8× Pizza Pizza Deals for July 2024​ — ​

Pizza Pizza

8× Pizza Pizza Deals for July 2024​

Pizza Pizza has been making pizza since 1967 and currently can be found at 750 locations. Pizza Pizza always brings their customers tasty products made from fresh and good quality ingredients. They use 100% Canadian milk and wheat, and chicken raised without antibiotics. Check out Pizza Pizza discount codes now and enjoy items from the menu or create your own pizza.

New discount codes for Pizza Pizza 2024

PAY $10

Pizza Pizza » 10 items under $10

Pizza Pizza coupon is offering exclusive prices on huge selection of their items. Use your Pizza Pizza discount for express pickup and choose from delicious pizza, chicken or veggie quesadilla, dipping sauce, drink and do not pay more than $10 for each. Click on get deal to satisfy your taste buds!
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Sign Up to Receive Exclusive Deals ← Pizza Pizza

Register your email address at Pizza Pizza website and start receiving exclusive promotions, deals and offers to your mailbox. Use your Pizza Pizza coupon now and save big on your next order of delicious pizza from Pizza Pizza. Enjoy Pizza Pizza discount and click on get deal to subscribe.
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10% OFF

Pizza Pizza : Order Catering, get 10% OFF

Planning a big all-staff meeting or is there a client on his way? Use this Pizza Pizza discount coupon and impress everyone! No one needs to know that you saved 10% on your order, they’ll be impressed nonetheless! Valid on orders $150 and more.
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Click – Spin – Win 🎯 | Pizza Pizza

Do you love pizza more than anything? Don’t miss out on your chance to win one of the Pizza Pizza contests! There is always an ongoing contest, so keep your eye on this Pizza Pizza discount coupon at all times.
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Pizza Pizza 👉 GIFT CARD is the WAY to go!

Whether there is a special occasion or not, with Pizza Pizza gift card you can’t really go wrong, can you. By clicking on this Pizza Pizza discount coupon, you are making your way towards happiness made in a form of a simple plastic card (or e-card if you will). Click now, buy now!
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Pizza Pizza = 5% OFF Orders

Use this Pizza Pizza discount coupon to save a lot of money on pizza. With this Pizza Pizza offer, you can join the Club 11/11 loyalty program. As a member of this loyalty program, you gain benefits such as special Club 11/11 offers and promotions, 5% off your pizza, and much more.
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Pickup Specials 🍕 ← Pizza Pizza

Pizza Pizza features some pickup specials that can help you save some money. By clicking on this Pizza Pizza discount coupon you will find a special menu that is available only for pickup. Hopefully, these specials will help you save money when you order your next delicious pizza.
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Pizza Pizza | App Benefits

Do not hesitate to download the Pizza Pizza app on your device to get access to some great benefits. The app allows you to comfortably make orders on the move. You can also use the app to store all your Pizza Pizza discount coupons or loyalty points and use them when ordering online.
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There are no more discounts for this shop

Visit Pizza Pizza website

How to save money on Pizza Pizza July 2024

Visit Pizza Pizza if you like a good selection of pizzas that also include vegetarian alternatives. You will certainly find a pizza that your tastebuds will enjoy, and if not, you can just build your own pizza! You can choose from single, twin pizzas, or even huge party pizzas that can be cut up to 20 delicious slices. If you think you have tried it all, check out the interesting selection of gourmet pizzas and you may be pleasantly surprised. The good thing about Pizza Pizza is that the restaurant is using fresh Canadian ingredients, including 100% Canadian milk or wheat.

Of course, pizza is not the only thing on Pizza Pizza’s menu. You can also order chicken snacks, sandwiches, salads, panzerotti, dips, sweet treats, sides, and drinks. If you are a frequent customer at Pizza Pizza, want to try out their delivery service, or want to visit their restaurant, continue reading this article to find tips and tricks on how to save money at Pizza Pizza. We will explain the basics of earning cashback rewards, finding and applying discount coupons, or seeking out special deals. Keep reading and next time save money on your lunch or dinner!

How to get Pizza Pizza discount code

One of the most popular ways to save money when shopping online is to look for discount coupons. There are Pizza Pizza discount coupons that can help you save money out there, too. To find them, you can start by looking for them on Kodino. We do not only look for Pizza Pizza promo codes, but also for vouchers and coupons. The difference is that coupons do not have to be typed in during your order, they may be any type of promotion that simply relies on fulfilment on certain conditions. Usually, you can find more information about the discount coupons by reading their description or by clicking on them.

You may also find Pizza Pizza discounts on their website. There are some promotions that are only available for members of Pizza Pizza’s loyalty program. We will discuss it more in detail later in this article. Thanks to special promotions and vouchers, customers usually save about 10%. If you could not find any Pizza Pizza promo codes at the moment, please keep reading to find more information on other ways you can save at Pizza Pizza.

How to use Pizza Pizza discount code

Pizza Pizza


The good news is that Pizza Pizza discount codes are supported. Therefore, we can explain to you how you can apply them and make the discount count for your order. Usually, a promo code can be applied in a shopping basket, or during the checkout screen when making an online order. However, with Pizza Pizza it is different.

Pizza Pizza makes applying a promo code even easier! All you need to do is to take a look at the top of their homepage. You will see an icon “Add Coupon”. Click on it and type in your coupon. If your coupon is valid, you will be notified and then you can start your order. It is quick and simpler than ever. Another way you can add a coupon is inside the Coupon Wallet. However, in order to access it, you will have to first sign up and log in to your Pizza Pizza account.

Cashback Pizza Pizza

Cashback rewards are one of the ways of saving money when shopping online. The rewards are not instant, however. It can take up to several weeks before you receive them. But, it can surely make you happy when you receive some money back from your credit card. If you want to start earning cashback rewards, you will need to find cashback websites and sign up. Then, find the store you want to buy from, visit it through a special link provided by the cashback site, and complete your order.

It may be a good idea to explore multiple cashback providers because the cashback rates will differ. Therefore, you should look for the best offer available. While this can be a long process, Kodino has searched Pizza Pizza cashback offers for you. However, no Pizza Pizza cashback deals are available. While this is unfortunate, there are still some other ways you can save money when ordering your next pizza.

Pizza Pizza discounts and how to save

Pizza Pizza takes good care of all customers with a good number of special offers and discounts. First of all, remember to check out the ongoing promotions on Pizza Pizza’s homepage. There may be some special pizza & drink combos that will help you save money when having friends over. You can also make use of the loyalty program benefits. Pizza Pizza’s Club 11-11 is a program that will help you earn 5% in Loyalty Dollars on every order. You can use these special dollars on your 6th Pizza Pizza visit. The value will be rewarded to you in the form of merchandise.

There are some special promotions for corporate catering. If you order pizza for a big group, you will get a 10% discount on orders over $150. Furthermore, Pizza Pizza also supports children’s education. With their special book club promotion, children who read 10 books in one school year will receive a coupon for a free pizza slice. The class can be registered by teachers by sending an e-mail to the following address: pizza.day@pizzapizza.ca. Finally, remember to visit Pizza Pizza also on Black Friday as you may discover some tasty offers!

Pizza Pizza contact – e-mail address, contact number, contact information

If you want to contact Pizza Pizza, you can call the restaurant in your area. To find the right Pizza Pizza contact number, please use the restaurant locator on their website. Find your area’s Pizza Pizza restaurant and use the contact information provided there. If you want to leave feedback or ask a question, you can also use the general Pizza Pizza e-mail address. It is displayed below. We have also included a general, corporate number at which Pizza Pizza can be reached as well as a number that you can call if you have questions about Pizza Pizza’s loyalty program.

  • Pizza Pizza e-mail address: feedback@pizzapizza.ca
  • Pizza Pizza contact number (for corporate contacts): 416-967-1010
  • Pizza Pizza Club 11-11 customer service: 1-866-368-2111

You may be also looking for some information about Pizza Pizza’s menu or nutritional information. You can find more information in Pizza Pizza’s FAQ and Nutrition section. The information there discusses ingredients, allergens, vegan and vegetarian options, and more. For even more information, visit Pizza Pizza on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.