8× Crate and Barrel Deals for May 2024​ — ​

Crate and Barrel

8× Crate and Barrel Deals for May 2024​

Crate and Barrel create furniture of your dreams. Whether it be something that makes you feel relaxed or furniture that strengthens your creativity, they have every possible design and variation. Crate and Barrel discount coupons are something you cannot overlook in this situation since these are high-end products you want to save some money on. Also, from time to time, you can see special Crate and Barrel promo codes and vouchers on their products.

New discount codes for Crate and Barrel 2024


Special and time limited sales → Crate and Barrel

Looking for furniture and home decoration for way cheaper? No need to worry anymore we have special Crate and Barrel discount coupon ready and waiting just for you! Click on the “Get Deal” button for more information about this topic.
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Crate and Barrel | Subscribe and get rewards

Save on Crate and Barrel products just by subscribing to their newsletter. You will receive news, promotions, special events, and much more. Also, you will receive a 15% discount on products so make sure to not miss this great Crate and Barrel promo code.
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20% OFF

Crate and Barrel = 20% OFF + Exclusive Invitations

When you sign up for our exclusive Trade membership program, you’ll have access to some of the most sought-after brands and exclusive content. As a professional with a Crate and Barrel discount coupon, you are eligible for a 20% discount, our full attention when it comes to service, and special invitations, previews and tradeshows.
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Browse through Crate and Barrel Catalog

Browse current Crate and Barrel catalogues from the comfort of your home and discover the best deals and prices. There is definitely something interesting for everybody you just need to look for it. Sounds pretty interesting, right? Give it a try and enjoy quality reading time.
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Free in-store pickup → Crate and Barrel

Don’t pay for shipping fees, choose a fast and free in-store pickup instead! There are many Crate and Barrel physical stores all over Canada, find your store and enjoy a free pickup. Shop for furniture, home decor, lighting, bed & bath, and many more at Crate and Barrel store and save with Kodino.
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Crate and Barrel | Furniture Clearance

There are more than 100 products in the Crate and Barrel clearance section that come with amazing discounts. These types of discounts are already quite big so they usually cannot be combined with other Crate and Barrel discount codes. However, it is okay because when buying final sale products, you often save more than $300!
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Decor Clearance Sale → Crate and Barrel

Enjoy the Crate and Barrel clearance sale to buy home decor cheap. The clearance section can be found simply by clicking on this Crate and Barrel discount coupon. Some items are cheaper by 60%! Visit Crate and Barrel now and make your home cozier with pillows, scented candles, and many other products.
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Free Quick and Simple Recipes → Crate and Barrel

If you want to prepare something delicious for yourself and others but you have run out of ideas you can use this Crate and Barrel voucher. It will guide you straight to Crate and Barrel’s collection of quick video recipes that you can prepare and pleasantly surprise someone.
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There are no more discounts for this shop

Visit Crate and Barrel website

How to save money on Crate and Barrel May 2024

Design your home according to your dreams with furniture and decor from Crate and Barrel! In their store, you can find everything you may be missing or want to exchange. Crate and Barrel offer a good selection of indoor and outdoor furniture and accessories. The selection includes, but isn’t limited to, kitchen supplies and electronics, curtains, pillows, rugs, lighting, bedding, and bath essentials.

If you are looking for a muse and want to get inspired by the current season or trends, visit the inspiration corner on Crate and Barrel’s website. There, you will find some styling tips, lookbooks, and even delicious recipes! If you really feel like the inspiration is not there, you can use an excellent free service that allows you to chat with a professional designer. They will help you take care of everything so that you feel cozy in your space. If you are interested in changing up your place but want to save some money at the same time continue reading this article and see what all money-saving tricks you can have up your sleeve.

How to get Crate and Barrel discount code

Crate and Barrel discount codes are supported, and therefore, you can save money in more than one way when shopping at Crate and Barrel. If you are wondering how you can apply a discount code that you have discovered, read the next section of this article. What is more important now, however, is the question of where you can get Crate and Barrel promo codes.

Remember that you can save a lot of money without a promo code, too. There are many Crate and Barrell discount coupons here on Kodino that apply by meeting different conditions. During special promotions, you can save even 60% on selected items. Promo codes may appear on Kodino or Crate and Barrel’s website. The last place where you can look for promo codes before starting your Crate and Barrel order is their social media accounts. They sometimes post special coupons there.

How to use Crate and Barrel discount code

Crate and Barrel

You may be curious to find out where to apply the Crate and Barrel discount code. We assure you that the process is super simple. Therefore, do not hesitate to spend a few extra seconds to apply a promo code to your Crate and Barrel order, if you have found one. It will surely payout to save some money.

To apply your Crate and Barrel promo code, you need to first add everything you want to buy to your shopping cart. The next step is to view the cart. The code can be applied inside the cart, specifically in the cart summary section. It should be located on the right side of your screen. Type your code into the promotion code field and apply it. And that is all! Once you are done with this step, finish your order and share with others how much money you have saved this way.

Cashback Crate and Barrel

Do you want to have a better overview of discounts available for your favourite online stores? If you answered yes, you should try out cashback if you have not used it yet. To begin, find a cashback website that you trust and register. You can also choose multiple cashback providers because each of them is going to have different cashback rates. Then, once you make a purchase through a special link provided by the cashback portal, you will get back some of your money.

The amount of money you get in form of cashback rewards depends on the cashback rate that the given cashback provider offers. Once you explore multiple cashback websites, you will know better how much you can save in which store. The best part is that here on Kodino you can find simple comparisons to see where your saving can be the highest. In case of Crate and Barrel, however, we do not have good news. There do not seem to be any Cash and Barrel cashback deals for this store at the moment. Feel free to come back and check if any new deals show up in the near future.

Crate and Barrel discounts – sales, offers, Black Friday, …

While cashback and promo codes are a great way to save, there are still many more methods you can use to save even more money! For example, remember to always check out the Crate and Barrel sale section on their e-shop. You will find there different types of sales. For example, clearance and outlet sales, limited-time offers, or sales that focus on a specific type of furniture. There may be sales for office furniture, kitchen supplies, etc.

A good tip is to also consider shopping near holidays or the time of Black Friday to be able to choose from even more items on sale. The chances that you will stumble upon a Christmas sale are high, so consider waiting for the sales if you are not in a hurry and Holiday is near. You can also download the Crate and Barrel app to have a good overview of all rewards that you can earn.

Crate and Barrel free shipping and shipping cost

Saving money on shipping is great because you can get items comfortably delivered straight to your doorstep for no extra charge. Luckily, this is possible when shopping at Crate and Barrel’s e-shop. There are certain items that are marked with a free shipping discount coupon tag. These items will be shipped to you for free! There are three main types of shipping:

  • Standard
  • Premium
  • Express

Shipping times vary depending on location. Shipping fees vary depending on the total price of your order.  Furthermore, when shipping oversized items, extra fees may apply. In order to get the best idea of how much your shipping is going to cost, please visit the FAQ section where you can find all the detailed information. Another option is to add the items you want to purchase to your shopping cart and have the total shipping price calculated during the process of your order.

Crate and Barrel return policy

Crate and Barrel want their customers to be fully satisfied with their purchases. Therefore, they also enable you to return items or exchange them, if they do not live up to your expectations. Items can be returned either by mail or in their physical store. When returning non-furniture items, you have 90 days from the date of receipt. You will need valid proof of purchase and the items should be unused and unwashed. The return should be returned either to the same location where you bought it from or by mail.

If you wish to return furniture or rugs, you should contact Crate and Barrel customer service at 888-780-5873 or contact the store where the sale originated. When you are not satisfied with furniture or rugs upon arrival, please contact Crate and Barrel within 7 days of receipt to arrange a return. The item should be returned within 30 days. Remember that not all items can be returned. For example, final sale items cannot be returned, nor repaired. Another example is live botanicals.  You can read Crate and Barrel return policy for more details.

Crate and Barrel warranty 2024

Crate and Barrel will try to solve your problems with their products if any arise. You can contact Crate and Barrel customer service and inform yourself of ways your furniture may be repaired. The company wants to make sure that the quality of the items they sell is good and therefore, they may offer you a good solution.

Regarding Crate and Barrel warranty, there is no specific information on their website. However, remember that you can always return the product if something is amiss. The most important thing is to contact Crate and Barrel if you have any further questions about their warranty. You can find all the contact information in the next section of this article.

Crate and Barrel contact – e-mail address, contact number, customer service

The general Crate and Barrel customer service can be contacted by phone or by live chat. The live chat can be opened by clicking on the chat icon in the bottom right corner of their website. They also reply to text messages. You can find the phone number and hours below:

  • Crate and Barrel contact number: 312-779-1979
  • Customer Service Hours:
  • Mon – Fri: 8 am – 7 pm (CT)
  • Sat-Sun: 8 am – 6 pm (CT)

If you want to contact a specific Crate and Barrel store, you can find their contact information on their website. To find a specific store, scroll down and click on “Store Locations and Events”. You can find the contact information of all their stores there. For news and updates, visit Crate and Barrel on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube.