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Review of Night FatBurn Extreme by Nature’s Finest

Petr Novák
Published on 27.1.2023

Do you need to lose a few pounds and at the same time it would be nice to get a little better sleep? We’ve tried Night FatBurn Extreme from Nature’s Finest, a drink that makes it easier to fall asleep, helps you maintain a good night’s sleep and promotes fat burning at the same time.

    Review of Night FatBurn Extreme by Nature’s Finest
  1. Advantages and Disadvantages of Night FatBurn Extreme

    • Contains anthocyanins, which have broad health benefits
    • Contains no caffeine
    • It is also suitable for vegans
    • Lactose, sugar and preservative free
    • Has a measuring cup for easy and accurate dosing

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  2. Review of Night FatBurn Extreme by Nature’s Finest

    Composition of Night FatBurn Extreme and effects of ingredients

    The base of the formula is Morosil®, an extract derived from the dark red variety of Moro oranges, which are high in anthocyanins (or also anthocyanins). These are actually pigments that give the plant’s fruits their red, purple or blue colouring. As well as having strong antioxidant properties, anthocyanins can also be anti-inflammatory, antiviral and anticancer. They are, in short, very healthy and, according to some studies, can protect the body against the storage of excess fats, apparently also improving cholesterol levels and positively affecting blood sugar levels.

    L-carnitine, an amino acid important for proper fat metabolism, also helps fight excess pounds. It ensures the transfer of long-chain fatty acids to the mitochondria, where they are converted into energy. In this way, the stored fats are better and faster used as an energy source.

    The functional ingredients are complemented by Medicinal gooseberry, an herb that has positive effects on sleep and the psyche. It calms, helps to fall asleep better and consequently promotes sleep quality. It also counteracts stomach cramps and bloating.

    The ingredients of Night FatBurn Extreme are vegan, the product is also lactose-free. The drink is not sweetened with sugar or artificial sweeteners, the sweet taste is provided by steviol glycosides, erythritol and maltodextrin and is flavoured with natural lemon flavour.

    The product also contains no preservatives or genetically modified ingredients, only the stabiliser cellulose.

    Content of active ingredients in 1 serving (5 g):

    • Morosil®: 400 mg
    • L-Carnitine: 100 mg
    • Extracts of valerian: 25 mg
  3. Use, Preparation and Dosage of Night FatBurn Extreme

    The drink is prepared every night about 30 minutes before bedtime. Mix approximately 5 g of powder in 200 ml of water and drink.

    There are 125 g of the mixture in the package, which means that it is enough for 25 servings. If you like the product, it’s preferable to get it in a 1+1 pack.

    Pregnant women, nursing mothers and children are not recommended for use. Nor should other people exceed the recommended daily amount or increase their dosage.

  4. Review of Night FatBurn Extreme by Nature’s Finest

    My own experience with Night FatBurn Extreme

    There is a measuring cup in the package, so it is very easy to follow the correct dosage of the product. The mixture dissolves easily in water to produce a deep purple drink that has no distinct smell or taste, there is really only a very subtle hint of citrus in the background. Which suits me just fine, as I’m not a fan of over-sweetened drinks.

    I also welcome the effort to make a product that promotes sleep quality at the same time as weight loss. This is often neglected in today’s hectic and stressful world, yet it is one of the important prerequisites for a healthy life. Moreover, those who sleep well do not need to replenish their energy with sugar or other calorie bombs during the day. The question is, however, what drinking two pints just before bedtime will do to you. So I’m up within a couple of hours and have to go to the bathroom.

    The manufacturer claims that based on clinical studies, it is possible to lose belly weight and excess pounds within 90 days, improve your figure and reduce your waist circumference by up to 7 cm. The results will also depend on your starting position and how much weight you actually need to lose. Trying to clean up your diet and moving around a bit will definitely have a positive effect.

    More information about Night FatBurn Extreme

  5. Total Review

    Compared to other weight loss products, Night FatBurn Extreme has one big advantage – it does not contain caffeine. In fact, many weight loss products are based on its effects. Therefore, this dietary supplement is sure to find its way to those users who are sensitive to caffeine or are unwilling or unable to take it for various reasons, but would still like to support their efforts to shed down some of those extra kilos.

    More than the possibility of losing weight, however, what is more interesting to me personally is that thanks to this drink I can easily receive a daily dose of anthocyanins. The research and studies that have been done on anthocyanins speak of their positive effects on the heart and blood vessels, blood sugar, brain and memory. They also probably work to prevent certain cancers, specifically breast cancer, for example, and they undoubtedly help fight oxidative stress. That’s worth considering – no matter how much you weigh.

    More information on Night FatBurn Extreme

  6. About Nature’s Finest

    Nature’s Finest products are manufactured by the Slovenian company Nutrisslim. It teamed up in 2010 with Michel Montignac, the French creator and promoter of the Montignac diet, to create a range of natural products for a healthy lifestyle. Their dietary supplements soon gained popularity in many European countries.

    If you would like to know more about how these health food products are created and our experience with them, you can also read a review of Nature’s Finest.

  • Adeola Adeola says:

    I am not impressed at two different things!
    1. There was no measuring spoon within
    2. The powder content was like 35/40% of the container!!! What size is that? Why make the container that big when the contents is only 1/3 this isn’t fair this needs to be reported
    Bought two and both did not fill one container when poured together and none had a measuring spoon!

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