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Verified Deals Alibris June 2021

Alibris is an online marketplace for independent sellers of new or used products such as books, movies, music as well as rare and collectible titles. Their main goal is to connect people who love books, movies, and music. We all know these items won't be cheap but we can offer you Alibris discount coupons which should help you save a nice amount of money. Also, on certain special occasions, they offer Alibris promo codes and vouchers so make sure to not miss out on these opportunities.

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How to save money on Alibris June 2021

Shop at Alibris to find new, used, and rare books, as well as movies and music. Grab many great books from known or underground writers, famous and upcoming movie directors, and music from well-known classics all the way up to modern hits. Alibris can also be used to sell all the books that you no longer need or rent books from the Alibris marketplace.

This article will mainly focus on purchasing books instead of selling them, however, it is important to note that when selling books, Alibris will provide you with a prepaid, printable, and trackable shipping label. But when it comes to purchasing, we will provide you with a wide range of useful tips which will allow you to save a lot of money with all of your Alibris orders. To learn more, keep reading this article.

How to get Alibris discount code

Visit the Alibris e-shop and head over to the bargains section to find new Alibris daily discount coupons. Furthermore, you will also be able to find free shipping promo codes which will allow you to save a lot of money on shipping costs. Also do not forget that when creating your Alibris account, you will have the option of signing yourself up for additional Cash-Saving Coupons.

If you are not interested in making an account, you will always have the option of receiving newsletter e-mails after a subscription that you can complete at the bottom section of the Alibris e-shop. Many Alibris discount coupons will also be noted here on Kodino. Using any of the mentioned methods instantly guarantees you a great deal for your next book, movies, or a new CD full of music.

How to use Alibris discount code


Cash in your Alibris discount code at checkout. Getting to checkout is easy after you have selected the goods you want to purchase. You can also halt your shopping whenever necessary as all of the items you selected will be reserved in your cart for the following 12 hours after you added them.

After proceeding to checkout, confirm that all the items you wish are listed. Next, you can add your Alibris promo code on either the top or the bottom section of the page. Do not forget to click on “Update” because otherwise, you will not receive your discount.

Cashback Alibris

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Online retailers often partner up with cashback websites that allow their customers additional means of saving money. To take advantage of these opportunities, the customer must create a user to start earning cashback. To start earning the cashback rewards, the purchase and any additional conditions of the cashback deal must be completed as instructed on the cashback website.

Use cashback websites and save a little extra money while shopping. To earn an Alibris cashback, use either TopCashback, Rakuten, Great Canadian Rebates, or Swagbucks. Once you have an account, fulfill all the necessary requirements and steps for a cashback.

Alibris discounts – sales, offers, Black Friday, …

Discover many benefits when shopping at Alibris during a Black Friday sale. For instance, you can save up to 80% on specific books as well as other goods. You also receive a $5 discount coupon with a newsletter subscription.

However, do not forget that you can save at Alibris with their regular deals found under the bargain section. Here you can find books that cost no more than 99 cents. As many of the items may be used, Alibris does not offer any types of clearance discounts.

Alibris free shipping and shipping cost

Orders from Canada are estimated to take from 7 up to 14 days. Different fees are included depending on the items that you purchase. Here are the most important details:

  • First item charge: Books $10.99 and music and movies for $3.99
  • Each additional item will cost extra: Books $6.49 and music and movies $3.49

If you happen to find an Alibris free shipping discount code under the bargains section or here on Kodino, you may also be eligible for an Alibris free delivery. A great way to save on shipping is also by creating a wishlist with your Alibris account and when you have stacked up a bigger list you can save more by buying in bulk. Also remember that when selling books, you will not pay anything for shipping as we explained earlier.

Alibris return policy

The Alibris return policy allows you to return a product within 60 days after its shipment date. However, please note that any returns received after the initial 60 days will be discarded. When it is discarded you will also be unable to get a refund.

To make a return involves a 4-step process that is described in further detail in the Alibris return policy. To initiate the process via your Alibris account by submitting a return form on the Alibris website. The item must be wrapped into the original packaging along with the authorization page as without it the item will be discarded and you will not be able to receive a refund.

Alibris warranty 2021

No additional Alibris warranty is guaranteed with your Alibris orders. Therefore, the only way to get your money back if you are unhappy with your purchase is via the Alibris return policy. All refunds will be paid in the same form as was the initial purchase of goods.

As not all Alibris sellers have agreed to accept returns, you may want to contact the seller directly. If you need help with contacting the seller do not hesitate to get in touch with the Alibris customer service. All necessary contact details will be included in the next section of this article.

Alibris contact – e-mail address, contact number, customer service

If you need assistance with your Alibris order and you do not know who to contact or where to go, you will find all the information here. We explain the different methods you can use to get in touch with Alibris customer service and staff members. To contact Alibris, pick one of the following methods:

  • Alibris contact number: 510-594-4586
  • Alibris e-mail address for additional information regarding sellers:
  • Fill up the form available under the Contact Us section to discuss important matters via e-mail

You may also find it more convenient to get in touch through social media. Luckily, Alibris has shared all of their social media websites on the e-shop. These are the platforms where you can find Alibris social media accounts:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Alibris Blog