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Motorway vignette Slovakia 2023 → Price, where to buy it, toll road sections

Barbora Kollárová
Published on 15.2.2023

  • The electronic vignette is mandatory for cars weighing up to 3.5 t on motorways and expressways.
  • Vehicles over 3.5 t pay electronic tolls (including 1st to 3rd class roads), motorcycles do not need to purchase the electronic vignette.
  • The vignette is purchased before entering the motorway, the control is carried out via tollgate.
  1. Motorway vignette Slovakia 2023 → Price, where to buy it, toll road sections

    Price and vignette validity in Slovakia for the year 2024

    The vignettes are sold in electronic form with a validity of 10 days, 30 days and 1 year.

    Price list of Slovak motorway vignettes 2024

    Motorcycles Vehicles up to 3.5 t Trailers over 3.5 t Vehicles over 3.5 t
    10 days €0,00 €12,00 €12,00 toll
    30 days €0,00 €17,00 €17,00 toll
    Annual €0,00 €60 €60 toll

    Drivers are required to pay an electronic toll for trailers of O1 and O2 categories if the total weight of the combination exceeds 3.5 t.

    The annual vignette for the year 2024 is valid from 1st of January 2024 to 31st of January 2024. It is also possible to purchase an annual vignette for 365 days, which is valid from the selected date for 365 days. The price is the same, i.e. €60.

    The monthly vignette is valid for 30 days from the selected date. The 10-day vignette is valid for ten days from the date indicated.

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  3. Where to buy a Slovak motorway vignette 2024

    Official points of sale

    The Slovak motorway vignette is available for purchase in self-service vending machines at former border crossings, petrol stations, post offices, or in selected car repair shops. The points of sale are marked with the eznamka logo. You can find the official list of points of sale on the website.

    Purchasing e-vignette online

    The easiest way is to purchase a motorway vignette online at or via a mobile application. The eznamka mobile app is free for iOS and Android operating systems.

    Detailed instructions on how to buy the vignette online are available on the National Motorway Company website.

    Where to place the vignette

    The Slovak vignette no longer needs to be placed anywhere. When you make a purchase, you choose the stamp according to the validity you need, enter the licence plate and the country in which the car is registered. When making an online payment, you will need to enter an email address, where you will then receive a confirmation of the payment made. The car is then registered and the camera system recognises it when passing through.

    Information on the expiry of a vignette

    If you purchase a vignette via the website or via the mobile application, you will be automatically informed about the expiry of the vignette 3 days before its expiry. If you purchase a vignette at one of the points of sale, you must provide a contact email address or phone number upon checkout.

    Penalty for a vignette

    The penalty for driving without a motorway vignette is €150. If the fine is paid within 15 days, the amount is reduced to €100. For a given offence, the driver may be fined only once a month. If other offences are committed by a vehicle without a motorway toll, a fine of up to €500 may be imposed.

    Vignette exemption in Slovakia

    If you hold a ZTP (severe health disability) card, you can apply for an exemption from paying for the vignette. The application procedure and the application form can be found at

    Bring proof of payment with you

    When purchasing the vignette, the registration number of the car and the country in which the car is registered is entered. Upon payment, a certificate of payment for the motorway vignette is issued. This document should not be required by law at a roadside check. However, it is better to have proof of payment with you during the check.

  4. Paid road section in Slovakia 2024

    Toll road sections of motorways and expressways in Slovakia

    • D1: Bratislava, Vajnory – Liet. Lúčka (185 km)
    • D1: Dubná Skala – Turany (17 km)
    • D1: Ivachnová – Bidovce (186 km)
    • D2: Brodské (SK/CZ) – Bratislava, Lamač (55 km)
    • D2: Bratislava, Pečňa – Čunovo (SK/HU) (15 km)
    • D3: Hričovské Podhradie – Žilina, Brodno (13km)
    • D3: Čadca, Bukov – Skalité (SK/PL) (21 km)
    • D4: Jarovce (SK/AT) – Bratislava, Jarovce (2 km)
    • D4: Bratislava, Jarovce – Bratislava, Petržalka (2,2 km)
    • D4: Bratislava, Jarovce – Bratislava, South (4,3 km)
    • D4: Bratislava, Juh – Ivanka, West (15,1 km)
    • D4: Bratislava, Rača – Bratislava, Vajnory (2 km)
    • R1: Trnava – Ban. Bystrica, Kremnička (158 km)
    • R1A: Nitra, Západ – Nitra, Kynek (2 km)
    • R2: Lovčica, Trubín – Žiar nad Hronom (5 km)
    • R2: Zvolen, West – Zvolen, Centre (3 km)
    • R2: Zvolen, East – Kriváň (18 km)
    • R4: Košice, South – Milhosť (SK/HU) (14 km)
    • R6: Púchov, South – Dolné Kočkovce (1 km)
    • R7: Bratislava, Slovnaftská – Bratislava, South (6 km)
    • R7: Bratislava South – Holice (25,2 km)

    Map of motorways and toll roads in Slovakia

    The current map of toll sections can be found on the website of the National Motorway Company.

  5. Speed limits in Slovakia

    Passenger vehicles and motorcycles

    • Built-up areas: 50 km/h
    • Outside built-up areas: 90 km/h
    • Motorway: 130 km/h

    Caravans (trailers) and motorhomes

    • Built-up areas: 50 km/h
    • Outside built-up areas: 80 km/h
    • Motorway: 90 km/h
  6. Driving fines in Slovakia

    • Red-light running or not stopping at a STOP sign – €150
    • Driving without lights on – €20,00
    • Driving without seat belts fastened – €60
    • Driving without valid documents – €30
    • Obstructing overtaking – €60
    • Entrance to a no-entry zone – €60
    • Deliberate sudden braking – €60
    • Endangering a pedestrian when crossing – €60
    • Making calls while driving (without handsfree) – €60
    • Driving under the influence of alcohol – administrative proceedings
  7. Fines for speeding in Slovakia 2024

    Slovakia has a slightly more lenient system of fines than Western countries, but enforcement has recently increased. This is mainly due to the increased presence of patrols on the roads.

    You can see police officers measuring the speed of vehicles and carrying out checks up to 5 times in a single day. For example, if a driver commits three more serious offences per year, his driving licence may be revoked.

    Speeding in built-up area

    • up to 6 km/h: convention
    • 6-10 km/h: €20,00
    • 10-15 km/h: €40
    • 15-19 km/h: €50
    • 19-25 km/h: €80
    • 25-30 km/h: €140
    • 30-35 km/h: €200
    • 35-40 km/h: €280
    • 40-45 km/h: €360
    • 45-50 km/h: €440
    • 50-55 km/h: €540
    • 55-60 km/h: €650
    • over 60 km/h: administrative proceedings

    Speeding outside built-up area

    • up to 6 km/h: convention
    • 6-15 km/h: €20,00
    • 15-25 km/h: €40
    • 25-29 km/h: €50
    • 29-35 km/h: €100
    • 35-40 km/h: €200
    • 40-45 km/h: €300
    • 45-50 km/h: €400
    • 50-55 km/h: €500
    • 55-60 km/h: €650
    • over 60 km/h: administrative proceeedings

    In Slovakia, it is forbidden to use anti-radar, and please note, that the navigation system must not be positioned in the centre of the windscreen.

  8. Driving in Slovakia 2024

    Mandatory car equipment in Slovakia

    Mandatory car equipment should include:

    • Reflective vest
    • Warning triangle
    • First aid kit
    • Fire extinguisher (mandatory for vehicles over 3.5 t, for others, only recommended)


    Passenger vehicles must be fitted with winter tires if there is a continuous layer of snow or ice on the road.

    Trucks over 3.5 t must be fitted with winter tires with a minimum tread depth of 3 mm from the 15th of November to the 31st of March.

    Snow chains are permitted if the roadway is covered with a continuous layer of snow or ice. Tires with spikes are prohibited.

    Safety seat belts and helmets

    The use of seat belts is obligatory in Slovakia on all seats if the seats are equipped with them.

    The driver and passenger on a motorcycle with a capacity of over 50 ccs must wear a protective helmet.

    Kids in the car

    Children must be transported in an appropriate child restraint system (car seat or booster seat) up to 150 cm in height or 36 kg in weight.

    Children under 12 years of age (and less than 150 cm in height), must not be transported in the front seats of the car.

    Drinking and driving

    In Slovakia, there is zero tolerance for blog alcohol. Driving with blood alcohol levels above 0.1 ‰ is considered a criminal offence. This is followed by legal proceedings and the possibility of imprisonment for up to 1 year.

    If the driver refuses to take the alcohol test, he faces a fine of €332 – €1 328 and a driving ban of up to 5 years may be imposed.

    Daytime running lights

    In Slovakia, the obligation to turn on the dipped-beam or daytime running lights applies. Fog lights are only allowed in poor visibility in fog, rain or snow.

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