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10 Tips for Raising and Caring for Baby Squirrels

Vanessa Moreno
Published on 11.2.2023

Raising baby squirrels can be a challenging but rewarding experience for those who want to help orphaned or injured animals. However, it is important to note that it is illegal to keep wild animals as pets in most states and countries without proper licenses and permits. Here are some tips for those who are legally allowed to raise and care for baby squirrels:

Tip#1 Provide a Warm and Safe Environment

Baby squirrels need a warm and safe environment to thrive. A general rule of thumb is to provide a temperature of between 80-85°F. They should be kept in a small box lined with soft bedding and covered with a light blanket.

Tip#2 Feed Them the Right Diet

Baby squirrels require a diet that consists of formula and specially formulated mammal milk replacement. As they grow, they will start to eat solid foods such as fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

Tip#3 Keep Them Clean

Baby squirrels need to be kept clean to maintain their health. Clean their enclosure and change their bedding regularly. Also, make sure to clean and sanitize the feeding utensils after each use.

Tip#4 Provide Socialization

Baby squirrels need socialization to thrive. They should be handled regularly and exposed to different sights and sounds to help them adjust to life in the wild.

Tip#5 Monitor Their Health

Baby squirrels are vulnerable to a variety of health problems. Regularly check for signs of illness and keep an eye out for any changes in behavior or appearance. Consult a veterinarian if you notice anything out of the ordinary.

Tip#6 Provide Adequate Exercise

Baby squirrels need exercise to stay healthy. Provide them with a small enclosure or play area where they can climb and play.

Tip#7 Keep Them Warm

Baby squirrels need to be kept warm to thrive. Make sure to provide them with a heat source, such as a heating pad or a hot water bottle, to keep them warm.

Tip#8 Provide a Nesting Box

Baby squirrels need a nesting box to feel safe and secure. Provide them with a small box filled with soft bedding materials such as shredded paper or straw.

Tip#9 Release Them at the Right Time

When raising baby squirrels, it is important to release them back into the wild at the right time. This will vary depending on the species, but generally, they should be released when they are old enough to forage for food and survive on their own.

Tip#10 Follow the Law

It is important to follow the law when raising baby squirrels. Make sure to check with the relevant authorities and obtain any necessary permits or licenses before raising or caring for wild animals.In conclusion, raising baby squirrels can be a challenging but rewarding experience for those who want to help orphaned or injured animals.

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