Verified Deals RockAuto Deals for June 2024​ — ​


Verified Deals RockAuto Deals for June 2024​

RockAuto has been selling car parts online to its customers since 1999. Because RockAuto has remained strictly an online company, it offers competitive and affordable prices. Among the assortment, you can find car parts from hundreds of manufacturers. Take a look at the RockAuto discount coupons on Kodino an save money on your next car repairs.

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How to save money on RockAuto June 2024

RockAuto is an online retailer of thousands of car parts from hundreds of manufacturers. On the RockAuto online store, you can select the exact vehicle that you need parts for and purchase them quickly and easily. The prices of RockAuto are affordable and they have strictly kept themselves from becoming anything more than an online-exclusive retailer in order to provide the fast movement of their inventory straight to the hands of the consumer. With an ever-expanding inventory of goods, RockAuto offers a genius yet simple solution for all your shopping revolving around cars and car parts.

This review offers a brief introduction to the store and its services. Along the way aspects of this store that will be elaborated will include methods to save, delivery options, return policy, warranty conditions, and more. If you are looking for the latest information about RockAuto, Kodino is the place for you. Find all the information about your favorite stores and brands right here on Kodino.

How to get RockAuto discount code

Learn about new and upcoming promotions by signing up for the RockAuto e-mail list. As a member of the list, you will also receive notifications about new goods available. The e-mail list will also receive updates to popular RockAuto closeout sales. Receive all these great benefits by signing up to the e-mail list and staying in the know about the latest available saving opportunities at RockAuto.

You can also find more discount opportunities here on Kodino. We test all the discounts we share with you so you do not have to. Sometimes, Kodino also provides shoppers exclusive discounts available nowhere else. Check out Kodino to save even more money at RockAuto.

How to use RockAuto discount code

Using codes on your RockAuto purchases is a great way to save money. You can apply codes during checkout. The option to pay by code will be available right after selecting the method of shipping. Gift certificates and store credit are just some of the examples of paying with codes available at RockAuto.

We will provide a supplementary image demonstrating how to use codes on your purchases. You can check the image to find the correct spot for all of your RockAuto promo codes. Be also sure to check whether your code is still valid and not expired. Use codes for some of the biggest savings at RockAuto.

Cashback RockAuto

Cashback is an alternative method of getting discounts separate from the ones offered by the seller. Cashback on the other hand can be earned by completing deals on cashback websites. Cashback is a discount that takes into account the total sum of money you pay for your purchases and returns you a small percentage of that sum back to your bank account. Each cashback deal may be subject to different guidelines and conditions, therefore, be sure to always check out the conditions that apply to your cashback provider and offer.

Right now, it is not possible to earn cashback on RockAuto. Once new information becomes available, we will provide updates. For now, we hope you can save quite a sum with the discount coupons and promo codes mentioned earlier. Keep an eye on this review for the latest updates concerning RockAuto discounts and cashback opportunities.

RockAuto discounts sales, offers, Black Friday,

There are plenty of rebates and promotions available directly on the RockAuto homepage. Simply find and click on the “Promotions & Rebates” function in the top-right corner of the store’s homepage. Here you can find many great deals, however, not all deals are available for shoppers outside of the US. Therefore, find some awesome RockAuto deals and verify your eligibility for the deal to save big with RockAuto promotions and rebates.

As a large retailer of car parts online, you can often find that RockAuto hosts plenty of sales throughout the entire year. It is advised to keep an eye on their prices during and around the time of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This is the main time of the year when prices can drop quite significantly and shoppers have many great opportunities to save big on their shopping expenses. Last but not least, for additional savings be sure to also check out RockAuto gift certificates which often last for years. Gift certificates often offer great savings such as up to $100 savings on your next order.

RockAuto free shipping and shipping cost

RockAuto offers plenty of options for delivery and shipping. Shipping to Canada is also available thanks to FedEx as well as various other carriers. As RockAuto ships mainly goods from the US, the costs of shipping may be more expensive, especially when shipping to more rural locations. Here are some of the options for delivery to Canada available at RockAuto:

  • International Economy
  • FedEx International Priority

Generally, delivery will take no more than 3-10 business days. The cost of shipping can always be calculated with the help of RockAuto’s shipping calculator. Free shipping promotions are not common. RockAuto will collect any additional charges that may come from delivering and preparing your packages (taxes, duty fees, etc), and because of this, all your RockAuto packages will always arrive without any additional charges and costs.

RockAuto return policy

Most RockAuto’s sales are backed by the store’s return policy and warranty coverage. RockAuto specifically promises a refund for items returned within 30 days. In the situation that 30 days have already passed, you may still have the opportunity to receive a replacement from the manufacturer of your part if the item in question is covered under warranty. You can read more about manufacturer replacements and warranty claims in the next subsection.

The RockAuto return policy can be applied to all goods with the exception of all opened liquids and Gift Certificates. Customers are advised to not tamper, modify, or install parts that seem to not fit a vehicle as in doing so it is highly likely that all rights for a refund will get revoked. More information about setting up returns and what is needed in order to receive a refund are explained in finer detail in RockAuto’s returns help section. We will also include the link to the order status & returns page which will be vital for completing your returns to the RockAuto store.

RockAuto warranty 2024

Customers of RockAuto may file a warranty claim online by finding their order on the order status & returns page. As such, an e-mail address or phone number tied to the order as well as the order number itself will be needed to begin a warranty claim. Assuming that the 30 days allowed for returns have passed, it will be possible to request warranty replacement parts if your item(s) is/are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. If your item is not covered by warranty, this option will likely be not visible on your screen.

Customers have two options to get their hands on a replacement part(s) after completing their warranty claim. The first option is to simply place a new order for the new replacement part. The second option is to send back the defective item and wait patiently until the exchange part arrives on your doorstep. The pros and cons of both options are further elaborated under the RockAuto warranty help section. The warranty help section is also a great resource to find more information about all the finer details of claiming a manufacturer’s warranty via the RockAuto store. Whether you are making use of RockAuto’s return policy or manufacturer warranty services, never be shy to ask RockAuto’s customer support for additional help and guidance.

RockAuto contact e-mail address, contact number, customer service

Have a question that was left unanswered by this review or the RockAuto resources? Worry not, you can always contact RockAuto customer support to ask for further clarification. They will be happy to help you as best they can. Get in touch with RockAuto customer service:

Generally, we would suggest checking out the stores and brands we cover on Kodino on social media channels. However, RockAuto seems to not have any kind of presence on social media channels. Once more information becomes available we will certainly update this review accordingly. For now, we suggest keeping up with the latest and greatest of RockAuto with the help of the RockAuto newsletter.