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CarVertical review: We checked our car and couldn’t believe it (+10% exclusive discount)

Nikola Stránská
Published on 11.2.2022

Checking a vehicle by the VIN code on CarVertical is an easy way to quickly and relatively reliably verify that the vehicle you are going to buy is really what the dealer claims it to be.

What is the VIN code?

The VIN code (Vehicle Identification Number) is such a birth number of the car. After production, each car receives its unique code, which is then used to identify it.

You can find the VIN code in the vehicle’s technical certificate and several other places on the car. It is best seen on the windshield on the driver’s side, it is also stamped in the engine compartment of the vehicle, on the pillar on the driver’s side and possibly in other places, depending on which brand you are buying.

The VIN code has a total of 17 characters. The first three indicate the manufacturer, 4.-9. describe the vehicle and each manufacturer can choose them according to himself. 10.-17. are unique car numbers.

Why check the VIN code?

Selected databases use VIN to record vehicle data. Therefore, if the vehicle undergoes a service operation at an official car repair shop, the recording of the operation will be performed in connection with the VIN. The same applies in the case of an insured event, during a technical inspection and during a number of other actions that should appear in the inspection report in the event of their correct management and recording.

What is checked by VIN?

The inspection according to VIN takes place through the inspection of databases of services, insurance companies, registers, leasing companies.

By VIN you can check

  1. Whether the vehicle is stolen – if you buy a stolen vehicle, it will likely be confiscated
  2. Whether the vehicle has not been demolished – if the car is serviced by an official car repair shop, it will appear in the database
  3. Whether the odometer is not rolled back – it often happens that in order to make the car sold more attractive, the run-up recorded by the odometer is reduced. Often people confuse the speedometer and the odometer for the distance measurement.
  4. What is the car’s equipment  – the reports show when the car was made, what the engine, colour, or equipment is

Depending on the selected service, additional vehicle data may be available.

Checking a car via CarVertical

The American company has been operating in the market of verifying the history of cars since 2018. It operates directly in the USA, the European Union and many other countries. It is unique in that it uses Blockchain technology to control and verify data, making it virtually impossible to falsify it.

The company directly cooperates with important giants of the automotive industry – Volkswagen, BMW, Ford or Fiat concern.

The price for inspecting one vehicle is £12.99 for a complete report. Two reports will cost £16.99. CarVertical also offers an affiliate program for entrepreneurs who can get a significant discount. The disadvantage of CarVertical, in this case, is the inability to enter more VINs at once and it is necessary to enter them one by one.

The result of the CarVertical VIN check

As a part of our review of the CarVertical portal, we tested a vehicle in which we knew that a fault had been repaired and that it had problems with the tachometer, which were also confirmed by free portals.


What does the CarVertical report look like


The vehicle name, VIN code and information on whether the vehicle has been tampered with are available here.

Spotted Activity

This section displays information about inspections within the MOT, emissions or car registration when the owner changes. It is also stated here whether the car was operated in a rental shop or as a taxi vehicle.

CarVertical review: We checked our car and couldn’t believe it (+10% exclusive discount)

Stolen Vehicle Check

The search engine will check the police database to see if the vehicle is marked as stolen in any country.

CarVertical review: We checked our car and couldn’t believe it (+10% exclusive discount)


The graph shows the mileage recorded during the individual inspections of the car. It is clear on our vehicle that there has been a relatively significant reduction in mileage.

CarVertical review: We checked our car and couldn’t believe it (+10% exclusive discount)


CarVertical will calculate for you when the vehicle should have been serviced according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. It can be a change of brake pads, an oil change and much more. It is always a good idea to check the car’s service book to see if these have happened.

CarVertical review: We checked our car and couldn’t believe it (+10% exclusive discount)


If the vehicle has been damaged and documented, it should appear in this section. Depending on the extent of the damage and the documentation, a cost estimate may also be available. This section also contains other records such as any confirmation of scrapping, records of damage by natural elements…

CarVertical review: We checked our car and couldn’t believe it (+10% exclusive discount)


Complete overview of the car: model, year of manufacture, equipment.


At the end of the report, there is a pleasant bonus from CarVertical in the form of tips on what to look out for when checking a used car with specific knowledge about the model. Therefore, specific recommendations for rust control on the door sills apply to our Hyundai.

CarVertical review: We checked our car and couldn’t believe it (+10% exclusive discount)

If the history of the car is kept in detail, photos are also available, for example, from the insurance company after the accident, as well as the prices at which the car appeared on the market.

CarVertical Competition

In addition to CarVertical, there are several other portals on the Slovak / Hungarian / Russian / Ukrainian / Italian / English market that allow you to check VINs.

Data from all over the EU is collected by the Cardetect portal. The VIN-Info portal collects data from the USA, which is not very relevant for the United Kingdom and several selected countries in Europe. The price of the inspection ranges from 7 €, depending on the number of results found.

In addition to paid portals, several portals offer basic information about the vehicle for free.

Thanks to CarVertical, we discovered the odometer manipulation

The portal also confirmed the manipulation of the odometer between 2012 and 2014 recorded in the CarVertical report.

Basic information about the vehicle will be provided by VinCheck, where you will find out which car it is, when it was manufactured and also whether it is reported as stolen or as a property of the leasing company.

Is it worth paying for CarVertical?

If you want to subject the searched vehicle to a throughout the test and you want to display the results in a simple overview, you will not regret choosing the CarVertical. With CarVertical you get more bang for your bucks.

Benefits of CarVertical

  • Price compared to most competitors
  • Comprehensive but user-friendly report
  • Worldwide operation
  • Bonus in form of tips for breakdowns for a specific car model


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