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Discount Codes for December 2022​

100% offers unforgettable experiences in holiday parks all across Europe. Since 1996, the company brings exclusive locations closer to people and makes sure they enjoy every moment of their holiday. They guarantee the lowest price of accommodations and quality service. Book an amazing holiday that doesn't break the bank thanks to the discount coupon. Choose your discount code below and save. We collect every discount coupon for your convenience.

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How to save money on December 2022 is one of the most famous vacation rental websites in Europe. In it you can rent all kinds of homes, such as houses, apartments, bungalows… On its website you will find homes throughout Europe, you can select according to the type of vacation you want, being able to choose between the most famous, such as beach, mountain, snow , romantic… You can also filter according to the needs of the vacation tenants, select if you want it to have air conditioning, a terrace, and many more options so you can find your ideal vacation home.

They also have a section of pet-friendly apartments, where you can go with your fellow animals without any problem. If you want to rent a holiday home in Europe, is sure to be a very good option for you. In addition, there are many ways to save money on, and you will be able to find out about all of them thanks to reading this article and get a discount on your rent. Go for it!

How to get discount code

Discount codes are a very good option to get a great price on your vacation rental. You can get them while browsing their website, looking closely at the images in case any of them were advertising one. You can also subscribe to their newsletter, thanks to which you will receive all their news, offers, and maybe some of these discount codes at

Follow them on their social networks to get some of these codes, since it is likely that from time to time, they will advertise one in a post on their networks, and if your wish is to know their news, it is also a good option. But, if you do not want to waste time with these methods and want to get your discount code directly, we recommend that you enter Kodino and discover all the codes that are available for

How to use discount code

Now we want to explain to you how to use use that discount code that you have obtained. The first thing you have to do is enter the website, and select the apartment you want to rent, and the date you will go. When you have done it, you will be directed to the reservation management page, where you will see that there is a blank text space.

We have put an indicative image at the beginning of this section to make the process easier for you. Enter your discount code there, and press the button next to it to validate it. And ready! You will have successfully applied the discount. Sometimes, the discount code may not work because its valid date has expired, but don’t worry about it, because as we have explained before, you can get many of these codes on the Kodino website. Cashback

Understanding what cashback is is important when making purchases online, as it is a way to get free money. Cashback, is a term that is used to name the online service of economic rewards, offered by certain advertising companies for making your payments in stores or websites such as To start getting money back for your payments on, all you have to do is create your user on one of these websites, and when you have done so, search for the website on which you are going to buy, in this case , and make said payment through the personal link that they will give you.

Normally, to make the process a little easier, at the top of this section you will find an interactive image with all the companies that offer cashback at But we regret to inform you that at this precise moment there is no company that is offering it. Even so, we hope that this section will serve you in the near future. discounts and how to save

In this section it is important to start by saying that is not the owner of the houses that it offers on its website, so the discounts at are made directly by the owner of the house that you are going to rent, this is a good thing since many When people have not rented their house for the next few days or weeks, they usually lower the price. knows this, that’s why it offers you a special section where you can find all these last minute offers, and thus get incredible prices for your vacations.

At there is no such thing as a sales season or Temporary Offers, the good thing about this is that throughout the year you can find good deals if you plan your trip in advance. Normally you will find good offers if you do not travel on very special dates such as Christmas or Summer. In November, due to Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, it is likely that you will find some promotion, so we recommend you to be attentive on these dates. contact – e-mail address, contact number, contact information puts at your disposal a great customer service so you can resolve any questions you have regarding on the reservation process, or if you need to carry out any paperwork with them. The contact forms are this :

  • Contact Phone: +44 2035 19 48 50
  • Contact form
  • Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube

We recommend that you visit their frequently asked questions section since many times their customer service team has already expressed the question with their answers, thanks to which you can save time and know your answer right away.