4× jetSet Parking Deals for May 2024​ — ​

jetSet Parking

4× jetSet Parking Deals for May 2024​

jetSet Parking is a service allowing you to book a parking space near the airport with additional services including a 24/7 complimentary shuttle service that will take you to your terminal. The shuttle service is wheelchair accessible. If you want to save some money on your booking, check out the jetSet Parking discount codes available here.

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How to save money on jetSet Parking May 2024

jetSet Parking review

In this jetSet Parking review, we will tell you what this service offers and how you can save money when using it. jetSet Parking helps you book a parking spot at different airports in Canada. Additionally, the customers will also get to use the complimentary jetSet Parking shuttle to get comfortably to the terminal and back to the parking lot.

One of the benefits of using jetSet Parking is that they offer low-price parking to meet the budget of every traveler. Moreover, there are also many great deals and offers that will help you save additional money. jetSet Parking is currently available at airports in Edmonton, Vancouver, and Saskatoon.

How to get jetSet Parking discount code

Here on Kodino, you can find a list of available jetSet Parking discount coupons. Some of them require you to apply an exclusive jetSet Parking promo code while others will inform you of newest offers that do not require any additional code. New coupons appear on Kodino every day so before each purchase make sure to visit our website and check whether there are any new and useful deals for you.

If you want to look for jetSet Parking discount codes yourself, you can search on jetSet Parking’s official website. There are many special promotions available on their website and sometimes you can find time-limited jetSet Parking promo codes by clicking on “Offers”. Discount coupons can help you save up to 30% or, for example, to pay only $3 for parking per day.

How to use jetSet Parking discount code

Finding the place where to apply jetSet Parking discount code is simple. Go to the booking menu and choose your entry and exit date and time. Right under the selection of date and time, there is an option to add your jetSet Parking discount code.

After typing in your promo code, finish the booking and enjoy the saved money. For reference, see the image below. Using discount codes at jetSet Parking is quick and therefore you should consider looking for a discount each time you book a parking spot.

jetSet Parking

jetSet Parking Cashback

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Cashback is an effective way of boosting your savings. Whenever you shop online, check out the available cashback deals for the given store. Signing up on a cashback website will allow you to get back a small amount of money that you spend when shopping.

On Kodino, you can see and compare different cashback offers from the most popular cashback providers. Unfortunately, jetSet Parking cashback offers are currently unavailable. However, there are still many ways you can save.

jetSet Parking discounts and how to save

To optimize your savings, we recommend you to become a member of jetSet rewards. Members get the best parking prices, a 30% jetSet Parking discount on jetSet selfPark, in-terminal offers, and even a possibility to win flight tickets.

Remember that you can save the most money if you book your parking spot online. Plus, online booking allows you to use jetSet Parking promo codes. Another way to save is to pay for weekly rates, because then the 6th and 7th days of parking are free. If you are looking for a jetSet Parking discount code, you can check out the available ones here on Kodino in the discount codes section.

jetSet Parking – e-mail address, contact number, contact information

In case you need assistance or have any questions directed at the jetSet Parking in Edmonton, you can write at the following jetSet Parking e-mail address: info@jetsetparking.com.  If you wish to contact jetSet Parking in Vancouver send an e-mail to: jetset@yvr.ca. Finally, jetSet Parking Saskatoon can be e-mailed at parking@skyxe.ca.

jetSet Parking in Edmonton can be also reached by calling the jetSet Parking contact number: 780-890-8625. Furthermore, the jetSet Parking contact number for Saskatoon is 306 934 7275. Another useful jetSet Parking number is 780-890-8983 which you can call if you are having trouble with your car and need help with boosting it or inflating your tires.