8× Ashford Deals for May 2024​ — ​


8× Ashford Deals for May 2024​

Ashford is an online store, selling luxury watches for men and women. The company guarantees, that every watch from ashford.com is 100% genuine and comes with a two-year extensive warranty. The site is secured against personal information theft and other online dangers. Either you prefer a casual, fashion or sports casual - watches in all styles are available. Ashford voucher codes will help you save even on branded watches. Take a look at just some of the Ashford discount codes that we have featured. You will never miss Ashford promo codes with us!

New discount codes for Ashford 2024

33 % off

Extra 33 % off Seapro watches ← Ashford

Ashford coupon code will give you an extra 33 % off your order of Seapro watches. Choose your favorite style and treat your wrist with new watches now. Shop for less with Ashford coupon code and enjoy great savings on your next purchase. Click on get deal to start saving."
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90 %

Ashford Clearance | Save up to 90 % off

Dive into Ashford clearance and choose your perfect watches and jewelry for men and women with Ashford coupon. Ashford discount code is offering you up to amazing 90 % off your next order. Do not miss this opportunity and save big on your purchase with Ashford voucher.
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Weekly Deals » Ashford

Ashford website is offering Weekly deal offers where you can save up to 96 % off world class watches. Dive into exclusive prices and promotions and enjoy your Ashford coupon while it lasts. Shop for less and start saving now using Ashford discount code.
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15 %

Sign up and Get 15 % off » Ashford

Subscribe for Ashford newsletter and start receiving weekly deals, brand sales, new arrivals and more. Register your email address now to enjoy Ashford coupon code. Click on get deal to sign up today and receive your 15 % off Ashford discount code. Subscribe and start saving today.
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Ashford: Eyewear Exclusives

Find all of the amazing eyewear discounts available at Ashford. Use this Ashford discount coupon and have the chance of saving up to 90% or more on a sweet new pair of shades. At this sale, you can find many glasses from famous brands like Christian Dior, Prada, and many others.
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This Ashford Exclusive is for the Ladies 💣

Ladies, find your next amazing watch at Ashford. Use this Ashford discount coupon and find yourself a brand new watch on sale. While Ashford offers amazing discounts every single day, you can also find many hidden gems by checking out the exclusive girls-only sales.
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Ashford = Sales and Discounts for Men

Discover Ashford sale section to find a very large number of watches on sale. In this section, you can find all of the men’s watches at a reduced price. This is wonderful news, for instance, when the weekly or daily deals did not have what you were looking for. Find more awesome deals at Ashford.
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Ashford → Deals of the Day

Ashford plays around with great prices and discounts daily. Therefore, it would be wise to visit Ashford every day of the week to find new and exciting discounts on luxurious watches, sunglasses, and more. Take the chance to use this coupon as all the amazing prices for daily deals last no more than 24 hours.
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There are no more discounts for this shop

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How to save money on Ashford May 2024

Ashford is a fantastic shopping destination for all things luxury. At Ashford, you can find an astonishingly long list of watches for both men and women, jewelry, eyewear, and more. Most notably Ashford is known for high-quality watches for which they claim to have some of the listed qualities:

  • 100% genuine and authentic
  • Free of any serial number tampering
  • Shipping in the original casing

Beyond these qualities, at Ashford, you will also be able to find goods from very notable brands such as Calvin Klein, Swarowski, Christian Dior, and many others.

Among the bonus knowledge about Ashford, you will also gain valuable knowledge of how to save at Ashford. We will discuss all types of information from how to get Ashford discount coupons, cashback opportunities for Ashford purchases, returning products, warranty, and much more. Therefore, if you are interested in how to save money at Ashford or anything other than what was just now mentioned, keep on reading.

How to get Ashford discount code

On the matter of how to get Ashford discount code, you will be presented with a couple of unique options. For instance, on the Ashford official website, you may be offered a one-time use Ashford discount code for an item in your shopping cart via a pop-up ad. Additionally, Ashford offers many unique dailies and weekly discount coupons and codes that can grant you a deal getting you as high as 90% off an item.

You can also join their newsletter listing for updates on special offers and sales events. You may also find discount codes for single products which you can use at your own leisure usually for a limited time. For more ways how to get Ashford discount coupons do not forget to check the selection of Ashford discount codes and coupons here on Kodino.

How to use Ashford discount code


You can apply Ashford discount codes at many different locations that you visit over the course of your shopping. Therefore, no in-depth guidance will be required when figuring out how to use Ashford discount codes. However, just in case we will offer a few hints so that the special locations will be easier to spot.

You can add Ashford discount codes in both the shopping cart and during the checkout. You can also add them while filling up your shipping address. For an example of one such location, refer to the supplementary image where the code is added in the Ashford shopping cart.


Cashback Ashford

Cashback Great Canadian Rebates4% Get Bonus $2Cashback RakutenUp to 7.5% Get Bonus $5Cashback TopCashbackUp to 10% Join For Free

Try to save some additional cash with cashback. To earn cashback, sign up to a cashback website to get access to cashback links. Use the cashback links and start earning your money back with purchases completed via cashback links.

Among the list of cashback websites offering Ashford cashback are TopCashback, Rakuten, and Great Canadian Rebates. Use any of the three to start earning cashback. The rates each of them offers are different so the choice of which one is entirely left up to the consumer.

Ashford discounts – sales, offers, Black Friday, …

The entire front page when visiting Ashford is covered in exclusive ads for current and ongoing Ashford sales. Furthermore, some of them may be daily Ashford offers that can disappear in any instance, so try to take full advantage of them if appealing enough and possible. Many more desirable deals can be found under the Ashford clearance section.

With all of the above-mentioned methods, you often save up to 90% off a product’s original retail price or perhaps even more. However, the chances to save some money do not stop there. You can always find Ashford offering amazing deals during Black Friday and other seasonal occasions which you can keep an eye out for when shopping at the Ashford e-shop.

Ashford free shipping and shipping cost

Canadian orders are offered the following method of shipping:

  • Express shipping for $14.95

Order processing may take up to 3 business days. All costs for the item and shipping will be included in the invoice. International orders may be subject to additional fees of VAT and GST. To learn more about the additional fees refer to your local customs agency or website.

You may also find ways to earn Ashford free delivery. The highest chance of getting free shipping is when coming across an Ashford free shipping discount code. You may come across some either on the Ashford official website or on Kodino.

Ashford return policy

Currently, the Ashford return policy clearly states that any items sent outside the United States will be considered as final sale. This means, that international orders are devoid of the Ashford return policy within 30 days. Therefore, unless your address is located within the borders of the United States, you will not be able to receive any help via the Ashford return policy.

If you happen to be under the unique circumstances where your address is located within the United States, as further specified within the Ashford return policy, all new items from Ashford can be returned within 30 days of the delivery date. All other items classified as Certified Pre-Owned can be returned within 14 days of their delivery date. A return is the sole responsibility of the customer and as such, items returned for a refund will not be eligible for a return label, and additionally, all original shipping fees are also non-refundable if applicable.

Ashford warranty 2024

All new watches without any coverage from the manufacturer are granted a two-year extensive Ashford warranty. Similarly, with a lesser amount, all “Certified Pre-Owned” watches are privy to a one-year extensive Ashford warranty. In the case of items ordered abroad from the United States and excluding China, customers should contact Ashford customer service.

With any luck and the assistance of Ashford customer services, you can likely go through with an international warranty claim. For detailed descriptions of which items and in what condition must the items be to be successful for a warranty claim inspect the Ashford Warranty subsection. Here you can also find all the contact details for a warranty claim as well as a list of the goods, not eligible for an Ashford warranty, but suitable for a return.

Ashford contact – e-mail address, contact number, customer service

When trying to contact Ashford, you will have a selection of more direct and indirect approaches. Review all of them here and choose the method you prefer most. To begin, Ashford social media information:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn

For a more clear and direct approach try using these methods:

Either method is a quick and easy way to get Ashford customer service. For any issues or questions regarding Ashford and their goods or services be sure to get in touch as soon as possible.