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Review: We tried dietary supplements from Nature’s Finest

Barbora Kollárová
Published on 12.5.2022

Golden Curcuma Herbal Latté, Collagen Joint Care and Bio Detox Drink Mix are the three powdered drink products from Nutrisslim’s Nature’s Finest that we had the opportunity to try.

  1. Review: We tried dietary supplements from Nature’s Finest

    About the manufacturer

    Nutrisslim is a Slovenian company whose founder teamed up in 2010 with Michel Montignac, the Frech creator and promoter of the Montignac diet, to create a series of healthy lifestyle products. Products are popular in many European countries, including the UK.

  2. Review: We tried dietary supplements from Nature’s Finest

    Why choose Nature’s Finest

    Ingredient quality

    The company declares that it uses 100 % natural ingredients, traditionally processes them and does not add any hidden additives such as colours, thickeners or preservatives. Where possible, it uses organic raw materials backed by the SI-EKO certificate, which confirms that no genetically modified organisms (GMO) or pesticides have been used. It sources ingredients directly from growers, supporting small family farmers and local farmers. At the same time, they try to supervise the entire process of raw material production.

    Environmentally friendly

    The company is a long-standing partner of Friends of the Earth, European’s largest environmental network involving 69 countries on five continents. Their main topics include GMOs, sustainable development and climate change.

    Product safety

    While the company strives to package its products in the most planet-friendly way possible, it also ensures that the products meet the highest standards of quality, safety and traceability. All products are packed in an organically certified plant in Slovenia according to HACCP standards. HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) is the most widely used and reliable system for ensuring food safety today.

    Payment and shipping options

    You can pay for the package ordered from the e-shop by credit or debit card, or by Paypal. Packages are delivered by the Royal Mail delivery service. The cost of delivery depends on the amount of the order. For orders up to £50, the delivery cost is £4.90. For orders over £50 delivery is free. Most orders are delivered within 2-3 business days.

    Discount options

    Check out our Natures Finest discount codes before you start shipping at Natures Finest. The company also offers quantity discounts on selected products.

    More information about Natures Finest products

  3. Review: We tried dietary supplements from Nature’s Finest

    Our own experiences with Nature’s Finest products

    The ordered products caught our attention right away when they were handed over at the points of delivery, they were packed in a nice box, which itself already makes the company an advertisement. Anyone who, for some reason, wanted discreet delivery would probably not be happy with such a decorated box. We liked it, though.

    The ingredients and method of preparation can be found on the box in English, Slovenian and German, and on some products, there is also Italian and Croatian. For some other languages, you can scan the QR code from the box.

    We tried to scan it and PDF files were downloaded to our mobile phone, in which we found the composition of the respective product and instructions for its use. Also, the official website will certainly provide more insight into a particular product.

    Reviews of certain supplements from Nature’s Finest

    Are you wondering how each product performed? Then we encourage you to read our detailed reviews!

    We tried an energy drink made from turmeric, ginger, cinnamon and rice milk, which can replace coffee and also fights inflammation in the body thanks to its ingredients.

    We tested a collagen drink with MSM and rose hips that helps maintain healthy joints and improve their mobility.

    To detoxify the body, we used a drink composed of a combination of green foods, namely young wheat, young barley, spirulina and chlorella, and the exotic fruit lucuma.

    More information about Natures Finest products

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