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Motorway tolls Italy 2023 → Price, payment, toll road sections

Barbora Kollárová
Published on 14.2.2023

  • In Italy, most motorways and some tunnels are tolled.
  • The amount of the toll is either predetermined or depends on the vehicle category and the length of the section.
  • Motorcycles, cars and vehicles over 3.5 t are subject to motorway tolls.
  1. Motorway tolls Italy 2023 → Price, payment, toll road sections

    Motorway tolls in Italy for 2024

    The toll in Italy depends on the category of vehicle and the distance travelled. The average toll price is €9,00 per 100 km. You can find the exact amount of tolls on the official website, where a toll calculator is also available. After entering the city, where you connect to the motorway and your destination, the exact amount of motorway tolls will be automatically displayed.

    Vehicle categories in Italy

    • Category A: Motorcycles and vehicles with a front axle height of less than 1.3 m (only scooters over 150 ccs are allowed on motorways)
    • Category B: Motor vehicles with 2 axles and a height on the front axle exceeding 1.3 m
    • Category III: Motor vehicles with 3 axles
    • Category IV: Motor vehicles with 4 axles
    • Category V: Motor vehicles with 5 or more axles
  2. Toll payment in Italy 2024

    The toll gates are marked as Alt Stazione. The payment system can vary from the motorway to the motorway, but usually, you pick up a ticket at the turnstile when you enter the motorway, and pay at the exit or the end of the toll section. On the A36 Pedemontana Lombarda motorway, there is a free flow system without toll gates. You can pay the toll via the mobile app, the Telepass on-board unit or additionally via the internet. You can calculate the toll amount for these sections at

    Payment in cash or by credit card

    You can pay for tolls in cash using euros or other currencies. Most payment cards are accepted as well. The fastest way is to pay by card at the automatic cashiers marked as Carte. If you are, for some reason, unable to finish the payment, an additional payment is also possible. The driver is issued a bill which must be paid within 15 days. You can find more information at

    Pre-paid Viacard

    Another alternative is to pay by prepaid card. At petrol stations, newsagents or some tourist offices, it is possible to purchase a Viacard with a value of €25, €50 or €75. The card is valid until the prepaid credit is used up.

    Automatic toll payment system Telepass

    Telepass is a system for electronic toll payment. Thanks to the wireless device, the sections of motorway travelled are recorded and subsequently billed. There is no need to stop when passing, just slow down to 30 km/h.

    Telepass in the UK

    You can order automatic tolls in the UK through Telepass. The activation cost is 15 euros (£12), and an additional monthly charge of 4 euros (£3) in the calendar month of use, up to a maximum cost of 36 euros (£30) per year, is applied.

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  4. Toll sections in Italy 2024

    Toll motorway sections in Italy

    • A1 Milano – Bologna – Firenze – Rome – Naples
    • A2 Salermo – Cosenza – Reggio Calabria
    • A3 Naples – Salermo
    • A4 Torino – Milan – Venezia – Trieste
    • A5 Torino – Aosta – Monte Bianco
    • A6 Torino – Savona
    • A7 Milan – Genova
    • A8 Milan – Varese
    • A9 Lainate – Switzerland A2
    • A10 Genova – France A8
    • A11 Firenze – Pisa
    • A12 Genova – San Pietro in Palazzi, Tarquinia – Rome
    • A13 Bologna – Padova
    • A14 Bologna – Ancona – Bari – Taranto
    • A15 Parma – La Spezia
    • A16 Napoli – Canosa
    • A18 Messina – Catania, Siracusa – Rosolini
    • A19 Palermo – Catania
    • A20 Messina – Palermo
    • A21 Torino – Brescia
    • A22 Modena – Trento – Austria A13
    • A23 Palmanova – Austria A2
    • A24 Rome – L’Aquila – Teramo
    • A25 Torano – Pescara
    • A26 Voltri – Gravellona Toce
    • A27 Mestre – Pian di Vedoia
    • A28 Portogruaro – Conegliano
    • A29 Palermo – Mazara del Vallo
    • A30 Caserta – Salerno
    • A31 Badia Polesine – Piovene Rocchette
    • A32 Torino – Bardonecchia
    • A33 Asti – Alba, Cherasco – Cuneo
    • A34 Villesse – Slovenia
    • A35 Brescia – Liscate
    • A36 Cassano Magnago – Lentate sul Seveso

    Map of motorways and toll roads in Italy

    You can find a map of Italian motorways on the official website and a full list of Italian motorways at

    Sections subject to a special toll

    There are several tunnels in Italy, where you must pay for the crossing. Passage of vehicles weighing more than 3.5 t is charged depending on the given category and emission standards.

    Price list for crossing tunnels in Italy 2024

    The table shows only indicative prices. A detailed price list can be found by clicking on the page of a specific tunnel.

    Tunnel Motorcycles Vehicles up to 3.5 t and height up to 2 m Vehicles up to 3.5 t and height up to 2 – 3 m
    Grand St Bernard Tunnel One-way €18,50 €31 €49
    Grand St Bernard Tunnel Return €24,50 €50 €78
    Munt La Schera Tunnel
    One-way May – November
    €11,3711 Fr. €15,5015 Fr. €23,7723 Fr.
    Fréjus Tunnel One-way €35 €52 €69
    Fréjus Tunnel Return €44 €65 €87
    Mont Blanc Tunnel One-way €35 €52 €69
    Mont Blanc Tunnel Return €44 €65 €87
  5. Motorways in Italy: Speed limits, fines…

    Speed limits in Italy

    • In built-up area: 50 km/h
    • Outside built-up area: 90 km/h
    • On the expressway: 110 km/h (90 km/h for drivers with less than 3 years of experience)
    • On the motorway: 130 km/h (110 km/h in rain and for drivers with less than 3 years of experience)

    Penalties for motorway tolls

    Drivers who fail to pay the toll within the additional 15 days will be fines between €87 and €345.

    Marking of roads and motorways in Italy

    Motorway A (Autostrada) is marked green. State roads SS (Strada Statale) and district roads SP (Strada Provinciale) are marked in blue. White roads signs mark local main roads.

    Sections of motorways in Italy without toll

    The motorways from Salerno and south to Calabria and Sicily are not tolled.

  6. Fines for speeding in Italy 2024

    Italy has a very simple and clear system of fines. The speed limit is measured quite often, which is why the Italians themselves usually drive in a disciplined manner, at least on the motorway. Anti-radar devices are prohibited, but you can use the stationary radar alert system in navigation.

    Police officers can issue fines, but they cannot collect them because of the fight against corruption. An exception is foreign drivers, from whom they can collect a quarter of the fine. The rest must be paid at the post office or bank. If you disagree, you can go into administrative proceedings, but until then, the police are authorized to confiscate your vehicle.

    At night (10 pm-7 am), fines for more serious offences are automatically increased by 30%, and in the event of a drink-driving accident, they increase by 50%.

    Exceeding the speed limit in and outside the built up-areas

    • up to 10 km/h: €41
    • 11-40 km/h: €169 and 2 penalty points
    • 40-60 km/h: €532 and 10 penalty points and a ban on driving for 1-3 months
    • over 60 km/h: €829 and 10 penalty points and a ban on driving for 6-12 months
  7. Driving fines in Italy 2024

    In Italy, there is a point system where each driver has 20 points. For each offence, the driver’s points are deducted in the amount depending on the severity of the offence from 1 to 10 points. If the driver loses all points within 1 year, he is banned from driving for 2 years, if he loses the points within 2 years, he loses his entitlement to driver for 1 year. If the driver loses points within three years, he must not drive for six months.

    • Violation of parking ban – from €42 to €173
    • Drunk driving – from €164 to €6 000 and suspension of driving licence or imprisonment
    • Driving without seat belts fastened – up to €323
    • Using a mobile phone while driving – up to €657
  8. Driving in Italy 2024

    Mandatory car equipment in Italy

    • Reflective vest – for all passengers, cyclists and motorcyclists in low visibility and the tunnel
    • Warning triangle

    A first aid kit is only recommended. A fire extinguisher is not required.
    Motorcycle drivers and their passengers are required to wear a safety helmet.


    In the Val d´Aosta mountain region (on the Italian-Swiss-French border below Mont Blanc) winter tires or snow chains are mandatory from the 15th of October to the 15th of April.
    In other regions, the same obligation applies from the 15th of November to the 15th of April and is indicated by the corresponding traffic signs.
    The minimum tread depth of winter tires is 4 mm.
    Snow chains are permitted when there is snow or ice on the road and the vehicle must not exceed 50 km/h.
    Studded tires are permitted on vehicles up to 3.5 t and must be on all wheels, including the trailer.

    Seat belts

    Passengers are obliged to wear seat belts if the vehicle is equipped with them.

    Kids in the car

    Children must be seated in a child car seat or booster seat up to a height of 150 cm or a weight of 36 kg. For foreign cars, you must also comply with the rules of the country in which the car is registered.

    Drinking and driving

    In Italy, there is a zero blood alcohol tolerance for drivers under 21, drivers with less than 3 years of experience and professional drivers. For all others, the maximum blood alcohol allowance is 0.5 ‰. The amount of fines for blood alcohol is as follows:

    • 0 to 0.5 ‰ – (professional drivers, drivers under the age of 21 or with less than 3 years of experience) €164 up to €663 and deducting 5 points
    • 0.5 to 0.8 ‰ – €531 up to €2 125 and suspension of the driving licence for a period of 3 to 6 months
    • 0.8 to 1.5 ‰ – €800 up to €3 200 and imprisonment for 6 months to 1 year
    • more than 1.5 ‰ – €1 500 up to €6 000 and imprisonment for 6 months to 2 years

    Daytime running lights

    In Italy, all-year-round lightning is mandatory outside built-up areas, on motorways and in tunnels.

  • Luka Luka says:

    Hello, I was driving from Milano to Austria a week ago. Near border with Austria (Como region) I saw a roadsign informing that I am driving on a motorway with no tollgates and that payment needs to be made within 15 days. Can you please send me website address to make the payment?

  • nate nate says:

    I plan to rent a car and drive from Milano to Alba region for winery day tour.
    by planning to trip using google map i noticed that the road cross A7/E70 autostrade and i shall pay for that but i couldn’t find website in order to get prices for that.
    Could you please estimate the price i shall gonna pay or redirect me to a website that could calculate that?

  • Maureen Maureen says:

    How and/or where can I get both driving directions as well as where ZTL Zones will be withing those directions?

  • Hannah Hannah says:

    We drove from the outskirts of Milan to Geneva and saw signs, only in Italian, about needing to pay within 15 days. We don’t have a toll ticket or dunning letter or letter requesting payment. How do we pay for this journey? We are in the UK.

  • Patel Patel says:

    I want to drive a car from Milan to Venice, but I am not sure how many highway tolls do I need to pay And where should I pay it ?

  • Lynn Lynn says:

    I was driving from Lake Como to Lake Maggiore. I paid most tolls but there were 2 stations where the gate arm was up/open. It said there was no toll gate to pay. I did not understand and did not take a ticket. It said I would be fined if I did not pay within 15 days.

    How do I find out what I owe and I want to pay online. It was on December 12th so more than 15 days.
    Please show me where to find out what I owe.

  • Lynn Lynn says:

    I was driving from Lake Como to Lake Maggiore on December 12th. I paid most tolls but there were 2 stations where the gate arm was up/open. I saw a road sign informing that I am driving on a motorway with no tollgates and that payment needs to be made within 15 days. Can you please send me website address to make the payment and what I owe? I have no ticket.

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