3× McDonalds Deals for December 2021 ​


3× McDonalds Deals for December 2021

Check out the McDonalds new discount codes here on Kodino to see if there are any good deals waiting for you. With a discount or a deal, your meal might be even tastier. At McDonald's, you can choose from a variety of burgers, snacks, sides, wraps, desserts and many different beverages. You can eat on-site, have a meal delivered to you or pick it up at a drive-thru.

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How to save money on McDonalds December 2021

McDonalds is a widespread chain of fast-food restaurants popular in the continental US, as well as in Europe, Asia, and beyond. McDonalds restaurants are also quite evenly and well-spread within Canada, where it has today become one of the go-to fast food chains on the market. McDonalds can be most widely known for its flagship food items such as the Big Mac, McDonalds Fries, the McGriddle, Happy Meal, and many others.

One of the huge benefits of McDonalds is also the fact that eating there can be quite filling, satisfying, and relatively cheap. This makes it a great option for quick and easy meals on the go but also on-the-spot dining. Find your local restaurant and try applying the tips we share with you in this McDonalds review to make your next mealtime a truly happy one.

How to get McDonalds discount code

The key to getting some awesome McDonalds discount codes is their mobile app. Not only does it help to save you money at McDonalds, but it also helps you keep all of your McDonalds discount coupons and promo codes all in one place. Therefore, to master the art of saving at McDonalds, we highly recommend downloading the McDonalds app as soon as possible.

For news and other promotional information, you can also subscribe to the McDonalds newsletter. You can visit their website and complete the sign-up in just a few simple steps. Try either of these two methods and you will start saving money at McDonalds in no time.

How to use McDonalds discount code

There are two options for reducing your costs at McDonalds with discount codes. The option that is correct for you will widely depend on how you will complete and make your order, and essentially, if you have the McDonalds mobile app downloaded onto your smart device. The latter option is the optimal choice as adding a McDonalds discount code via the app is the only official method of getting discounts directly from McDonalds themselves.

If you are not into downloading the McDonalds app and still want a bite to eat from their restaurant, you will be glad to know there is an alternative way to save with discount codes. McDonalds has partnered up with food-delivery services UberEats, DoorDash, and SkipTheDishes who complete their deliveries on behalf of McDonalds. As such, you can either add discount codes to your purchases by using the food-delivery discount codes, or by using the McDonalds discount codes via the McDonalds app.

Cashback McDonalds

Save money effortlessly with cashback. Today, a lot of cashback websites partner up with sellers to offer shoppers what is known as cashback. Cashback is a percentage of money returned to clients after they have used specific affiliate links on cashback websites to complete their purchases. A cashback return may take a while to return to your bank account, however, taking advantage of cashback repeatedly will gather up some pretty big numbers into your wallet.

Unfortunately, as of right now no cashback websites are offering McDonalds cashback rewards. You can always revisit this section to check if the situation has changed. Until then, we welcome you to try saving money at McDonalds with all of the other tips shared with you throughout the course of this article. 

McDonalds discounts and how to save

As we discussed earlier, McDonalds promo codes can be easily obtained from their newsletter. However, there are a few other things to keep in mind that may help you save some money at McDonalds. First, the mobile app that we have mentioned a couple of times before this sub-article is the main location for most of the exclusive promotional deals and offers, such as the Daily Deal Drops, Weekly Offers, and more.

In addition to all of this, if you have the McDonalds card you can scan its QR code with the mobile app to start earning additional rewards. You can also earn rewards when placing orders with your mobile app. Earning McDonalds Rewards can be super fun and it makes saving money at McDonalds easier as more rewards equal more food in total for you and your mates.

McDonalds contact – e-mail address, contact number, customer service

Contact information might come in handy when you have any additional questions and concerns. To contact McDonalds, you can give them a quick phone call or fill up the online form available on their website. You can use these details to easily get in touch:

  • Phone number: 1-888-424-4622
  • For post: write to McDonald’s Canada Guest Contact Centre at P.O. Box 61023 Winnipeg, MB R3M 3X8

Unfortunately, no information for a McDonalds support e-mail is provided. You can also visit McDonalds on different social media platforms. They are active on numerous platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat. This is both an easy way to contact their staff members as well as keep an eye on all the new and interesting stuff happening at your local McDonalds.