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Review of Triple Blocker Pro by Nature’s Finest

Petr Novák
Published on 5.9.2023

Trying to lose weight but still can’t resist your junk food cravings? That’s exactly what Triple Blocker Pro – a natural dietary supplement that literally blocks carbs and fats, suppresses hunger pangs, reduces cravings and has clinically proven results thanks to patented ID-alG™, ProGymnema™ and ProGarcinia™ extracts – should help.

What are the effects behind these complex names, how is the product taken, how does it taste and how does it work? We tried the drink mix, produced by Nutrisslim under its Nature’s Finest brand of natural products.

  1. Review of Triple Blocker Pro by Nature’s Finest

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Triple Blocker Pro

    • Special taste and aroma
    • Instructions and ingredients are only available in some languages after loading the QR code
    • Packaging lasts only 15 days
    • Vegetable formula is also suitable for vegans
    • Patented ingredients ID-alG™, ProGymnema™ and ProGarcinia™
    • Intensive effects thanks to the combination of plant extracts
    • The bottle includes a measuring cup for easy preparation

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  2. Composition and effects of Triple Blocker Pro ingredients

    Nutrisslim declares that its dietary supplements under the Nature’s Finest brand consist of only natural ingredients that are produced in the traditional way, without additives or unnecessary manufacturing processes. Neither artificial colours, preservatives, thickeners or genetically modified ingredients have anything to do with its health food products. Instead, Nutrisslim sources its ingredients directly from the producers and gives priority to certified organically grown ingredients. Emphasis is also placed on the packaging process, which, although subject to strict standards, is as environmentally friendly as possible.

    The composition of Triple Blocker Pro is therefore natural and contains only plant-based ingredients, making it suitable for vegans. The effects are mainly based on the patented ingredients ID-alG™, ProGymnema™ and ProGarcinia™.

    Under the mysterious abbreviation ID-alG™ hides extract from the brown seaweed Ascophyllum nodosum, which is rich in long-chain polyphenols called phlorotannins. These reduce the activity of the enzyme lipase and amylase. Lipase is responsible in the human body for digesting fats and amylase for breaking down starches into simpler carbohydrates. In its materials, Nutrisslim states that there is a reduction of up to 77% in the digestion of carbohydrates and 63% in the digestion of fats. Calories from sugary and fatty foods are therefore, according to this assumption, stored much less than usual.

    The second patented ingredient is ProGymnema™. Gymnema forest is a tropical liana whose effects have been used in traditional Indian medicine for thousands of years, especially in the treatment of diabetes. Chewing the leaves of gymnema causes a temporary insensitivity to the sweet taste, which is due to the so-called gymnemic acid. Clinical studies have already shown that gymnema reduces blood sugar levels in diabetics. For Triple Blocker Pro users, ProGymnema™ will help reduce sweet cravings.

    A third important component of the product’s formulation is ProGarcinia™, a potent extract from Cambodian garcinia. Garcinia is a South Asian shrub whose fruits are used, among other things, as an ingredient in curry spices and also to induce satiety. This effect is due to hydroxycitric acid (HCA), which reduces the activity of the enzyme lipase. Fat formation slows down and the body starts to use the stored fat reserves as a source of energy. At the same time, appetite is reduced because the brain believes that the body has enough energy. All you need then is a small portion of food. Thanks to premium technology, the extract used in Triple Blocker Pro contains 60% HCA.

    Active ingredient Content in 10 g = 2 doses
    ID-alG™ 400 mg
    Gymnema sylvestre extract 200 mg
    Garcinia cambogia extract 200 mg
    – of which hydroxycitric acid 120 mg

    Another ingredient is maltodextrin, or oligosaccharide, which is converted to glucose molecules in the small intestine. This makes it a source of gradually released energy.

    The flavour of the product is provided by the natural lemon flavour and the sweetener steviol glycosides derived from stevia leaves.

    Cellulose, which is actually insoluble fibre, is used as a stabiliser.

    There is also a warning on the packaging that the product contains naturally occurring sulphites.

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  3. Review of Triple Blocker Pro by Nature’s Finest

    Using, Preparing and Dosing Triple Blocker Pro

    Triple Blocker Pro is taken twice a day in the form of a drink, which you drink always before lunch and before dinner. Each dose is prepared by mixing 5 g of the powder mixture in 150 ml of water. Directly in the package you will find a plastic measuring cup, which you can easily scoop the required amount.

    The can contains 150 g of the mixture, so you will have enough for 15 days.

    Triple Blocker Pro should not be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding, nor is it suitable for children. Never exceed the recommended daily dose.

  4. Our own experience and overall evaluation of Triple Blocker Pro

    When the mixture is mixed in water, it produces a brown colored drink that has a rather strange smell and taste for my taste, but which is tempered a bit by the lemon flavor used.

    According to the instructions, the drink should be drunk twice a day, before lunch and before dinner. It is therefore advisable to divide the powder into two containers and also keep one at work so that you don’t forget your lunchtime dose. Since one can lasts only for fifteen days, it may not be a bad idea to get two packs at once. You can then keep one at home and one at your workplace. Plus, Nature’s Finest usually offers quantity pricing, so it can pay off financially in the end.

    It’s a bit awkward that the manufacturer doesn’t have customized packaging for the countries they distribute to. So you won’t always find instructions for use and ingredient information in your language on the packaging. All languages are available by scanning the QR code, but this may not suit every customer. The nutritional information table (calories, fat, carbohydrates, protein) is completely missing.

    However, I like Nutrisslim’s commitment to making all-natural products and harnessing the power of plant extracts. For the fact that the product is not sweetened with sugar or artificial sweeteners and does not contain various preservatives and dyes, I can forgive it for not liking this product as much or having to strain a bit to get the desired instructions and information in my language.

    Personally, however, I feel that Triple Blocker Pro is not quite for everyone. In my opinion, it’s more for people who have a significant problem with following proper eating habits and therefore need to block fats and sugars so significantly. I wouldn’t count myself in the target group, for example. I believe that only people who are significantly overweight or obese should take it. For those, the product can help them, especially at the beginning of the weight loss process, to resolve to eat smaller portions of food regularly and effectively strengthen the will to resist calorie-dense foods.

    If you just want to fine-tune your figure, try Waistline Pro or Cellulite Pro instead.

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  5. Review of Triple Blocker Pro by Nature’s Finest

    About Nature’s Finest

    Nature’s Finest products are manufactured by the Slovenian company Nutrisslim. In 2010, its founder Bojan Kržič approached his French friend Michel Montignac, creator and promoter of the Montignac diet, and together they created a range of natural products for a healthy lifestyle. Their dietary supplements soon became popular with users all over Europe.

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