10× Leons Deals for July 2024​ — ​


10× Leons Deals for July 2024​

Leons has been growing for more than 100 years and currently is one of Canada's leading retailers offering furniture, appliances and home electronics. If you take a look at the Leons discount codes here on Kodino, you will surely find some great deals and discounts that will make your shopping experience at Leons more exciting and affordable.

New discount codes for Leons 2024


Leons : Browse current offers

This is an easy way how to browse all current offers, deals and new products on Leons website. Leons use your postal code to find the flyer for a store near you, so you will see the most relevant offers for your location. Save more with Leons discounts starting today.
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patio sale

Patio clearance sale » Leons

Big patio clearance is now on at Leons online store! Save some extra bucks on outdoor furniture, chairs, coffee tables, sofas, ottomans and more. For this offer, you don’t need any Leons discount code, all you need to do is click the Get Deal button and you’ll be redirected to Leons sale section.
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Save on

Leons | Save on accents

Life is all about the small details, right? They definitely know that at Leons online store. And that’s why they offer great selection of smaller products at cheaper prices. With this Leons discount coupon you can save on items like coffee tables, area rugs, accent chairs, ottomans, mirrors and even framed paintings.
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Shop sale

Shop sale TVs and home audio ← Leons

Bring your living room to the new level with one of these brand new sale televisions or speakers from the most popular manufacturers. The choice is totally up to you, Samsung, LG, Sony or Hisense, 65 inches or 75 inches. Just visit the Leons electronics sale department by clicking the Get Deal button.
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Leons : Save on kitchen appliances

All the kitchen appliances you can imagine are now on sale at Leons. Shop discount refrigerators, dishwashers, freezers, microwaves, owens, cooktops and other counter-top products for less. But that’s not all, with this Leons discount coupon you can also save on other appliances like washers, air conditioners and even barbecues.
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On Sale

Mattresses on sale = Leons

You can’t have a proper good night sleep without comfortable mattress. So, visit Leon online store today and find yourself a new one, but cheaper! Queen sized, king sizes or twin mattress, there is definitely something for everyone. Use Leons discount coupon and save on your new mattress right away.
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Save on

Leons » Save on furniture

Sometimes, you don’t have to pay the the full price to get a great high quality furniture for your home. Because with this Leons discount coupon, you can save on hundreds of products including sofas, chairs, bar stools, headboards, recliners, dining tables, coffee tables, bed, wardrobes and even night tables and mirrors!
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Sign up
And save

Sign up & save = Leons

Here is a great way to save some extra money with minimum effort. Just sign up with your email address for Leons promotional emails and you will also receive all the latest product information, news, exclusive deals & offers and special Leons discount coupons and codes directly to your inbox.
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Leons : Get free delivery

Shop at Leons online store and get free delivery with peace of mind. That’s right, Leons offer free local delivery for all orders over $498 before taxes! Leons delivers thousands of orders a day, quickly and efficiently. Just be aware that Leons free delivery is not available on markdown items.
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Buy Open-Box Products and Save → Leons

If you do not mind that a product has been opened by someone, then welcome to the open-box product section. You can view the section by clicking on this Leons discount coupon. You will find items that have been opened but are perfectly fine. The important thing is that their prices are lower!
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How to save money on Leons July 2024

Leons has become a reference in the field of furniture sales. It is a Canadian furniture retailer, founded in 1909, characterized by having exclusively selected products, adjusted to the latest trends and particular needs of its customers and with excellent quality materials to guarantee a unique quality seal. With more than 100 years of history, the benefits that Leons products offer you are excellent, at the same time that they have quite competitive prices, especially if you take advantage of the offers and discounts that arise throughout the year. Likewise, they have physical stores in various locations in Canada, so you will only have to go to their web portal to find the establishment that best suits your geographic location. In addition, they have excellent customer service, with the aim that problems that arise can be resolved quickly and easily.

At Leons, you can find an exclusive selection of merchandise including furniture, mattresses, major appliances and home electronics, so you can renew the appearance of your home at a fairly affordable price. Therefore, Leons is aimed at a young and adult public that needs new products to give an exceptional touch to their home, thanks to the presence of high-quality products, with functional and attractive designs, which will provide you with unique benefits. If you want to know how to save money on Leons, you should bear in mind that this article is aimed at you, because we are going to give you tips, tricks and recommendations so that you have all the information available to save as much as possible on your purchases.

How to get Leons discount code

To know how to get Leons discount code, keep in mind that there are several alternatives for you to choose the one that best suits your needs. On the one hand, if you sign up for promotional email on the Leons web portal, exclusive offers, promotions and discounts that arise will be sent to your email free of charge and automatically. On the other hand, also for free and with just one click, on Kodino you have at your disposal updated discount codes from Leons, promotions, news and all the offers that arise so that you can save like never before.

Also, on important dates of the year in which the number of sales increases considerably, such as Black Friday, Seasonal Sales, Cyber Monday or Christmas, Leons thinks of you and offers numerous discount codes so you can save on your furniture or appliances for example. Likewise, there is also a section called Save, where you can find a large number of discounted products. In fact, there is a section of offers for each of the existing categories. Also, you have at your disposal what is known as Open Box, with which you can save considerably. In addition, there is a Clearance section, where you can enjoy selected products at a single price. You also have at your disposal what is known as Temporary Offers which, in short, refer to significantly discounted products, but only last a short period of time, so hurry up and take advantage of the opportunity. Finally, there are other promotions such as free shipping, warranty extension or special weeks in which there are irresistible prices.

How to use Leons discount code


To know how to use Leons discount code, you must keep in mind that it is a task that will require little effort. You will only have to add the products you want to purchase to the shopping cart. Once there, you will be asked to fill in your personal details, as well as the shipping method you prefer. Finally, a checkout window will open, in which Leons gives you a space to insert your promotional code, as you can see in the image in this section.

If you realize that Leons does not recognize your discount coupon, it will mean that it no longer works because it is not valid as the time period for which it was configured has expired. However, do not worry and think that there are no more alternatives, because in Kodino you can find new promotional codes for Leons quickly, easily and without additional charges.

Cashback Leons

If you are not yet familiar with the term cashback, we assure you that it will completely change the way you perceive purchases. In short, cashback stands as an online service that, automatically and without having to pay anything, returns you money every time you make an online purchase if you use a special link. When you have the money back, you can put it in your bank account or directly keep it in the cashback portal used to save it for future online purchases.

However, at the moment, Leons does not have a cashback service, so you will not have the possibility to go to cashback portals such as Rakuten or TopCashback to receive money back. Nevertheless, do not despair, because in the next section we are going to give you all the keys to save as much as possible on your purchases in Leons.

Leons discounts – sales, offers, Black Friday, …

As mentioned in previous sections, Leons has a multitude of offers and promotions for you to purchase your furniture and appliances at an irresistible price. For example, if you sign up for promotional email on the Leons web portal, you will be able to enjoy in your email the exclusive offers, promotions and news that arise. Another alternative is to go to Kodino, a completely free service, which offers you updated discount codes from Leons so that you don’t waste time looking for offers and always have the best offers in your possession.

Likewise, Leons also thinks of you on certain dates of the year when sales increase, since for example during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Seasonal Sales or Christmas, Leons launches numerous discount codes so that you save as much as possible on your purchases . Also, throughout the year, there is a section called Save on the Leons web portal, where you can find Sales in each of the existing categories. On the other hand, there are also Open Box and Clearance, which will allow you to obtain reduced prices on exclusively selected products. Also, sporadically, Temporary Offers appear, that is, discounted products for a short period of time. Finally, there are also other advantages such as free shipping, warranty extension periods or special events in which you can renovate your home with unique prices.

Leons free shipping and shipping cost

To know how to get free shipping on Leons, you must bear in mind that it is not necessary for you to use discount codes for this. In general, orders over $498 enjoy free local shipping. In the event that your order does not amount to that amount, a specific rate of shipping costs will be applied, which you can consult in your order summary. On the other hand, on certain occasions, collection is also available in physical stores in Leons.

Regarding when your order will arrive, you must bear in mind that you can consult it in your order summary so that you know the exact dates perfectly. Likewise, take advantage now, because Leons ships to all locations in Canada, with the aim of guaranteeing the highest customer satisfaction. Also, we advise you to go to the Leons web portal to find information about the delivery services it provides depending on the product you purchase.

Leons return policy

In the event that you are not completely satisfied, because the product has manufacturing defects, they have made a mistake with the order or you simply do not like the final result, you should know that there is a return policy in Leons, in order to guarantee you the greatest satisfaction in case of inconvenience.

Along with this return policy, Leons is committed to guaranteeing you the best price. Therefore, if in the 60 days after your purchase, you find a similar product in an authorized Canadian distributor that has a lower price, as long as it is in the same local commercial area and has the same conditions and terms, Leons will offer you a refund of the difference that results from the totality, once it has been verified that all the details are fulfilled.

Leons warranty 2024

In order for you to fully understand the protection available to the products you purchase, you should know that there is a warranty policy in Leons, in order that you have all the available information at your disposal and can exercise this right if you believe it appropriate, so hurry up to read all the available information and check if the requirements are met in your specific case.

To find the warranty that corresponds to the product in question, you should know that in the Leons web portal you have all the details so that you can consult them whenever you want. Likewise, in your order summary you will also find the time periods that correspond to the warranty of each type of product. inally, keep in mind that Leons also offers protection plans for upholstered and leather furniture, mattresses, and warranty extension periods for appliances and electronics.

Leons contact – e-mail address, contact number, customer service

In the event that a problem arises with your order or you are simply looking for more information about the services provided by Leons, you should bear in mind that there are a series of contact forms that, below, we will list so that you always have them at your disposal and your doubts can be solved quickly and easily.

Our recommendation is that, if you have a problem that you need to solve urgently, call the telephone number provided directly as they will give you efficient solutions. If you need personalized attention, give a chance to the contact form provided, since Leons has an excellent customer service so that you have the greatest satisfaction if problems arise.