7× Destination XL Deals for July 2024​ — ​

Destination XL

7× Destination XL Deals for July 2024​

Destination XL is a unique internet store that specializes in selling XL men's clothing and shoes. A great selection of high-quality products in the widest range of sizes is offered. At Destination XL you can find menswear from Brooks Brothers, Lacoste, Michael Kors, and  Reebok. Big Sizes XL-7XL, Tall Sizes XLT-6XL and a wide selection of shoes in sizes 10-16 can be purchased easily at good prices. Grab a Destination XL discount coupon and save well. We will duly update Destination XL promo codes here!

New discount codes for Destination XL 2024


Destination XL | Choose from gift cards

A gift card is a perfect gift, because it´s everyone´s style! Choose a plastic card or eCard and let your loved one choose whatever he likes at Destination XL. No more fails with wrong gifts. This coupon by Destination XL makes choosing gifts way much easier.
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Destination XL → Massive products sale

The Destination XL online store’s massive sale is now finally on! Browse more than two thousand products at their even cheaper prices. You will here sale shoes, t-shirts, polos, jeans, pants, suits, shorts, swimwear, underwear, even accessories like belts, ties, socks, hats and many other items. Use Destination XL discount coupon today and save.
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Shop everyday specials ← Destination XL

Here is something special just for you. Destination XL website has some everyday specials in store. Shop essential styles at unbeatable values. Stock up on favorites for less when you mix & match 2 or more styles within each category. Destination XL discounts will make you and your wallet happy.
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polos & tees

Destination XL » Sale polos & t-shirts

Are you looking for stylish new t-shirts or polos in some extra sizes? In that case, you have come to the right place. Destination XL online store brings you hundreds of styles for an unbeatable prices. Shop smarter and cheaper with Destination XL discount coupon today.
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best deals

Sign up for the best deals = Destination XL

Get ready to get the best deals delivered directly to you with no extra effort when you shop at Destination XL online store. Because when you sign up with your email address, you will receive all the great news, very best deals, product information and Destination XL discount coupons.
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Destination XL : Free shipping for your order

Start saving right now with Destination XL free shipping. You qualify for free shipping automatically, all you need to do is spend $100 or more on your order and your products will delivered to you free of charge. Destination XL free shipping covers standard delivery method.
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$15 &

Destination XL 👉 Get $15 and Many More GIFTS

To earn 1 point for every dollar you spend, just shop online or in-store. 300 points can be redeemed for a $15 Destination XL voucher. And you probably know the gist by now – more spending means unlocking more benefits! Get special deals, gifts and rewards for being a loyal member.
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There are no more discounts for this shop

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How to save money on Destination XL July 2024

Destination XL is a seller of plus-size clothing . They specialize in offering clothing options for men who are packing a little more muscle and weight than the average male. Their selection is super fixated on this cause, and therefore, if you are looking for something more loose and comfortable, this is the secret solution to all of your fashion nightmares.

The selection is not limited to just formal or casual spectrums of clothes but there are also tons of options for outerwear, accessories, sporting attire, and more. Therefore, it is highly likely that you are able to form an entire wardrobe around the selection available at Destination XL. Do not forget that shoes, socks, and underwear are also represented to finer detail. Is this something that you were looking for, or know somebody else who does not have enough clothing options in a regular store, then Destination Xl is certainly the place to go. Read this Kodino article and we will sweeten the image of Destination XL to a point where you can not say no. Discount codes, opportunities for savings, cashback, and tons of other topics discussed in this article will make Destination XL your next favorite place to go.

How to get Destination XL discount code

It is easiest to find Destination XL discount coupons right on the Destination XL website. You can find some great discounts by scrolling down on the website and finding “ DXL Deals ”. Here you find many currently available offers and promotions that you can use for your purchases right away.

Additionally, you can sign up for exclusive e-mail offers when creating a Destination XL account. Beyond that, you can look up some discounts right here on Kodino. Do not forget that all our codes are tested and free.

How to use Destination XL discount code

Destination XL

Once you are ready to make your purchase, follow these instructions to apply discount codes . First, discount codes are commonly found either on Destination XL’s website or here on Kodino. If there are no discount codes available, be sure that once new codes become available we will do our best to add them to Kodino.

To add a promo code for some discounts , enter your shopping bag. From the shopping bag, you can proceed to check out. Now observe that on the right side right above the item that you will purchase there is a “+ Promo Code”. Click on it and add the code to the text box and click “Apply”. For the exact location, you may refer back to the supplementary image for some visual guidance.

Cashback Destination XL

Cashback Rakuten1% Get Bonus $5Cashback TopCashbackUp to 2% Join For Free

How can you get money rewards for shopping? It is really simple, just try cashback. Cashback rewards are commonly offered by cashback websites that also specify certain conditions that have to be met to receive cashback. Cashback usually offers higher discounts based on the total amount of money spent on the order because most of the rates are calculated using percentages instead of a certain amount of dollars off the order. 

You can start earning Destination XL cashback with TopCashback and Rakuten. With TopCashback you can earn up to a 2% cashback reward. The important thing about the Rakuten cashback to note is that this cashback deal can only be earned with an in-store purchase. Therefore, you can choose to either shop online and earn cashback via TopCashback or select Rakuten and earn your cashback while going shopping at your local Destination XL store.

Destination XL discounts – sales, offers, Black Friday, …

Much like Destination XL itself, the discounts during the holidays are nothing short of XL. Therefore, during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving, as well as Christmas, be sure that you will see discounts of the largest proportion. A regular discount during Black Friday will give you at least a 50% discount on various items of clothing including shirts, pants, shoes, and more.

Another way that you can save money is by checking out the Destination XL “Everyday Specials” . Under these specials, you will find that Destination XL also offers deals such as when you buy 2 of a certain kind of item, the items together will cost much less than they would when buying them individually. This is a great way to gather up multiple sets of items for different outfits that would become your wardrobe staples for years to come.

Destination XL free shipping and shipping cost

Destination XL has partnered up with Borderfree to make international orders reliable and fast. Destination XL specifies this much about international orders that certain promotions and bonuses available to US customers may not apply to international orders. Therefore, in certain instances, free shipping discounts may be also available for international customers and orders.

With Borderfree, Destination XL offers three different types of shipping and handling. Here is a list of the specific types of shipping services offered:

  • Standard : no additional charges
  • Express : no additional charges
  • Express : additional charges upon delivery

Generally, shipping prices will be subject to change depending on the distance of the location, the weight of the package, amount of items, and it will include charges for taxes, customs, and others.

Destination XL return policy

The Destination XL return policy offers customers the chance to return unsatisfactory items back within 90 days of purchase. For deliveries outside of the US and within Canada, this can mean one of two things. Either the return must be processed through Borderfree, or the item can be taken back to a store located in Canada.

To return international orders via Borderfree means that prior contact with Destination XL customer support is necessary to acquire a Return Merchandise Authorization form . Additionally, when returning with Borderfree please make sure that the package has all appropriate documentation to reduce misunderstandings and further confusion. In Both cases of physical or online returns, discounts applied will be for the most part annulled. Finally, in-store returns are also eligible for exchange while online returns via Borderfree are not. Due to the discrepancies between US and Canadian orders, it is advised to contact Destination XL customer service or have an in-depth reading of the Destination Xl return policy for a complete understanding of the customer’s rights and options.

Destination XL warranty 2024

No compensation beyond what was described within the return policy section of this article exists for Destination XL orders. Meaning, that compensation will either be a refund or an exchange. As was noted within the return policy section, this comes largely down to the way that the item is returned.
One additional piece of information regarding international shipping is that the shipping charges will not be refunded. A return handled by Borderfree will receive a refund once the returned item reaches the international hub. For further details or instructions please contact the Destination XL customer service via e-mail at: international@destinationxl.com.

Destination XL contact – e-mail address, contact number, customer service

You can find Destination XL on social media . On their social media, they share active promotions, exclusive deals, and more. If you are interested in learning more about Destination XL activity on social media platforms follow them here:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • YouTube

To contact Destination XL with serious matters, you may want to have a more direct approach . However, before confronting Destination XL via e-mail, a phone call, or live chat, you may also want to have a sneak peek at their detailed FAQ section. If none of those questions and answered were applicable for your situation, or whether you just prefer to talk to somebody directly, you can try to get them answered by the following means: