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Motorway toll Russia 2023 → Price, paid road sections, information for drivers

Barbora Kollárová
Published on 15.2.2023

  • Selected highway sections in Russia are tolled.
  • The speed limit on the highway is 110 km/h, in the rural area 60 km/h.
  • You need an international driver’s license to drive a car in Russia.
  1. Motorway toll Russia 2023 → Price, paid road sections, information for drivers

    Toll road charges in Russia for 2024

    The total length of Russia’s public road network is 1.507.751 km. Of these, 1.232 km are highways and 50.800 km are federal roads mostly connecting Moscow with other major Russian cities or other states.

    There are several toll road sections in Russia, mainly highway and federal roads (marked with the letter M). The amount of fee depends on the category of the vehicle, the distance travelled and the time when the road was used. There are no vignettes, charges are collected in the form of tolls.

    For the purpose of toll collection, vehicles are divided into the following two categories:

    • Passenger vehicles, including cars with a trailer up to a height of two metres and motorcycles.
    • Commercial vehicles, including cars with a trailer height of 2-2.6 metres, vans and pickups.

    How to pay tolls in Russia

    Tolls are collected at toll gates, which are located on toll road sections. Payment is possible in cash or by credit card.

    Each toll section is marked with traffic signs and in front of each tollgate, there is a table with tariffs for each category and a diagram of the individual through lanes.

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  3. Tolls section in Russia

    M1 Belarus

    About 20 km is divided into 4 sections with 3 toll gates. A fee is charged on each of them.

    The toll at the 14th to 33rd kilometres of the Odincovo bypass is for passenger cars €5,19450 ₽ during the day and €0,2320 ₽ at night.

    M3 Ukraine

    A detailed list of fees can be downloaded at

    Section Passenger vehicles Commercial vehicles
    124. km-150. km from €0,5245 ₽ to €0,8170 ₽ from €0,6960 ₽ to €0,9280 ₽
    150. km-194. km from €0,7565 ₽ to €1,15100 ₽ from €1,15100 ₽ to €1,50130 ₽

    M4 Don

    Tolls for passenger cars on the M4 range from €16,511430 ₽ to €23,902070 ₽, for commercial vehicles from €20,031735 ₽ to €292495 ₽.

    There are several toll sections from kilometre 21 to kilometre 1.319, a complete overview is available at

    • Moscow region (21.-93. km)
    • Moscow and Tula region (93.-211. km)
    • Tula region (211.-260. km a 287. km-322. km)
    • Lipetsk region (330. km-464. km)
    • Voronezh region (492. km-715. km)
    • Rostov region (1 091. km-1 119. km)
    • Krasnodar region (1 119. km-1 319. km)

    M11 Neva

    There are four toll sections. The amount of tolls in the Moskow region from the 15th to 58th kilometre varies depending on the day of the week, the transit time and the direction of travel. Passenger cars are charged from €0,9280 ₽ to €8,08700 ₽.

    Section in Moscow region (58.-149. km), Tver region (208.-543. km) and Leningrad region (543.-684. km) are charged diffrently. Passenger cars are charged from €19,281670 ₽ to €23,322020 ₽, commercial vehicles from €22,161920 ₽ to €24,942160 ₽.

    A113 (CKAD) – Central Ring Road in Moscow and Moscow region

    In order to prevent traffic congestion, the Freeflow system has been introduced at CKAD, i.e. barrier-free passage through the toll section with its remote registration and toll collection at the borders of the toll zone.

    The device on the frames at the borders of the toll zone records the front and rear number plates, the category, time and section of the toll zone used. Payment for transit is possible with prepaid cards and transponders.

    The cards can be purchased at, in the self-service terminal of the ElecsNet network, via the GK Avtodor application or in the customer support centres.

    To issue a card, it is necessary to state the car’s license plate, route (entry and exit point, direction), date and time of passage through the paid zone. The card is issued on a specific date (period) and is valid for 24 hours from the time stated at the time of purchase.

    You can find a detailed overview of fees at

    Paid section Passenger cars Commerical vehicles
    M10 Rassija-M11 Neva (5.60 km) €0,2320 ₽ €0,3530 ₽
    M11 Neva-Nikolskoje-Gorky (A-107) €0,7565 ₽ €1,1095 ₽
    Nikolskoje-Gorky (A-107)-M8 Cholmogory (53.86 km) €2,25195 ₽ €3,35290 ₽
    M8 Cholmogory-M7 Volga (51.45 km) €2,89250 ₽ €4,33375 ₽
    M-7 Volga-Nosovichinskoje šosse €1,21105 ₽ €1,85160 ₽
    Nosovichinskoje šosse-Jegorjevskoje šosse €0,5245 ₽ €0,7565 ₽
    Jegorjevskoje šosse-M-5 Ural €1,73150 ₽ €2,60225 ₽
    M-5 Ural – Domodedovo €1,56135 ₽ €2,31200 ₽
    Domodedovo-M-4 Don €0,4035 ₽ €0,5850 ₽
    M-4 Don-M-2 Crimea €0,8775 ₽ €1,27110 ₽
    M-2 Crimea-Kalužskoje šosse €1,27110 ₽ €1,90165 ₽
    Kalužskoje šosse-PK-5 €0,5850 ₽ €0,8775 ₽
    M-10 Rossija-PK-5 (the whole route) €14,261235 ₽ €21,241840 ₽

    The Western Expressway

    It is a toll city motorway in St. Petersburg with a total length of 46.6 km and 4-8 lanes. Five tariff zones apply and the price is the same for each zone. Payment is possible in cash, by card or with the help of a transponder.

    Vehicle Motorcycles and cars with 2 axles and a height above the front axle of less than or equal to 1.3 m Passenger cars, large off-road vehicles, motorhomes, buses and trucks with two axles and a height above the front axle of more than 1.3 m Cars with a single-axle trailer, heavy trucks and large three axes buses
    One section €2,31200 ₽ €2,31200 ₽ €4,04350 ₽
    The whole route €11,541000 ₽ €11,541000 ₽ €20,201750 ₽

    Pskov region near the border with Estonia, Latvia and Belarus

    Four sections are tolled:

    Section Passenger cars Commercial vehicles
    Ostrov-Vyshgorod-border with Lotvia (0.- 62. km) €3,46300 ₽ €5,54480 ₽
    Border with Estonia (Kunichina gora)-Pechory-Staryj Izborsk-Palkin-Ostrov (0.-23. km) €1,73150 ₽ €2,66230 ₽
    Opočka-Dubrovka- border with Belarus (direction Polock), 0.-82. km €2,54220 ₽ €3,69320 ₽
    Olša-Veliž-Usvjaty-Nevel (131.-189. km) €2,54220 ₽ €3,69320 ₽
  4. Speed limits in Russia

    • The urban area – 60 km/h
    • The rural area – 90 km/h (with trailer 70 km/h)
    • Expressway with dividing line – 90 km/h (with trailer 70 km/h)
    • Motorway – 110 km/h (with trailer 90 km/h)
  5. Driving a car in Russia

    Entering the country

    To enter the country, you will need a green pass (car insurance), a driving licence and an international driving licence in addition to the visa in your passport (valid for at least six months after the end of your trip).

    Russia has ratified both the Geneva and Vienna Conventions on road traffic. Therefore, it does not matter whether you apply for a Geneva or Vienna International Card any local authority. The only difference is that the Vienna one is valid for 3 years from the date of issue and the Geneva one for 1 year. Both international licences are issued in addition to your UK licence, so you must take both your UK and international licences abroad with you.

    If you are not the owner of the car you are travelling in, i.e. your name is not stated in the technical card, you will also need a power of attorney from its owner to drive the car. The power of attorney should be written in Russian and bear an officially certified signature. It is also possible to write the power of attorney in English and have it officially translated into Russian. You will also need an International Driving Permit (IDP). You can only get IDPs over the counter from 2.500 UK post offices.

    Mandatory car equipment in Russia

    In addition to spare fuses, bubs, jack, warning triangle, keys, spare parts and first aid kits, you must also have a fire extinguisher in your car.

    An empty petrol canister is also recommended. It will be especially useful in remote regions where the network of gas stations is not as extensive as in inland areas.

    Drinking and driving

    The permissible blood alcohol level in the Russian Federation is 0.29 per mile.

    Daytime running lights

    In Russia, it is compulsory to have lights on all year round, regardless of the time of the day.

    Seat belts

    Front and rear passengers must wear seat belts while driving. The driver is responsible for using the belts.

    Passing through roundabouts

    Until 2017, the right-hand rule was in force in Russia when driving through roundabouts, i.e. drivers on the roundabouts gave way to oncoming cars unless otherwise indicated by traffic signs.

    This certain ambiguity has led to many risky situations. At the moment, the same rule as in the UK applies for passing through roundabouts, i.e. those who are already on the roundabout have the right of way. As this rule may not yet be well established in Russia, caution is advised when driving through roundabouts, but also when driving in Russia in general.

  6. Fines for selected offences

    Fines are never paid in cash to the traffic police, but by depositing them into an account at the nearest bank branch.

    • Telephoning while driving – €17,321500 ₽
    • Breach of obligation to have lights on 24 hours a day – €5,77500 ₽ nebo domluvou
    • Seat belts not fastened – €11,541000 ₽
    • Driving under influence of alcohol – €34630000 ₽ and 1.5-2 years driving licence suspension.
    • Repeated driving under influence of alcohol and refusal to take a blood alcohol test – from €2 309200000 ₽ to €3 463300000 ₽ and withdrawal of a driving license for a period of 3 years.
  7. Prices of petrol

    You can find daily updated prices of petrol 92, 95, 98 and diesel fuel in different regions of Russia, for example, at

    In January 2022, average gas prices per liter in Russia were as follows:

    • Petrol 92 – €0,5547.23 ₽
    • Petrol 95 – €0,5951.54 ₽
    • Petrol 98 – €0,6959.64 ₽
    • Diesel – €0,6354.86 ₽
    • LPG – €0,3026.30 ₽

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