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YouTube Premium: Subscription prices by country 2022

Barbora Kollárová
Published on 20.5.2022

The biggest advantage of YouTube Premium is that it allows you to watch content without being interrupted by annoying ads. Furthermore, videos can be played in the background even with a turned-off phone display and conveniently downloaded, after which the internet connection is not needed in order to watch them. The price of a subscription varies in each country according to its level of purchasing power.

How much does YouTube Premium cost in the UK 2022?

🇬🇧 The United Kingdom is among the countries with the most expensive subscription in the world. The price of YouTube Premium is £11,99 per month, YouTube Premium Family for 6 people costs £17,99 per month and Youtube Premium Student costs £6,99 per month.

The lowest cost of the subscription in the world is in 🇦🇷 Argentina and in 🇮🇳 India. If the YouTube Premium Family subscription is divided among six people, the cost of subscription for one person is only £ 0.21 per month. Are you a bit jealous? There is no need.

We have prepared a tutorial for you on how to activate YouTube Premium for just a few pennies also in the UK. We have been successfully using it ourselves for several years already.

YouTube Premium price by country 2022

YouTube offers four subscription types around the world. In some places, it is more beneficial to pay in advance for a one-year subscription of a personal Premium account. In all cases, we calculate and state the subscription price per 1 month. In the case of the YouTube Premium Family, the stated price is per 1 person out of the 6 possible subscribers.

The Student variant requires verification of the student’s status once a year. YouTube Premium Lite, which is available in a few countries only, removes ads but videos cannot be downloaded nor played in the background.

We found the prices that you can see in the table ourselves by logging in to YouTube from all the listed countries via VPN. Most of the subscription plans include a free one- or two-month subscription for new users.

📢 Has the subscription price changed anywhere? Are any countries missing in the overview? Please fill out the form and help us keep the information up to date.

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