if you have less than 4 points in your account, the account will be reset). In the case of the imposition of a driving ban, the time for deduction of points does not run.

    • Running red-light or not stopping at a STOP sign – up to €1062500 Kč and 5 penalty points
    • Driving without seat belt fastened – up to €842000 Kč and 3 penalty points
    • Using a mobile phone while driving – up to €421000 Kč and 2 penalty points
    • Failure to give the right of way – up to €1062500 Kč and 4 penalty points
    • Driving under the influence of alcohol above 0.3 per mille – administrative fine €1062500 Kč up to €84420000 Kč and driving ban for 6 months to 1 year and 7 penalty points

    A detailed overview of offences and penalty points can be found at

  8. Driving in the Czech Republic 2024

    Mandatory car equipment in the Czech Republic

    • First aid kit
    • Reflective vest
    • Warning triangle
    • Spare wheel or tire repair kit (including hand hoist and bolt wrench)*

    * Vehicles with tires allowing the car to reach a workshop in the event of a tire defect and indicating the defect do not need to have a spare wheel. It is also not mandatory for drivers who have arranged 24-hour assistance for tire replacement or repair.

    It is recommended to carry a fire extinguisher, reflective vests for all crew members and a tow rope in the vehicle.


    Winter tires must be used in the event of snow or ice on the road.
    Winter tires are mandatory in the Czech Republic from November 1 to March 31.
    The minimum tread depth of winter tires is 4 mm.

    Seat belts

    In the Czech Republic, the use of seat belts is mandatory for all passengers in the vehicle.

    Children in the car

    Children weighing up to 36 kg and up to 150 cm in height must only be transported in an appropriate child seat or booster seat. The smallest children up to the age of 3 years must sit in a car seat with a seat belt.

    The front airbag must the switched off if you put a child car seat (the infant carrier) in the front passenger seat.

    Drinking and driving

    There is zero tolerance for blood alcohol in the Czech Republic.

    Refusal to take an alcohol or drugs test will result in 7 points being added to your score points and administrative proceedings being initiated. You can be fined €1 05525000 Kč up to €2 11050000 Kč and banned from driving for 1-2 years. Penalties for drink-driving are as follows:

    • Driving under the influence of alcohol up to 0.3 per mille – administrative fine €1062500 Kč up to €84420000 Kč and driving ban for 6 months to 1 year without adding penalty points
    • Driving under the influence of alcohol 0.3 – 1.0 per mille – administrative fine €1062500 Kč up to €84420000 Kč and driving ban for 6 months to 1 year and 7 penalty points
    • Driving under the influence of alcohol over 1.0 per mille – an offence punishable by a fine of €1 05525000 Kč up to €2 11050000 Kč and a driving ban of 12 months to 2 years and 7 penalty points

    Daytime running lights

    Daytime lighting is mandatory throughout the day throughout the year.

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