Get YouTube Premium without ads for only 35p per month! Here’s a tutorial how to do it.

Get YouTube Premium without ads for only 35p per month! Here’s a tutorial how to do it.

Everybody knows there are way too many ads on YouTube and they can get a bit annoying too, whether it’s some dubious get rich scheme with Bitcoins, or some really strange games. But you can get rid of these ads with controversial Adblock or even better, with paid YouTube subscription. Kodino knows one nifty little trick how to get YouTube Premium for only 35p per month instead of standard £11.99. 

YouTube without ads, playing on the background and access to YouTube Originals for only 35p

With YouTube Premium, you will not only disable all ads, but it also allows you to download videos, play content on the background of your device and grants you access to complete YouTube Originals collection.

The secret of saving lies in specific country, in which you activate YouTube Premium. Because Google has set different prices for different countries in direct connection with their purchasing power, the price difference can be staggering.

This price table helps you get a better picture.

CountryPricePrice in British pounds
India129 INR£ 1,42129 ₹
Argentina119 ARS£ 1,55119 $
Turkey16.99 TRY£ 2,2116.99 ₺
Russia199 RUB£ 2,39199 ₽
Ukraine99 UAH£ 3,1799 ₴
Hungary1790 HUF£ 4,481790 Ft
Czech Republic179 CZK£ 5,91179 Kč
Slovak Republic7.19 EUR£ 6,117.19 €
Canada11.99 CAD£ 6,7111.99 $
USA11.99 USD£ 8,8711.99 $
Sweden119 SEK£ 9,64119 kr
Italy11.99 EUR£ 10,1911.99 €
Spain11.99 EUR£ 10,1911.99 €
Great Britain11.99 GBP£ 11,99
Switzerland15.90 CHF£ 11,9315.90 Fr.
Denmark119 DKK£ 13,09119 kr

Does this seem great? The reality is even better.

In India, Google offers YouTube Premium Family subscription which you can use on 6 different devices for £ 2,08189 ₹ per month, or £ 2,74249 ₹ per month on iOS devices. Now just talk to your friends or family about this great deal and you’ll able to get YouTube Premium for only £ 0,3531.50 ₹ per month for one person.

You can also get a great deal on YouTube Music Premium subscription. You will even get the first month for free.

Here’s how to activate YouTube Premium without ads for 35p per month

Step 1: Register to a VPN

VPN is a great internet service, which helps you virtually change your location to anywhere in the world. One of our favorite is Surfshark, but there other great ones like ZenMate, which offers trial version for free.

How can VPN change your location? Your device will not connect to websites directly, but through a VPN server. VPN providers offer hundreds of secured servers from all around the world and you as a customer can choose whichever you prefer.

Using a VPN also comes with other great benefits: like higher level of security when using unsecured Wi-Fi networks in coffee shops or more difficult tracking for websites. You will become basically untracable for website providers.

Step 2: Connect to India and activate YouTube Premium

Choose Indian server in your VPN settings, connect to it and head over to your YouTube settings. Choose your Profile » Paid memberships and activate your subscription. Whether you choose 1-month or 3-month payment option is totally up to you.

Also, don’t forget to set up an Indian billing address. Just open Google Maps and pick one randomly.

YouTube subscription is usually paid by card and in Indian rupees. Our advise is to get a Revolut card and always pay for similar services with it. You won’t have to pay for these services with your main account, Revolut application will notify you about every transaction and you’ll be able to save on currency rates. Revolut offers one the best ones around.

Step 3: Enjoy YouTube the way you are used to

After you activate your subscription, enjoy YouTube the way you like. You don’t have to be connected through VPN anymore to pretend you’re located in India.

No ads will pop up when watching YouTube videos and you can also play content on the background on your mobile devices and even listen to music with your display turned off. You’ll be able to download videos in YouTube application for situations like traveling or flying on the plane.

When using an Adblock, creators won’t get any ad revenue, because you basically block all ads on your videos, but with subscribing, they’ll get paid a small percentage as they’re used to.

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