10× CCS Deals for May 2024​ — ​


10× CCS Deals for May 2024​

CCS is one of the leading sports retailers in the U.S. It's a perfect place to buy premier apparel and shoes for skateboarding and snowboarding. Except for branded products from Adidas, Nike, Baker, and others, they also sell CCS branded clothing, including jeans, chinos, shirts, and skateboards.  You can buy goods of premium quality at good prices using CCS voucher codes. Browse all CCS discount codes and use them to save well! We publish the latest CCS promo codes.

New discount codes for CCS 2024


CCS = A gift card never disappoints

Do you want to buy a gift for a boarder, but have no clue what´s useful or right for them? No worries. Give them a CCS gift card. Select an amount, type a personalized message and you can be sure you are safe. Let them enjoy browsing CCS website on their own.
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CCS | Join newsletter and save

Attention, boarders! Here’s a tip how to save some money. Sign up for CCS newsletter and enjoy benefits like promotions or special offers. Don’t let any CCS news slip away again. Give them your email address on their website and you will stay updated.
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CCS ← Click and Enjoy Free Returns

Shop your favorite skateboards, snowboards, gear or clothing, shoes and accessories with super discounts that CCS coupon is offering you. Order now and when you don’t like your products, you can simply return it, free of charge. Save and use CCS free returns with your order now.
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Save 40 – 60% Off » CCS

Visit CCS shopping website and dive into great sale with more than 1 000 items. Shop now and choose from category like skateboards, snowboards, clothing, shoes and accessories and save up to 60% off using CCS coupon. Click on get deal to enjoy your CCS promo code.
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CCS Flannels : 2 for $60

CCS coupon code is offering you great savings on your favorite flannels. Shop now and save amazing $20 when you buy 2 pieces. Choose your style and use your CCS discount with 2 for $60 offer. Click on get deal to start browsing your flannels now.
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Free Shipping = CCS

Shop at CCS website and don’t pay for delivery. CCS coupon lets you shop from comfort of your home and enjoy CCS free shipping on all orders over $50. Don’t miss this special offer and click on get deal to enjoy CCS free shipping now.
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CCS | Free Bindings Test and Adjustments

Getting your board’s bindings tested and adjusted at the CCS Portland USA store is completely free of charge. The location of your board and accessories is not important as the service is free no matter where you got it from. Use this CCS discount coupon and check out CCS next time you are in Portland.
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Receive Free Maintenance at CCS

If you are ever interested in getting your snowboard mounted or remounted, you can do so for free at the official CCS store located in Portland, USA. It is not important where you got your gear from because they will do it for free regardless. Complimentary coffee courtesy of CCS is also available on-site.
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CCS → Grab Yourself a CCS Catalogue

You can request for yourself the special CCS catalogue full of new goods, interviews, and promotional material. The CCS catalogue gets released twice per year, more specifically, in July and November, which is right before the start of the holiday season. Use this chance to submit your request for the catalogue immediately.
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CCS « Make Shopping Better, Faster, and Cheaper

Increase the enjoyment of your shopping with CCS+ membership. Use this CCS discount coupon and join CCS+ because it unlocks a large array of benefits for members, such as faster shipping, access to giveaways and sales, and more. For the best CCS shopping experience, click on “Get Deal”.
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There are no more discounts for this shop

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How to save money on CCS May 2024

CCS is a skate shop that sells skateboards, snowboards, and longboards. Beyond just the boards, you can buy tons of accessories, tuning equipment, skate components, ramps, wheels, and much more to truly pump up your skating game to the max. There are tons of renowned brands united under the CCS banner, and therefore, their shops are often like a haven for enthusiasts of skating and snowboarding.

Along with all that was mentioned above, CCS is also a pretty great location to buy trendy, cool, comfortable, winter and summer clothes for skating or just hanging out. They also also sell shoes, socks, bags, and other particulars such as pins, facemasks, and varying degrees of jewelry. It is not enough to say that they dabble in quite an extensive list of items that all manage to fit under the same umbrella term of “skating” . Since they offer so much in what could be called a “limited space”, they can become privy to quite a large number of customers which is all the more reason why we have created this Kodino article focusing on CCS. Whether you are a frequent CCS shopper or just starting out, this Kodino article is full of information that can come in handy when the more technical stuff such as warranty, return policy, and how to contact the store come into the picture, be it for the better or for the worse.

How to get CCS discount code

CCS welcomes you to connect with them via a newsletter subscription . Via this newsletter, you can be the first one to know about many significant promotions , special offers as well as good vibes . Another fantastic way to find some significant discounts is by keeping an eye on the special promotions displayed on the upper section of the CCS homepage. Examples of such coupons include free shipping offers and the “ buy 2 for a reduced cost promotion ”.

Here on the Kodino website, we aim to provide you with a selection of wonderful discount coupons that hopefully lighten the load on your wallet. While shopping can become both expensive as well as time-consuming, we hope that our selection of discount coupons here on Kodino has become a nice reminder that the key to shopping is knowing where to look. Therefore, to summarize, you can find some fantastic deals on the CCS homepage and on Kodino.

How to use CCS discount code


The focus of this article is to assist you in finding the right location to input your CCS promo codes . By following these instructions, you will have your discounts applied in just a couple of minutes. To begin, enter your shopping cart to start the process.

At CCS you can choose between Account Sign In or Guest Checkout and depending on which option you choose there may be slight differences. This will not affect adding discount coupons so do not worry. Now in the checkout, you should fill out all the necessary information as accurately and diligently as possible. Once you reach the billing information, you will have the option to add a promo code to your order. To add the code, simply click on “Promo Code?+” and type it out to receive the discount .

Cashback CCS

Cashback is not a necessary part of every shopper’s shopping habits, however, it is one that can make shopping a much more cost-effective pastime. Cashback takes little time and the money saved can be often used for other purposes such as shipping, returns, and others. Whatever the purpose of the money that can be earned back by cashback, let us just agree that it is money worth earning back via the cashback websites that help you to get that money back. Speaking of cashback websites, sign up to some and try using cashback on some of your future purchases for some truly fantastic savings and discounts .

Unfortunately, right now there are no cashback opportunities for CCS. However, you can be sure that we will notify you as soon as we find out additional information that leads us to believe that cashback has become available. In the meantime, we implore you to have a go at the other ways of saving at CCS .

CCS discounts – sales, offers, Black Friday, …

A great way to save money at CCS is by grabbing a CCS+ membership . Essentially, CCS+ is a loyalty program that allows members to gain amazing perks such as free shipping, exclusive sale access, access to giveaways, and more. The annual membership for a year costs $19.99 .

Another option for additional savings is the fantastic Sale section. The CCS Sale section has more than 1000s of items that are cheaper by 46-60% from their original prices. You will be happy to know that even greater deals are present during the hugely popular CCS Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales .

CCS free shipping and shipping cost

As the CCS base for operation is located within the US, Canadian orders are considered international. Luckily, CCS has options for international shipping . The options for international shipping include the following:

  • Standard International : 8-13 business days
  • FedEx International Economy : 5-6 business days
  • FedEx International Priority : 2-3 business days

The shipping and handling costs will be displayed during checkout. While for the majority this is impacted most significantly by the distance of your general area from the CCS warehouse, other factors that might be considered include the size, weight, and total value of the basket. The latter becomes important when considering that international deliveries may be subject to customs and other fees. Free shipping is rare for international deliveries, however, if they do become available we will let you know via the discount coupons selection above this Kodino article.

CCS return policy

According to the CCS return policy , customers are able to return purchased products up to 30 days after purchase. The returned items must be in their original and unused condition as well as sealed in the original packaging. Also, items that are marked with a distinctive red price tag due to a sale or discount (clearance or other) are not eligible for any return compensation.

All refunds or other compensation fees will be issued within 10 business days . The CCS return policy also includes an informative list of what to do in specific and clearly situational return policy instances. To learn more about the specifics of the CCS return policy, as well as the mentioned situational instances you are welcomed to refer back to the original source.

CCS warranty 2024

CCS warrants the customers of the dangers that come along with skateboarding as well as how to reduce the dangers of the activity. However, CCS mentions that while they are not capable of approving any replacement requests, they are willing to contact the manufacturer on behalf of the customer. Please note, however, that regular wear and tear as well as impact damages are non-refundable and as a result also not eligible for a warranty claim .

You can inform CCS of your issue as well as your desire to claim a warranty under the “Safety” section of their website. Here you can fill up a warranty form which CCS will forward to the manufacturer of the defective or otherwise faulty product. Additionally, every claim must come with at least one photo of the defect and an in-depth description of the underlying problem.

CCS contact – e-mail address, contact number, customer service

CCS customer service is happy to help you out via e-mail . You can easily chat them up by sending an e-mail to: customercare@ccs.com. They will respond to you at the earliest possible opportunity which is usually within the time span of 1 business day .

Alternatively, you can have a go at following CCS on social media where it is highly possible to also have a chat. While this is the more informal way of handling a situation, every now and then this can be a quicker and straightforward way to a simple solution. Allow us to redirect you to the social media platforms where CCS is quite readily available for some online interaction:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • YouTube