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Motorway tolls Belarus 2023: Price, payment, toll road section

Barbora Kollárová
Published on 15.2.2023

  • Some motorways and expressways are tolled for drivers of both cars and trucks.
  • Tolls are collected through the BelToll system.
  • The amount of motorway toll depends on the distance travelled, the vehicle category and the number of axles.
  1. Motorway tolls Belarus 2023: Price, payment, toll road section

    Toll rates in Belarus 2024

    The amount of toll depends on the number of kilometres driven on toll motorways, the category of vehicle and the number of axles. The exact amount of motorway tolls can be determined using the toll calculator located on the official website.

    Motorway toll prices in Belarus 2024

    Vehicle category Price €/km
    Motorcycles Free
    Passenger vehicles up to 3.5 t €0,04/km
    Vehicles over 3.5 t (2 axles) €0,09/km
    Vehicles over 3.5 t (3 axles) €0,12/km
    Vehicles over 3.5 t (4 axles) €0,15/km

    Electronic vignette in Belarus

    From December 15, 2020, vehicles with a mass not exceeding 3.5 t may use an electronic vignette. Three options are available – 15-day, 30-day and annual. The BelToll system remains in force, so drivers can choose how to pay the toll themselves.

    Electronic vignette price list in Belarus 2024

    Motorcycles Vehicles up to 3.5 t Vehicles over 3.5 t
    15-day Free €14,00 Toll
    Monthly Free €22,00 Toll
    Annual Free €75 Toll

    The annual vignette shall be valid for the whole calendar year from January 1 to December 31 of the current year, plus 15 days of the previous year (from December 17 to December 31) and the first 15 days of the following year (from January 1 to 15).

    The monthly vignette is valid for 30 days from the selected day, the 15-day vignette is valid for the next 15 days from the selected day.

    You can also purchase an electronic vignette online at

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  3. Toll payment in Belarus 2024

    Belarus has an automatic BelToll system which is compulsory for all drivers of cars and trucks. This does not apply to vehicles under 3.5 t, which are registered in EEU (Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia).

    Payment requires an On Board-Unit (OBU), which must be installed in the car. When the driver passes through the toll gate, the electronic toll collection system will automatically draw money from the driver’s OBU user account. The car does not need to slow down, stop or use dedicated lanes. There are 3 types of OBUs for different types of vehicles.

    From December 15, 2020, it is possible to utilize an electronic vignette. The electronic vignette is intended for vehicles not exceeding 3.5 t. You can buy the electronic vignette on the official website of the toll system operator

    BelToll automatic toll system for vehicles up to 3.5 t

    Drivers will need an electronic onboard unit OBU, available in one of the Customer service centres shown on the map, and it needs to be mounted on the windscreen of the vehicle. When registering, a deposit of €20,00 for the OBU and a prepayment of at least €25 is required.

    You will also need to present your passport, vehicle registration document and emission class certificate if it is not included in the vehicle registration documents.

    Payment in cash or by card

    Major credit cards and debit cards like VISA, MasterCard and Belkart are accepted upon payment. Cash is accepted only in Belarusian rubles according to the official exchange rate of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus on the day of payment.

    BelToll automatic toll system for vehicles over 3.5 t

    For vehicles with a mass greater than 3.5 t, a deposit of €50 is required for the OBU, with tolls prepaid of at least €25 to €350. For vehicles over 3.5 t, in addition to pre-paid scheme, it is possible to pay retrospectively for actual kilometres travelled using fuel cards. The system can be used for a larger number of vehicles. The following cards are accepted: Belorusneft, Berlio, DKV, E100, euroShell, Eurowag or PEK “Belavtostrada”.

  4. Toll road sections in Belarus 2024

    Toll motorway network in Belarus

    • M1 Brest (Kozlovichi) – Minsk – Russia (Redki)
    • M2 Minsk – Minsk Airport
    • M3 Minsk – Vitebsk
    • M4 Minsk – Mogilev
    • M5 Minsk – Gomel
    • M6 Minsk – Grodno – Poland
    • M7 Minsk – Oshmyany – Latvia
    • P1 Minsk – Dzerzhinsk
    • P21 Vitebsk – Liozno
    • P23 Minsk – Mikashevichi
    • P28 Minsk – Naroch
    • P99 Baranovichi – Grodno – Poland

    Map of motorways in Belarus

    The current map of motorways in Belarus is available on the official website

  5. Speeding fines in Belarus 2024

    In Belarus beware of corrupt police officers lurking around every corner! They will ask you for a bribe, and sometimes it is better to give it to them, as you may be unpleasantly escorted to the station and spend five hours there.

    Also pay attention to the prohibition of smoking in the vehicle and the use of the designated road, if you only transit through the country. It is worth knowing the official fine rates and threatening the office with contacting the British Embassy if necessary. We do not recommend violating any laws and regulations.

    • Up to 20 km/h: €9,2425 Br
    • 20-30 km/h: €18,4750 Br
    • Over 30 km/h: €347940 Br
  6. Motorways in Belarus: Speed limits, fines…

    Speed limits in Belarus

    • In cities and built-up areas: 60 km/h
    • Outside built-up areas: 90 km/h
    • On motorways: 110 km/h

    Drivers who have held a licence for less than two years must not exceed 70 km/h in the rural areas.

    Fines for motorways tolls

    If the driver passes toll sections without paying, he has the option to pay the toll in one lump sum within 2 hours – €5,00. If he fails to pay, he faces a fine of €100 in the case of passenger cars. If the fees are at least partially paid, a fine of €50 will be imposed. Drivers of vehicles over 3.5 t can be fined €260 for non-payment and €130 for partial payment.

    Visa requirements for Belarus

    If you wish to stay longer than 30 days or plan to enter on a diplomatic or official passport, you will need a visa. You do not need a visa to transit Belarus by air, but the maximum period you can transit and remain airside is 24 hours. If you attempt to transit Belarus in other circumstances without a visa, the border authorities will send you to Minsk to obtain the appropriate visa. There is a Belarus Embassy in London.

    Visa-free travel to Belarus

    All British national passport holders (except those entering on a diplomatic or official passport) can now enter Belarus for a maximum of 30 days without a visa. Entry and exit will be allowed from Brest, Vitebsk, Gomel, Grodno and Mogilev airports in addition to Minsk National Airport. For visa-free travel, a valid travel document is required, at least €24,00 for each day of stay (€720 for 30 days of stay) and travel medical insurance with a minimum coverage of 10 k euros. It is possible to drive without a visa for a maximum of 10 days to the recreation-tourism park Brest and the park Augostow Canal through the reserved border crossings.

    Proof of financial means

    If you are going to Belarus, you need to bring approximately €10,00 per person per day. You have to show proof of financial means in either Belarusian rubles, US dollars or euros, or by a valid payment card. Checks are carried out by officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus at the border or anywhere on the territory of Belarus.

    Belarus travel insurance

    When travelling to Belarus, you must have travel health insurance with a minimum cover of 10 000 euros. This is submitted at the time of visa application and checked on entry into the country. Insurance can be taken out with Belarusian insurers Belgosstrach or Beleximgarant, but foreign insurers, including British ones, are also acceptable. The travel health insurance contract must state that the insurance covers the territory of Belarus and must be valid for the entire duration of the stay.

  7. Driving fines in Belarus 2024

    • Red-light running – up to €45
    • Driving under the influence of alcohol – €330 and the withdrawal of the driving licence
    • Driving without seat belts fastened – €9,00
    • Using a mobile phone while driving – up to €18,00
    • Disobeying a traffic police officer – from €18,00 to €45
  8. Driving in Belarus 2024

    Mandatory car equipment in Belarus

    • Reflective vest
    • Warning triangle
    • First aid kit
    • Fire-extinguisher
    • State sticker on the car

    Wear a safety helmet when riding a motorcycle.


    Winter tires are mandatory in Belarus between December 1 and March 1.

    Safety seatbelts

    The use of seatbelts is mandatory on all seats.

    Children in the car

    Children under 12 years of age must not sit in the front seat. The use of a special child car seat is recommended.
    An older passenger can carry one child under 12 years of age on his lap in the rear seat. This passenger must be restrained.

    Drinking and driving

    There is a zero-tolerance for drink-driving in Belarus.
    The police can test any driver suspected of exceeding the limit.
    For drink-driving, you can be fined up to €330 and have your licence revoked.

    Daytime running lights

    In Belarus, daytime lightning is not mandatory by law. You must switch on the dipped-beam headlights at night and sunset. You can turn the lights off again at sunrise.

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