4× Pet Assure Deals for June 2024​ — ​

Pet Assure

4× Pet Assure Deals for June 2024​

Veterinary help in Canada is available thanks to website Peta Assure. You can enroll into employer program and get discounts on medical care for your pets all around Canada. At Pet Assure, you have a 45 days to get your money back, you just need to fill complaint form. Check website Kodino for more info about ways of saving money at Pet Assure.

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How to save money on Pet Assure June 2024

Pet Assure is a provider and mediator of veterinary help across the US and Canada. It emerged in 1995 and since then has collaborated with hundreds of different veterinarians. By showing a valid ID card, customer gets all kinds of bonuses. Pet Assure is especially useful when traveling because it allows you to find your pet care on the go.

So what’s included in the bonuses? There are Pet Assure discounts for dental cleanings, allergy treatments, parasite screenings and vaccines.

There are a couple of ways how to save money on Pet Assure. Let us present you with what the process looks like.

How to get discount coupon Pet Assure

The discount code Pet Assure can only be obtained by participating through an employer enrollment. Once you are enrolled you can access all kinds of benefits and bonuses. Those include: saving money by using Pet Assure discount for Routine Wellness Exam. This will reduce your average cost by about $12. Other regular vet procedures include vaccinations which saves you about $30. The biggest saves are offered for dental cleaning and x-rays. Those Pet Assure discounts will reduce a final price by as much as $120. Another big save can be made on Ligament Repairs and can save you up to $207.

Unfortunately, the regular Pet Assure discount coupons are not distributed. As mentioned earlier, Pet Assure specializes in providing benefits through partnering (employer-based) programs only.

For staying informed about the current offer of Pet Assure discounts follow our portal. We collect and update the offers on a regular basis.

How to use discount coupon Pet Assure

How to use discount coupon Pet Assure is strictly tied to your plan. Once you enroll in a Pet Assure plan you will be able to use a 25% Pet Assure discount at the affiliate veterinary. The only thing you have to do in order to receive the discount is to prove yourselves with your ID.

Since there are no regular Pet Assure discount coupons you cannot redeem the vouchers in any other way.

Cashback Pet Assure

Cashback is one of the greatest ways of saving money. It works on the principle of returns: after you make a purchase within a listed brand, you will be given a certain percentage of your payment back. This is done in the form of points which can be turned back into real money. Most cashback sites require you to register in order to participate in their partnering program.

Pet Assure Cashback is available, for instance, on the following cashback site TopCashback.com.

Pet Assure discounts – sales, Black Friday

Unfortunately, since Pet Assure is a special program for employer-based customers only, it is not usually involved in any of the big sales like Black Friday, New Year’s Sales and others. 

There are only Pet Assure discounts of up to 25% available via their plan. This includes all the special prices for vaccines, dental treatments and x-rays.

Pet Assure free delivery and postage price

The nature of Pet Assure revolves around the discounts used for direct veterinary visits. Because of this, there is no Pet Assure free delivery option. All treatments and products are discounted on the spot. 

There is also no Pet Assure free postage option available for customers. 

Pet Assure return policy

What is great about your plan is a 45 day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your benefits and would like to issue a Pet Assure return form, you will easily be allowed to do so. After returning your card you will be given a full refund. 

Pet Assure complaint 2024

For filing a Pet Assure complaint form go to the contact form available at Pet Assure – Contact Us. There, you will have to choose a subject of your request and fill it in.

The Pet Assure complaint procedure is issued in a matter of days.

Pet Assure contact – e-mail, phone number, infoline

In order to submit an e-mail request use the Pet Assure contact form at Pet Assure – Contact Us.

For phone use the Pet Assure phone number (888) 789-7387.

Any direct correspondence can be issued on the following Pet Assure address:

415 Cedar Bridge Avenue

Lakewood, NJ 08701