6× 3D simo Deals for July 2024​ — ​

3D simo

6× 3D simo Deals for July 2024​

3D simo is a company that is selling a series of products intending to bring 3D technology to the masses. Try out their most versatile 3D pen in the world. Explore 3D pens, filaments, accessories or educational pens and save using the 3D simo discount coupons. With a wide range of 3D simo coupons, the best prices are accessible for everyone. Pick the discount code from the list below and simply click on it to start saving.

New discount codes for 3D simo 2024

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FREE Shipping? 3D simo Says YES!

Get your favourite 3D Simo items delivered home free of charge. What do you need to do? It’s actually pretty easy. Choose your favourites and spend over $89 to enjoy free shipping right away. Use the 3D simo free shipping coupon, and you are good to go!
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Free 3D Models & E-books | 3D simo

Once you join 3D simo’s Shopisimo Club, you will gain access to some free downloadable content, among all other benefits. You will be able to freely download 3D models and e-books that can be useful when working with products purchased at 3D simo. If you want to find out more, click on “Get Deal”.
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15% Off Every Order! ← 3D simo

3D simo has prepared an amazing deal for their loyal customers! All members of Shopisimo Club get a 15% discount on all orders. With an offer like that, your shopping experience on 3D simo will always be more pleasant. Do not hesitate and join the program today by clicking on this 3D simo discount coupon.
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3D simo → Save $10 For New Members

Join Shopsimo Club to get amazing deals on 3D simo. New members automatically earn $10 credit that they can spend on their 3D simo orders. The only condition for getting this discount is to Join the Shopisimo Club by clicking on this voucher. Join now and enjoy great discounts.
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3D simo = Get Inspired By Fun Project Articles

Visit 3D simo blog website for reports and updates concerning their latest projects and products. Many of them may contain content that may spark your own imagination or desire to create something with 3D simo’s fantastic gadgets. Take this opportunity to learn more about 3D simo and explore the possibilities of your own creativity.
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How to save money on 3D simo July 2024

Get ready to create whatever your imagination can think of with the products from 3D simo. This store sells 3D pens, which will let you create the art that you have always wanted to make not only on paper or screen but in 3D space. 3D simo’s 3D pens are not only a great gift for creative souls but also children. Additionally, 3D simo also sells educational toys that can help them develop various skills.

If you are worried about buying new filaments for your 3D pen or finding some helpful tools that can improve your final products, you can count on 3D simo. All these things can be purchased from their store so that you do not have to worry about looking for them elsewhere. You may be wondering whether it is worth getting a 3D pen if you will need to buy filaments frequently. We do not want you to give up on your interest in the product and therefore we will introduce some ways you can save money when shopping at 3D simo to make your hobby more affordable.

How to get 3D simo discount code

Discount codes are not always easy to find. You may think that looking for them is a waste of time and therefore, you sometimes buy things without even looking for them. Kodino is here to help you out and solve this issue for you. We collect and upload not only 3D simo discount coupons and promo codes, but also discounts for hundreds of other online but also physical stores. Therefore, do not hesitate to check out the discount coupon section above this article to grab yourself a nice discount.

If you cannot seem to find any new 3D simo discount coupons here on Kodino you can also look for them on 3D simo’s social media accounts. They sometimes upload special contests and offers that allow you to win discount coupons if you are lucky enough. These discounts can often make you save 35% or more. Sign up for 3D simo’s newsletter and you may receive special offers and deals on your e-mail.

How to use 3D simo discount code

3D simo

Sometimes it can be confusing to figure out, where you can apply a discount code at an online store. However, do not worry because we have prepared a simple and short guide for you. You can begin by taking a quick look at the image above. Look at the right side of the image to find the place where you can enter your 3D simo promo code.

The image shows you the shopping cart screen. You can get to the screen by adding items to the cart and entering it afterwards in preparation for the checkout. On the right side of the screen, you will see a promo code field that will allow you to enter your code. Then just simply finish your order and enjoy the products with a special discount that you managed to find!

Cashback 3D simo

Cashback is a service that can have a positive impact on your savings when shopping online. Thanks to the cashback offer available for registered users on cashback websites, shoppers can get back a small cash reward for shopping straight to their credit card. The amount of the money reward depends on the rate they offer.

If you do not find any cashback deals on one cashback website, it does not mean that other sites do not offer them either. There are many cashback portals with different rates and rewards. To find the best deal, you would have to spend some time searching and comparing the cashback rates. Luckily, we have done the work for you! Unfortunately, we have some bad news to deliver as 3D simo cashback is not available on the most popular cashback sites in Canada right now.

3D simo discounts – sales, offers, Black Friday, …

As we have already mentioned, some of the 3D simo discounts that you can come across can be gotten by winning social media contests. If you subscribe to their newsletter, you may get info about special 3D simo sales and promotions when they become available. Often, 3D simo promo codes can be also found on their Facebook or other social media posts.

You may also want to check out 3D simo’s e-shop during Black Friday, however, it is not certain whether they will provide additional discounts during that time. Often, there are products on sale that you can find on their e-shop. Some of them let you save $90 and more! Therefore, make sure to check out their e-shop properly and look for red icons with discount percentages.

3D simo free shipping and shipping cost

3D simo can take up to 72 hours to prepare and ship your order, so please be patient. There are several shipping methods that you can choose from. If you are ordering to a mainland European address, you can use the GLS carrier service and the time will depend on the destination country. Otherwise, there are three shipping methods available worldwide which you can also choose from when ordering from Canada:

  • FedEx priority: 2-3 days
  • FedEx economy: 3-5 days
  • Priority post: 10 days

Pay attention to the fact that customs import duty and taxes are not included in the price of the product and will not be covered by the store. The price of the shipping will depend on your country and the weight of the package. You can find the exact price of the shipping in the shopping cart once you have added the products and information about your address. There is also a chance to get a 3D simo free shipping discount coupon. Free shipping is available on orders of 199 USD and more.

3D simo return policy

It is possible to return items thanks to the 3D simo return policy within 14 days. The 14 days start counting since the day you receive the product. When making a return you have an option to ask for a return or exchange. The package will be eligible for a return if it is unused and in its original condition. You can find more detailed conditions on the 3D simo return policy page.

Not all items are returnable. The exceptions include gift cards, software, and used filament. The important thing is that you should not return any item without first contacting the 3D simo customer support at support@3dsimo.com. They will provide you with further details. Once you have completed the return process and sent the package back, you need to wait for a confirmation e-mail from 3D simo. Once they let you know they received the shipment, they will process your refund or exchange, if approved.

3D simo warranty 2024

Most of the 3D simo pens carry a 2-year warranty. However, exceptions may apply so make sure to properly read the product information based on the product that you are purchasing. The warranty does not cover the battery. However, 3D simo guarantees a minimum of 300 charging cycles. By a charging cycle, they mean a full charge and discharge of the battery.

If you have any more questions regarding the warranty, please contact the 3D simo customer support. They will help you get an answer to all your questions related to this topic. If you are not satisfied with the product remember that you can return it within 14 days of receiving it. If your item stops being functional within two years since purchase due to any issue except for a faulty battery, contact 3D simo as soon as possible to claim a warranty and get your product fixed.

3D simo contact – e-mail address, contact number, customer service

You may stumble upon an issue or question related to the products sold at 3D simo. In case that happens, there are two ways you can get in touch with the 3D simo contact support. The first option is to write an e-mail and send it to the 3D simo e-mail address: support@3dsimo.com. The second option is to fill out the Contact Us form on their website and send them your message through it.

To stay updated on the new 3D simo product we recommend that you subscribe to their newsletter. You can also consider following them on social media if you are curious about their products. Choose from the following platforms where you can find them: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube.