11× Newchic Deals for June 2024​ — ​


11× Newchic Deals for June 2024​

In e-shop Newchic can be bought clothes and style accessories for men, women and kids as well. You can get discount code Newchic for registering your e-mail for subscription of newsletter, save money on extra sales and special offers. Free delivery is available in Canada. Check webpage Kodino to find possibilities how to save on shopping.

New discount codes for Newchic 2024


Get $65 VIP benefits = Newchic

Here is something interesting for you. Become a VIP to save more and get exclusive benefits from Newchic. And save up to $65 combined thanks to Newchic discount coupons. Smarter shopping with these great benefits has never been easier, coupons plus VIP discounts equals unbeatable prices!
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Newchic → Beauty products clearance

Newchic store surprises with every new clearance. Now you can shop hundreds of beauty products thanks to massive Beauty products and items clearance. Makeups, personal care, skin care, hair care, and even hair wigs and extensions are now on sale. Don’t think about using Newchic discount for too long, press Get Deal and start shopping→
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Save big on jewelry & watches « Newchic

Are you looking for a new watch? Or how about beautiful a piece of jewelry for your loved one? Here you’ll find all this and more. Stainless steel watches, bracelets, rings or earrings, Newchic has a great selection of discount products. Shop with Newchic discount coupon and start saving today.
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Newchic : Men’s hoodies & sweatshirts outlet

They are comfortable, stylish and suitable for many occasions. Yes, we mean Men’s hoodies and sweatshirts. Browse cotton sweatshirts, zip hoodies or solid color hoodies that are now even cheaper than before. No need for Newchic discount code, just click on Get Deal button and shop.
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Home and garden products clearance = Newchic

Everything you may need for your home and garden is now on sale at Newchic. Hundreds of products ranging from bedding sets, travel carrier bags, carpets, storage bags to rail planters. Enjoy this Newchic discount for all your home and garden decorating needs.
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Newchic » Men’s sale hats

Summer is just around the corner and that means warm and sunny weather is coming. Now you have a great opportunity to buy yourself a new hat for a special price. Breathable baseball hats, fishing hats or beret hats, this Newchic discount coupon brings you great selection of hats for a discount prices.
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Newchic : Shop shoes up to 80% off

Shop new collection of shoes even cheaper. Newchic offers you a wide selection of shoes that are up to 80% cheaper than their usual price. Classic, stylish or sport shoes, the choice is yours. Use this Newchic discount and save some money today.
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New Friend Exclusive » Up to $60 off Newchic

Use this latest special bonuses that were made just for you. Newchic discount coupons can save you up to $60 combined. The more you shop, the bigger discount you get. Newchic discount coupons are available for every registered Newchic member and are valid for 30 days to discount non-promotional items and products.
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10% off

Newchic → Newsletter gets you 10% off

Want to save extra 10% on your order from Newchic? Actually, it’s really easy. Just subscribe with your e-mail address to receive newsletter and you will automatically receive Newchic discount coupon. Plus, you will be updated about the latest fashion trends and offers valid only for Newchic subscribers.
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Newchic | Free clothes for BLOGGERS 🎯

Are you a fashion blogger with at least 1000 followers on your blog, or over 5000 followers on one of your social media platforms? Then this Newchic discount coupon is targeting on you! Put your Newchic Promotion Icon on the front page of your blog, get your FREE CLOTHES and post about it!
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18% OFF

Newchic 👉 Get 18% OFF with Student Discount!

Here is a Newchic discount coupon for students to unlock! What can you get? 18% off your order! How can you get it? Simply register with Student Beans and then use your special Newchic discount code at the checkout. Already verified your student status? Then what are you waiting for? Go on and shop!
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There are no more discounts for this shop

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How to save money on Newchic June 2024

Newchic is an online store founded in 2015. It sells women’s, men’s and kids’ clothes, shoes and accessories. It also offers a wide range of bags, beauty products and home and garden utensils. The store ships its goods internationally.

How to save money in Newchic? Newchic offers discounts for new members as well as discount coupons for subscribing to the store. Newchic also offers sales, super deals, VIP benefits and money-saving coupons.

How to get a discount coupon Newchic

Newchic offers discount coupons for new members, who newly register to the shop. How to get discount coupons Newchic? Apart from registering as a new member, there are also Newchic discount coupons for subscribing to the newsletter.

Newchic members can also buy discount coupons for points awarded by Newchic for ordering items. Newchic regularly offers discount coupons for certain price orders, event pages and brands.

If you want to stay tuned to all the discount coupons and sales going on in Newchic, check our site regularly.

How to use a discount coupon Newchic

How to use the discount coupon Newchic? First check your account for discount coupons that you have activated. You can also buy Newchic discount coupons using the points given to you for shopping on Newchic to get a discount.

With activated coupons, just simply put your goods in the shopping bag. In your shopping bag you can choose a point discount or a discount coupon. You can then directly see the final price before proceeding to checkout.



Cashback Newchic

Cashback World offers 4% Newchic cashback and 4 points for 100 Euro+ purchases. Or simply visit CashbackHolic website to see all available Newchic cashback options. The cashback amount on CashbackHolic reaches up to 12%.

Cashback works only when you use your card for payments. You get a certain percentage of the price of your purchase back. It means that you save some money when you buy things using your card either online or in stores.

Newchic discounts – Sales, Black Friday…

Newchic discounts range from the discounts on certain goods up to $0.99 USD flash deals. The sales are available to customers all year long. You can also find Newchic bulk sales or VIP sales.

Newchic offers Newchic seasonal sales, eg. Newchic Summer sales. You can also shop in Newchic Christmas Sale Clearance, New Year sale, Chinese New Year sale, regular sales and use discount coupons.

A very popular sale is Christmas sale buy one get one free or Newchic Chinese New Year sale everything under $30 USD. Newchic also offers birthday big sales, clothes clearances and top sales for certain types of gods.

Newchic free delivery and postage price

You can get Newchic free delivery on specially selected items in the store. You can also get Newchic free delivery for orders over CA$94 for Canada Direct Mail or Air Parcel Register.

Otherwise Newchic postage price differs according to the size and weight of your package.  The expedited shipping service and Express Mail Service take 5-8 business days to deliver and you cannot get a Newchic free delivery for these options.

Newchic return policy

Newchic return policy follows a 14-day refund or return guarantee. You can therefore make a return claim within 14 days of receiving your order. If you want to return a purchased good, you should read through the Return & Refund policy of Newchic.

It is advised to first contact Newchic online with an inquiry about your order. If you want to return the goods that had no quality issues, you are fully responsible for paying the shipping fee. Newchic return policy is also to send the package with local postal services. You should not use any private companies for shipping the package.

Newchic complaint 2024

Newchic refunds only when there are product issues, the item is out of stock or there are PayPal issues. Otherwise you are asked to choose one of the options for filing a Newchic complaintNewchic solves most of the complains by the customer support e-mail form.

Newchic contact – e-mail, phone number, infoline

Newchic suppports their customers to contact them via Newchic e-mail: service@newchic.com. For any inquiries you might have, you should check their online complaint site.

You can choose to contact them via Newchic phone (China): 020-86073343 as well.