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Review: Waistline Pro by Nature’s Finest

Petr Novák
Published on 31.8.2023

A slim waistline and a nice silhouette plus effective weight control – that’s the promise of Waistline Pro, sold by Slovenian company Nutrisslim under its Nature’s Finest brand of natural dietary supplements.

We shone a light on the composition of this drink mix, the effects of the individual ingredients and also gave Waistline Pro an honest test. You can read the findings in the following review.

  1. Review: Waistline Pro by Nature’s Finest

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Waistline Pro

    • Nutrition table missing
    • Instructions and ingredients for some languages are only available after loading the QR code
    • Special taste
    • Pure plant-based formula suitable for vegans
    • High polyphenol content thanks to ProVinifera™
    • High HCA content thanks to ProGarcinia™
    • Easy preparation
  2. Review: Waistline Pro by Nature’s Finest

    Composition and effects of Waistline Pro

    Nutrisslim prides itself on using only 100% natural ingredients in its Nature’s Finest brand of dietary supplements, which are produced in the traditional way. It avoids adding artificial colours, preservatives, thickeners or genetically modified ingredients. All ingredients are sourced directly from the producers, and where possible, preference is given to certified organically grown ingredients. At the same time, it also emphasises a packaging process that meets strict standards but is environmentally friendly.

    The composition of Waistline Pro is therefore in line with these principles of naturalness, only plant-based ingredients are found, making the product suitable for vegans. The effects of the product are mainly based on the use of two powerful extracts: from red wine and from the Cambodian garcinia.

    The first active ingredient in Waistline Pro is the patented ProVinifera™ Red Wine Extract, which contains 30% polyphenols. Polyphenols are powerful antioxidants that neutralize harmful free radicals that could otherwise damage cells. As a result, they slow down the aging of the body, polyphenols are also a good prevention of many diseases of civilization, improve digestion or help lower blood sugar levels.

    The second important ingredient in Waistline Pro is the powerful Cambodian garcinia extract. Thanks to the premium technology used, ProGarcinia™ extract contains a high (specifically 60%) proportion of hydroxycitric acid (HCA). HCA is a natural compound that positively affects the metabolism of sugars and fats in the body. It can induce a feeling of satiety after just a small portion of food and helps to use stored fats as a source of energy. This has the effect of reducing the total amount of fat in the body.

    Active ingredient Content in 5 g
    Red Wine Extract 250 mg
    – of which polyphenols 75 mg
    Garcinia cambogia extract 100 mg
    -of which hydroxycitric acid 60 mg

    There is also a natural pineapple flavouring in the formula to make the product more pleasant to use. No sugar is added to the mixture, steviol glycosides, which are extracted from stevia leaves, are used as a sweetener.

    The drink also contains beetroot concentrate consisting of maltodextrin and beetroot powder. Beetroot is also considered a superfood due to its health benefits, but it is difficult to know how much of it is present in the product and therefore whether it may affect the health of the user. Even the manufacturer itself does not warn about its content or effects in the available materials. Apparently, it is only supposed to play the role of a natural colouring agent.

    Maltodextrin is then an oligosaccharide which is converted into glucose molecules in the small intestine. It is a source of gradually releasing energy, making it popular with endurance athletes, for example. For ordinary mortals, it provides stable energy for the muscles, brain and heart.

    In addition to all these ingredients, Waistline Pro contains a stabilizer, which is cellulose. This is actually an insoluble fiber.

    More information about Waistline Pro from Nature’s Finest

  3. Review: Waistline Pro by Nature’s Finest

    Using, Preparing and Dosing Waistline Pro

    5 g of the mixture is used to prepare one drink. Inside the can you will find a measuring cup in addition to the powder, so you don’t have to worry about weighing out the amount you need. You mix the mixture in about 150 ml of water and drink the resulting drink.

    Take one dose a day. The pack contains 125 g, so it will last you 25 days with regular use.

    Like most dietary supplements, Waistline Pro is not suitable for use during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Of course, the product is also not recommended for children.

  4. Our own experience and overall evaluation of Waistline Pro

    Mixing the powder and water produces a brownish-red drink that smells and tastes like pineapple. To be honest, I wasn’t impressed with the taste, my tongue doesn’t like the unpleasant finish which will probably be due to the beet concentrate. However, it can be overcome, no big deal, one drink a day is comfortably manageable.

    However, I personally do not see much difference between Waistline Pro and Cellulite Pro, the composition is almost identical, only the ratio of active ingredients differs slightly. However, much more pleasant to use for me was just Cellulite Pro, in the composition of which does not include that beetroot dye, so if I had to choose something with garcinia again and with polyphenols from red wine, I would choose the latter product.

    Even with Waistline Pro, we do not find on the packaging the languages of all the countries in which the product is sold, which is the custom with Nature’s Finest. For instructions and ingredients in English, for example, you need to either visit the manufacturer’s website or scan the QR code that is printed on the can cover.

    Another piece of information that I could not find anywhere is the nutritional table. By that I mean the energy, carbohydrate, protein and fat content of the product. There is only a table with the ratio of active ingredients, which I listed above for the ingredients. However, perhaps the carbohydrate content, because of the presence of maltodextrin, would be important information for diabetics who would like to use the product.

    However, credit can be given to the product for the fact that the composition is not overcombined and does not contain artificial preservatives or colourings and other similar additives. Preparation and use are also easy and will certainly please those interested parties who do not like to swallow tablets. At the same time, the dietary supplement in the form of a drink also supports the user’s drinking regime.

    Buy Waistline Pro from Nature’s Finest

  5. About Nature’s Finest

    Nature’s Finest products are manufactured by the Slovenian company Nutrisslim. The founder of Nutrisslim, Bojan Kržič, is the man behind this line of natural food supplements, who in 2010 teamed up with Frenchman Michel Montignac, the famous creator and promoter of the so-called Montignac diet. The products resulting from their collaboration have gradually become popular with users in many European countries.

    If you are more interested in how these nutritional products are created and our experience with them, you can also read our review of Nature’s Finest.

    Learn more about Waistline Pro by Nature’s Finest

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