10× Cineplex Deals for May 2024​ — ​


10× Cineplex Deals for May 2024​

Enjoy a fun and exciting movie experience with Cineplex that is offering a great selection of tickets to brand-new films as well as the classics. Eat some tasty snacks during your film and choose from different types of cinema experiences and services, including the possibility of purchasing VIP tickets. Pick your next film now and use the Cineplex discount coupon of your choice.

New discount codes for Cineplex 2024


Exclusive Promotions ← Cineplex

Find out about all cinema news, brand-new trailers, exclusive contests as well as special promotions by signing up for the newsletter at Cineplex. You can quickly access the website with this Cineplex discount coupon. Sign up today and stay well informed about all the upcoming Cineplex offers.
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Cineplex: Get Rewards With Canadian Stories

Discover Canadian talent and movies by visiting Cineplex. With this special Cineplex discount coupon, you will earn 5 Scene points for every $1 that you spend on either renting or buying a film. Purchase or rent any of these exclusive films to support the Canadian film industry as well as your wallet.
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Cineplex → Discounts With the Access 2 Program

Cineplex supports the owners of the Access 2 Program card. The Access 2 Program is an initiative that allows people with disabilities to provide a significant discount or free ticket for their support person. Use this Cineplex discount coupon to learn more about this awesome promotion.
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Cineplex « Find Hidden DEALS 🎯

Use this Cineplex discount coupon to get access to the Cineplex magazine. This magazine offers you a lot of supplementary material for different movies, actors, production, and more. Beyond that, it is also a great place to find special deals and additional methods of saving money at Cineplex.
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Cineplex » Tickets for FREE

If you are a member of the entertainment reward program Scene, you will have many opportunities for free tickets at Cineplex. You can start unlocking free tickets and benefits by linking your Cineplex account with your Scene card. With a linked card, you will earn points that you can later redeem for free tickets.
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Cineplex | Amazing Ticket Discounts

Visit Cineplex and discover how to save money when going to the cinema. As a senior, child, or student, there will be many great opportunities for ticket discounts at Cineplex. Therefore, you can either save some money for your next visit or spend a little extra on some snacks.
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Cineplex → Find Limited-time Discounts

Want to watch a movie at home? If so, then you will be delighted to know that at Cineplex there is a wide assortment of great movies on sale all the time. The Cineplex selection is constantly changing, so grab a couple of titles for super cheap and enjoy them at home.
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Cineplex = Movie for only $0.99

Need a fun way to spend the night? Then look no further than at your local Cineplex. Cineplex offers a great selection of movies that you can buy or rent. By taking advantage of the Cineplex “Movie for a Loonie” promotion, you can start renting movies at the incredible price of $0.99.
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Cineplex: Save on Awesome Food Combos

Grab a bite to eat when visiting the cinema. Use this Cineplex voucher to learn more about all the delicious treats that you can get at your local Cineplex. Whether you want something salty, crunchy, sweet, or sour, Cineplex will surely make your time in front of the big screen a yummy one.
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Gift them with Free Tickets! | Cineplex

Spending time with friends and loved ones is super valuable. Make use of this Cineplex discount coupon and purchase a Cineplex gift card. This way, it’s like you’re giving them free cinema tickets! Select the value of the gift card and let the movie choice up to them.
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How to save money on Cineplex May 2024

Cineplex is the place to be if you want to have an awesome movie night or an amazing experience in the cinema. Visit their theatres to not only watch some movies but also play some video games at their on-the-spot arcades. Unlike many other services of its kind, Cineplex has taken an interest in VR, which has promise in giving customers a deeper and immersive experience when visiting the cinemas.

Do not forget that renting and purchasing movies for home use is a key part of the services offered by Cineplex. However, whenever visiting their cinemas, remember that movies just like many other things in life are better enjoyed with some food, snacks, and drinks. Cineplex has got you covered on all fronts offering your hot dogs, popcorn, soda, candy, and more. Visit the Cineplex near your area as their theatres can be found all across Canada, including the east as well as the west in many locations such as Vancouver, Ottawa, Winnipeg, and many others.

How to get Cineplex discount code

Cineplex operates a weekly newsletter that allows cinema enthusiasts to receive weekly updates about the intense world of cinema. This is one of the opportunities that allow customers to find out about the latest Cineplex promotions, discount codes, coupons, and more. For more information about ongoing Cineplex promotions and events, we also recommend reading the exclusive Cineplex magazine available freely on their website.

You can also follow Cineplex on social media platforms as they often host giveaways for free Cineplex gift cards. Cineplex also offers many great deals for people interested in buying or renting a movie instead of watching it at the cinema. Find many of their movies for rental or sale with a discount by visiting their website and clicking on “RENT/BUY”. Also, keep in mind that you can always find many discount codes and coupons here on Kodino.

How to use Cineplex discount code


You can start ordering your cinema tickets for Cineplex screenings right after creating an account on their website. Therefore, if you have yet to create one already, we suggest you do so now. Not only is buying cinema tickets much faster online, but it also allows for much more flexibility in terms of prices thanks to the available discount codes and coupons available on the internet.

Now, if you are wondering where to apply a discount code, all you have to do is pick a film, the location, and the date to proceed to purchase a movie ticket. After that, you will be directed to the next page where you will have the chance to enter how many and what type of tickets you would like to purchase. On this same page, you will also be able to add a code for a discount on your cinema tickets.

Cineplex Cashback

Cashback is the secret weapon of many modern shoppers. This is because, with cashback, shoppers have the opportunity to save money that they would normally lose in the process of their shopping. Cashback websites give customers the chance to save an additional sum of money from their purchases, otherwise known as cashback. Cashback websites act as the middleman between the shopper and retailer allowing opportunities for saving with unique cashback links.

Currently, no opportunities are available for Cineplex cashback. Cashback websites always work on adding new stores, services, and brands to cooperate with for additional deals. Therefore, visit Kodino often as we will notify you as soon as new cashback options become available for Cineplex.

Cineplex discounts and how to save

Individuals with a Scene card and membership can earn a lot of great discounts at Cineplex. This is one of the many opportunities to get cheaper or even free tickets at Cineplex. You can also gain Scene points when purchasing tickets with the Cineplex mobile app that will help you save a lot of money on your next tickets.

Beyond just the general admittance tickets, Cineplex also offers cheaper tickets for children and seniors. Also do not forget to take advantage of the delicious Cineplex combos for a tastier experience. Combos are a great way to get more snacks for less money. Furthermore, they will also earn you some additional Scene points which you can use to save on future visits.

Cineplex contact – e-mail address, contact number, contact information

Need some help? Do not hesitate and contact Cineplex immediately via chat or a phone call. If you have a problem or question for Cineplex we suggest making a phone call or chatting with Guest Services on their website. Here is the information needed for making a call:

  • Phone number: 1-800-333-0061

Cineplex has social media accounts where they share all the latest movie releases and from time to time, they also hold e-gift card giveaways. Here are the social media platforms where you can find Cineplex: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube. However, social media might not be the best way to contact Cineplex with your questions and problems.