YouTube Premium without ads for only $0.50 per month! Step-by-step guide on how to activate it. — Kodino

YouTube Premium without ads for only $0.50 per month! Step-by-step guide on how to activate it.

Hynek Bárta
Published on 11.2.2022

We all know there are plenty of annoying ads on YouTube trying to scam people into making a fortune in cryptocurrency or with popular video games. You can get rid of ads by using Adblock or by paying the subscription. But Kodino knows how to get YouTube Premium for only $0.50 per month instead of $11.99.

Ad-Free YouTube, background play and access to YouTube Originals for $0.50

YouTube Premium subscription not just removes all ads, but it lets you download videos, play them in the background of your mobile device and it gives you access to YouTube Originals productions.

The secret to saving money is in the country from which is YouTube Premium activated. Google sets different prices for different countries depending on their purchasing power and the subscription price differences are significant.

CountryPricePrice in CAD
India129 INR$ 2,34129 ₹
Argentina119 ARS$ 2,26119 $
Turkey16,99 TRY$ 3,3616.99 ₺
Russia199 RUB$ 3,75199 ₽
Ukraine99 UAH$ 4,9099 ₴
Hungary1790 HUF$ 7,871790 Ft
Czech republic179 CZK$ 10,43179 Kč
Slovakia7.19 EUR$ 11,167.19 €
Canada11.99 CAD$ 11,99
USA11.99 USD$ 11,99
Sweden119 SEK$ 17,88119 kr
Italy11.99 EUR$ 18,6211.99 €
Spain11.99 EUR$ 18,6211.99 €
Great Britain11.99 GBP$ 20,39£ 11.99
Switzerland15.90 CHF$ 22,9715.90 Fr.
Denmark119 DKK$ 24,82119 kr

Too good to be true? The reality is even better.

In India, Google offers YouTube Premium Family subscription that can be used by up to 6 different devices for $ 3,43189 ₹ per month, or for $ 4,51249 ₹ for iOS devices. You can share it with your family members or friends while YouTube Premium can cost one person just $ 0,5731.50 ₹ per month.

Another great way to save money is YouTube Music Premium subscription. There is a one-month free trial available for all new customers.

Step-by-step guide to activate YouTube Premium without ads for $0.50 per month

Step 1: Sign up for any VPN

VPN is an online service that protects your identity while you can simply pretent you are anywhere in the world. We love Surfshark, but you can also use ProtonVPN that offers free trial.

How can VPN change your current location? Your computer won’t connect to websites directly but through VPN server. VPN providers own hundreds of encrypted servers around the world and user can choose a random country.

Using VPN has even more benefits: Better security especially when using unsecured public wi-fi networks at coffee shops and also it makes it difficult to track your location. Basically you become untraceable for website operators.

Step 2: Connect to India and activate YouTube Premium

In VPN settings simply connect to India and go to your YouTube account settings. Select Profile » Paid memberships and activate subscription. You can choose a monthly plan or prepaid quarterly subscription.

Don’t forget to set India as your billing address. All you need to do is open your Google Maps and choose a random address.

Step 3: Enjoy YouTube same way as you are used to

After you subscribe you can use YouTube same way as before. You don’t need to be connected to VPN and you don’t need to pretend that you’re in India.

There will be no ads while watching videos, you can play videos in the background of your mobile device or listen to music with display off. You will find an useful button in YouTube app that lets you download videos directly to your phone, in case you are on the plane.

Unlike using Adblock, you’re not stopping content creators from earning money as you’re actually paying your subscription.

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