7× Audible Deals for July 2024​ — ​


7× Audible Deals for July 2024​

Audible.com is a site, that provides digital audio information and entertainment on the Internet.  The source offers more than  100,000 audio titles  from  over 600 content providers. Customers can find here  audio newspapers and magazines, digital audiobooks, podcasts,  TV and radio subscriptions. Whether you are looking for a classical children's book or some new releases Audible voucher codes [year] can help you save. View the list of valid Audible promo codes not to miss the deal!

New discount codes for Audible 2024

best sellers

The best Best Sellers = Audible

Browse the most popular titles available on Audible.ca, which are generating buzz from critics, publishers, and your fellow audio enthusiasts. There are numerous categories to choose from, including arts, entertainment, biographies, children’s audiobooks, comedies, mysteries, thrillers and more. And in few steps you can start your 30 day free trial, no Audible discount code necessary.
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Audible : Your first free audiobook is waiting

It’s never been easier to listen to your first audiobook for free! Just start your 30-day free trial where you can sign in using your Amazon account. Then choose any audiobook to get started, your first audiobook is free. After that download the free Audible app and start listening! Membership can be canceled anytime.
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Audible « Save with Daily Deals

Discover some fantastic daily discounts by using this Audible discount coupon. At Audible, daily discounts can help you save up to 90% or even more on audiobooks. Visit Audible with this discount coupon and save a lot of money with daily deals.
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Member Discounts at Audible

There are tons of awesome deals at Audible. If you have an Audible membership, you have privileges that allow you to save 30% on all regular (non-membership credit) purchases. As such, Audible membership will always offer opportunities to save a lot of money.
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Audible » Enjoy Free Content

With an Audible membership, you have access to many exclusive perks. For instance, you can use this Audible discount code to discover and enjoy Audible original podcasts for free. Therefore, if you are not feeling like reading a book, perhaps a podcast is just what you need.
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Prime Benefits and Awesome Discounts ← Audible

If you happen to own an Amazon account with Prime membership, you are in for some amazing deals. Audible is connected to Amazon, and therefore, Amazon Prime members have access to exclusive Audible membership discounts and deals. Click on “Get Deal” and learn more about Prime benefits at Audible.
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Get 2 Free Audiobooks → Audible

If you have a Prime membership tied to your Amazon and Audible account you can earn not only 1 but 2 audiobooks for free. To enjoy these benefits all you have to do is try the 30-day trial version of Audible. You will get your free audiobooks after signing up.
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How to save money on Audible July 2024

Audible is a subsidiary of the widely famous and well-known e-commerce company Amazon. Audible sells digital audiobooks that customers can listen to at the comforts of their own home or on the go. Audible also offers two types of membership fees that allow customers to generate credits and redeem audiobooks for free.

Credits are a unique currency on Audible, however, there are more unique benefits At Audible that allow customers to save money on Audible. On Kodino we will describe and mention many such options. Read further to learn how to save money at Audible as well as some perks and benefits that you can gain when buying an Audible membership.

How to get Audible discount code

You can try to find some Audible discount codes and discount coupons here on the Kodino website. This is the easiest way as it can save you a lot of time, and effort as everything you need to know is already on Kodino. However, there are two other most noteworthy options which can land you some awesome discounts on Audible.

Both other two methods require an Audible membership. The first method is to use Audible credits that you can redeem for books. A single credit equals a free book on Audible. The second method is to browse Audible member-exclusive offers and discounts that can save you often more than 50% off the original retail price.

How to use Audible discount code

Unlike with most modern-day e-shops, using discount codes on Audible works slightly differently. Instead of dealing with Audible discount codes at the checkout, at Audible, this becomes unnecessary. Therefore, here is a description of how to use Audible discount codes.

The starting point is the Audible homepage. Here we scroll down to the bottom of the page where we can find and click on “Redeem a promo code”. The click takes us to the page identical to the supplementary image where you can type in your code for Audible discounts and free audiobooks.


Cashback Audible

Cashback is a way to make the money you spend return back to you from the source known as cashback websites. You can use cashback websites as the main hub for your shopping needs as all the purchases you complete via a cashback website end up saving, or more accurately, returning you a certain percentage of the money that you spent. Therefore, cashback becomes a more rewarding method as your increasing loyalty allows you to stack up returns from your growing list of spendings.

Currently, no cashback websites cooperate to provide customers Audible cashback. Because of this, right now it is difficult to save money with cashback. Try saving money at Audible by using the other methods described within this article.

Audible discounts – sales, offers, Black Friday, …

The best place to start with Audible is through Amazon. If you have an Amazon account you can acquire a free trial period for an Audible membership for 30 days. This exclusive Audible offer allows you to try the membership features free of charge.

Another great way to save is with the Audible Black Friday deals. In the past, during Black Friday, Audible has offered a couple of months of Audible membership cheaper than usual. Therefore, if you really want to save on your Audible subscription, wait until Black Friday and you will surely not regret it.

Audible free shipping and shipping cost

The best part about Audible might be that you can skip the annoyances of delivery and shipping. You do not have to worry about any Audible free shipping discount codes. Furthermore, not spending money until a certain price point just so you could get your Audible delivery for free.

Because Audible goods are digital-only, you get them straight to your device right after redeeming your discount code or completing your purchase. Therefore, regardless of if you are enjoying your audiobooks on the go or at the comfort of your own home, these problems are a thing of the past. A better way to look at things might be that every purchase at Audible comes with Audible free shipping directly to your device of choice.

Audible return policy

Among the many rights and privileges of active Audible Premium Plus members is the perk of being able to return the titles that they redeemed or purchased. As such, the Audible return policy is helpful in situations where errors and mistakes can be made. Have an audiobook you cannot get into or have difficulties enjoying, return it with almost no questions asked.

To return a product you must sign in on your Audible account. Then you must enter your purchase history and find the book you want to return. Afterwards, pick the reason for your return and you are done. Credits used for payment will be returned immediately. For other currencies, this process can take up to 7-10 business days.

Audible warranty 2024

Thanks to the Audible warranty, you can either get a refund or exchange it for another title. As just described, all you have to do is follow the return procedure. If your return goes through and is not in violation of any Audible guidelines you can get a brand new title right away.

However, the only way you will not be able to use the benefits of the warranty is when Audible suspects that the return was intended to abuse the return policy terms. In such a case the customer may lose the rights and eligibility of making returns. Audible can make such decisions as they hold the right to monitor all returns made.


Audible contact – e-mail address, contact number, customer service

While you can cancel your Audible subscription quick, easy, and whenever you want to, it is always good to know who to contact if you require additional assistance. Therefore, on Kodino we will share with you the necessary details that you should know if you run into some trouble with Audible. Generally, you can contact Audible in an instant through your Amazon or Audible account.

However, if you need to find Audible customer service contact because you are having difficulties accessing your account, use the following Audible contact number:

  • 1-888-283-1191

For other issues, you can generally find an Audible e-mail address as well as Audible social media details on the Audible homepage. These are the social media platforms used by Audible staff members:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram