6× AliExpress Deals for June 2024​ — ​


6× AliExpress Deals for June 2024​

AliExpress is a massive Chinese shopping gallery. You can find thousands of products from categories like household appliances, clothing, outdoor equipment and many more. If you first visit AliExpress you can register and immediately get from AliExpress discount code for first shopping. Some sellers offer free delivery from AliExpress all around the world. Before shopping, read reviews and choose the best seller to be sure you get what you came for.

New discount codes for AliExpress 2024


AliExpress « 50% off Super Tech Deals

Make a smart choice and save 50% off your next shopping using AliExpress discount code. Browse AliExpress monthly deals and choose your new phone, laptop, TV, home appliance, sport equipment and more. Get AliExpress coupon now and save up to 50% off your order.
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40 %

Summer sale : Save 40% at AliExpress

Get ready for this summer and freshen up your wardrobe with new pieces of swimwear, clothing or stylish accessories. Treat yourself, use AliExpress coupon and save up to 40% off your purchase. Save big and apply AliExpress discount code now. Click here to redeem your AliExpress voucher.
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AliExpress → Up to 50% off auto & moto parts

Shop at AliExpress and dive into the great deals for all auto and motorcycle lovers. Use AliExpress discount code for your next DIY parts shopping and save up to 50% off. Grab a bargain and shop for less. Enjoy AliExpress coupon while it lasts.
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50% off kitchen items » AliExpress

You can save up to 50% on kitchen items with AliExpress discount. AliExpress offers a wide range of kitchen appliances such as knives, pots, pans or baking tools. You’ll find everything your kitchen needs. Don’t miss this chance and shop now at AliExpress sale.
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AliExpress → New user $3 coupon

If you’re new to AliExpress, you can get AliExpress discount coupon worth $3. Shop wide range of products with your newcomer discount. Don’t forget that this AliExpress voucher code is valid for your first order only.
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10% off outdoor-inspired accessories on AliExpress

Save money on nature-inspired accessories on AliExpress. Browse through categories like Natural Materials or Cutesy Plants and Animals. Take this chance and shop now at AliExpress sale. Save up to 10% on outdoor-themed accessories with Aliexpress discount.
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How to save money on AliExpress June 2024

AliExpress is a website, which is joined by many stores to advertise and sell their products. Its main base is in China. It is an online market.

You can find all kinds of goods there ranging from clothes, furniture, electronics, beauty products and many others. The sellers do not offer goods that can get spoiled (mostly foodstuffs).

We will tell give you examples, how to save money at AliExpress in the following text.

How to get discount coupon AliExpress

It is fairly easy to get discount coupons AliExpress. The sellers joined on the website offer their own coupons for orders over certain price. Another way how to get discount coupons AliExpress is to gain Aliexpress coins by completing orders, writing reviews and participating in other Aliexpress activities you can find in your account site.

You can buy discount coupons AliExpress using the coins. By purchasing goods, writing reviews, commenting on goods and liking pages you can also raise your status as a member. Raising your status as a member gives you more chances to get better discount coupons AliExpress or better deals.

AliExpress also offers better prices for certain products if you use their mobile phone application. As a new member you get a $3 USD coupon. Discount coupon AliExpress are also offered on various occasions and you will find their notifications in your inbox.

How to use discount coupon AliExpress

To use a discount code AliExpress you need to click a “Get a coupon” above the good in your cart to choose from your available coupons. Do not forget to tick the desired goods, which you want to order, to be able to order them with the coupons.

You need to add coupons to each seller’s store individually as each item can come from different seller.


Cashback AliExpress

AliExpress cashback is offered on Cashbackholic in amount of up to 6% and Cashback World of up to 2% and 10 shopping points. Cashback is a service that lets you save money while buying things with your card. You get back a certain percentage of the price you paid for the goods. You can use these money during next shopping.

AliExpress discounts – sales, Black Friday…

You can find AliExpress discounts every day. Each day Aliexpress offers Flash deals, when you can get goods on a lower price. Each seller also has his own discounts and sales in their respective stores.

Saving money on Aliexpress is easy while shopping during Aliexpress Black Friday or Aliexpress Summer sales and many other occasions like Chinese New Year.

AliExpress free delivery and postage price

The website offers AliExpress free delivery on certain kinds of goods. You can choose sellers based on their delivery and choose the one that suits best your needs. In this case it means free delivery from AliExpress.

If the shipping is not free, you may pay different prices for each kind of goods from different sellers.

Aliexpress return policy

To Aliexpress return goods you need to first go to your orders in your account, find the respective item and Open a Dispute. You can choose to either Aliexpress return goods or to get a refund.

AliExpress complaint 2024

AliExpress complaint procedure for a refund or return goods to get a refund, follows the policy that you need to return the goods within a given time. Aliexpress will notify you about all the details. If you are not sure, contact the seller or the customer service.

For more information read through Return and Refund.

Aliexpress contact – e-mail, phone number, infoline

For Aliexpress contacting the sellers, you should write them a personal message from your own account. In case you have any problems, you can also choose to online chat with the customer support.

Aliexpress does not state any Aliexpress e-mail contact or Aliexpress phone number.