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Vignettes in Romania 2023 → Price, where to buy, toll roads

Barbora Kollárová
Published on 15.2.2023

  • An electronic vignette is required when driving on most roads and motorways in Romania.
  • Vignettes are available with the following validity periods: one week, 30 days, 90 days, and 12 months.
  • Vignettes are valid for the specified duration from the date of purchase. In addition to road tolls, the passage of some bridges in Romania must be also paid for.
  1. Vignettes in Romania 2023 → Price, where to buy, toll roads

    Price and validity of vignettes in Romania in 2024

    The price of a motorway stamp is determined by the category of the vehicle. In Romania, the purchase of vignettes is mandatory for eight categories of vehicles:

    • Category A: Cars weighing up to 3.5 tonnes
    • Category B: Trucks weighing up to 3.5 tonnes
    • Category C: Trucks weighing from 3.5 to 7.5 tonnes
    • Category D: Trucks weighing from 7.5 to 12 tonnes
    • Category E: Trucks weighing more than 12 tonnes with 3 axles
    • Category F: Trucks weighing more than 12 tonnes with 4 axles
    • Category G: Passenger vehicles with 9 to 23 seats
    • Category H: Passenger vehicles with more than 23 seats

    Price list of Romanian vignettes 2024

    Validity Motorcycles Cars, category A Cars up to 3.5 t, category B Cars with 9 to 23 seats, category G
    1 day €4,00
    7 days €0,00 €3,00 €6,00 €20,00
    30 days €0,00 €7,00 €16,00 €52
    90 days €0,00 €13,00 €36 €120
    12 months €0,00 €28 €96 €320

    The complete price list for all categories can be found on the official website:

    The validity period of all vignettes begins on the date of purchase. The annual vignette is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

  2. Where to buy a Romanian vignette 2024

    Where to buy vignettes in Romania

    In Romania, vignettes are sold at nearly all petrol stations, near the border crossings, and at Romanian post offices. Sales points are marked with a sticker.

    Where to buy a vignette online

    The easiest way to get a Romanian vignette online is to buy it on the official website: The site is available in several languages.

    When purchasing a vignette on this website you should first register and then select the appropriate vehicle category and validity period. Next, enter the license plate of your car and the country of its registration. It is possible to pay with international cards such as Visa and MasterCard, or via the PayU payment system.
    The motorway stamp cannot be purchased earlier than 30 days before the effective date. Make sure not to drive on toll roads and motorways in Romania until you have received the vignette via a confirmation SMS or e-mail.

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  4. Paid road sections in Romania2024

    The motorway network in Romania is under construction or modernization. Therefore, not all motorways are currently fully passable and only specific sections are used.

    Toll road sections in Romania

    • A1: Bucharest – Pitesti – Sibiu – Deva – Timisoara – Arad – Nadlac
    • A2: Bucharest – Constanta
    • A3: Bucharest – Ploieşti, Câmpia Turzii – Cluj – Napoca (Transylvania)
    • A4: Constanta Bypass
    • A6: Balinţ – Lugoj
    • A11: Arad Bypass

    Map of highways in Romania

    Find the map of Romanian roads and highways here.

    Road sections charged with a special toll

    In Romania, in addition to selected road sections, there is also a charge for the crossing of some bridges.

    Approximate prices for crossing bridges 2024

    Motorcycles Cars, category A Cars up to 3.5 t, category B Cars with 9 to 23 seats, category G
    Calafat – Vidin €0,00 €6,00 €6,00 €12,00
    Giurgiu – Ruse €0,00 €3,00 €6,00 €12,00
    Fetesti – Cernavoda €1,618 lei €2,6213 lei €2,6213 lei €9,4747 lei
  5. Motorways in Romania: Speed limits, fines…

    Speed limits in Romania

    • In urban areas: 50 km/h
    • Outside urban areas: 90 km/h
    • On expressways: 100 km/h
    • On motorways: 130 km/h

    Detailed lists of speed limits for different vehicle categories can be found here.

    Fines related to tolls

    Drivers without a valid vignette face a fine of €9074500 lei.

    Where to place the vignette

    The Romanian vignette does not have to be visibly placed on the windshield of the car. The validity of the vignette is proved by presenting a proof of purchase during an inspection.

  6. Speeding fines in Romania 2024

    In Romania, in order to fight corruption, you no longer pay fines directly to the police patrol, but at the post office, bank, or institution offices. If you pay within 15 days, you are entitled to a 50% deduction by law.

    In general, traffic in Romania is wild. The roads, at least the main roads, are of relatively good quality. There were many road investments in recent years. However, it is not that rare to come across herds of animals on the roads, pirate drivers, or police patrols who sometimes behave unpredictably. They may give you a very small fine for speeding, but then impose a large fine for alleged fog lighting. It is better to use the main headlights as they are not very used to the daytime running lamps. The fine can vary greatly depending on the patrol. The table shows the minimum and maximum fine amounts that count for all types of roads.

    Table of fines (for all road types)

    • 10-20 km/h: from €50250 lei to €76375 lei
    • 21-30 km/h: from €101500 lei to €126625 lei
    • 31-40 km/h: from €151750 lei to €2011000 lei
    • over 41 km/h: from €2271125 lei to €5042500 lei
  7. Driving fines in 2024

    In Romania, a penalty points system is used in the case of traffic offenses. Each point represents 10% of the gross minimum wage set by the Romanian government. The fines are divided into five different classes:

    • Class I – 2 to 3 points
    • Class II – 4 to 5 points
    • Class III – 6 to 8 points
    • Class IV – 9 to 20 points
    • Class V – 20 to 100 points

    The penalty points system and fines also apply to foreigners. Some motoring offenses are considered criminal offenses and can lead to seizure of a driving license, confiscation of the vehicle, and imprisonment.

    In Romania, there is also a law against aggressive drivers. It was created in response to a local driving style that caused many accidents. Aggressive driving means driving at high speed near another car, unreasonable honking and flashing, intentional slow driving in the left lane, riding a motorcycle on the rear wheel, etc.

  8. Driving in Romania2024

    Mandatory car equipment in Romania

    • First aid kit
    • Reflective vest
    • Warning triangle
    • Fire extinguisher

    Safety helmets are mandatory for motorcycle and moped drivers and their passengers.


    Since 2011, the use of winter tires in Romania has been mandatory from 1 November to 31 March. The minimum tread depth is 2 mm.

    In addition to winter tires, trucks over 3.5 tonnes and vehicles with more than 9 seats must be equipped with snow chains. The use of studded tires is prohibited on cars over 3.5 tonnes.

    Failure to use winter tires can result in a fine starting from €5042500 lei to €8064000 lei.

    Seat belts

    It is mandatory to wear seat belts on all seats in the car that are equipped with them.
    Failure to use seat belts is classified as a Class I fine.

    Children in the vehicle

    Children under the age of 12, and children shorter than 150 cm are not allowed to travel in the front passenger seat and must sit in an appropriate car seat or booster seat. A car seat corresponding to the child’s weight and age is also mandatory for children under age 3.

    Drinking and driving

    In Romania, there is a zero alcohol tolerance policy when driving. Driving under the influence of alcohol or under the influence of psychoactive substances is punishable by one to five years of imprisonment or a fine.

    • Up to 0.4 ‰ blood alcohol level – from€6133045 lei to €1 4617250 lei and suspension of the driving license for 3 months
    • Over 0.4 ‰ blood alcohol level – imprisonment ranging from 1 to 5 years or a large fine

    Daytime running lights

    Low beams are used when driving at night and during the day. Do not use the daytime running lights when driving during the day.

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