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Best cashback 2022: Comparison of 6 best cashback sites for United Kingdom

Miroslav Kralik
Published on 10.12.2021

Cashback is a new trend that will make you money back on things you would buy anyway. You can save money from mobile phone bills and car insurance to gadgets or holiday trips. Read on to learn how cashback works and how much can you save.

  1. What is cashback

    Simply put, cashback is getting a percentage of your money back after you’ve purchased something. You will usually get money back on online purchases, but sometimes you’ll get cashback on in-store shopping as well. Some websites give you all their earned cashback commissions and some will give you even more as a bonus. You can then request a payout via bank transfer, PayPal or as e-vouchers and gift cards.

  2. How cashback works

    Actually, it’s really simple. Every time a member purchases at a brand online through cashback website’s link, that company pays them a commission for referring you to their website. It’s this commission they give back to the member as ‘cashback’. It’s really a win-win situation for everyone. Retailers sell their goods, they pay cashback websites and they pay you.

  3. How to earn cashback

    First, you need to sign up at cashback website. It’s usually free and it takes only couple of minutes. Often you’ll get some bonus for signing up.

    Then explore cashback deals from thousands of retailers, find a deal you like and visit the retailer via special link and purchase as normal. Your purchase will be tracked and you’ll get paid the cashback into your member account. You can then withdraw your cashback to your bank or PayPal account, or use it as gift card or e-voucher.

How cashback works

Comparison of the best cashback websites for UK 2023

  1. TopCashback

    Cashback 2023

    • Website:
    • Retailers: over 5,000 merchants
    • Sign-up bonus: get £5 bonus when you earn £10 cashback
    • Membership: free Classic account or TopCashback Plus account with £5 annual fee
    • Cashback: up to 105% commission return
    • Payout: no payout threshold
    • Payout options: bank transfer, PayPal, gift voucher or shopping card
    • Referral bonus: £20 bonus through Tell-a-Friend link

    Visit TopCashback claims they are UK’s most generous cashback site, there are no join fees and everyone earns at least 101% cashback. If you upgrade to new TopCashback Plus account, you will be rewarded with up to 105% exclusive cashback bonus. You can request your cashback anytime, there is no minimum payout threshold and you can also split your payment.

  2. Quidco

    Cashback 2023

    • Website:
    • Retailers: over 4,500 merchants
    • Sign-up bonus: £10 after earning £5 cashback
    • Membership: Basic or Premium account
    • Cashback: up to 10% top-up on cashback rates
    • Payout: no payout threshold
    • Payout options: bank transfer, PayPal or Amazon gift card
    • Referral bonus: £10 bonus through referral link

    Visit Quidco

    Over 7 million people in the UK have already joined Quidco since 2005 and an average active member pockets around £280 each year. You will get up to 10% top-up on cashback rates and up to 20% payout bonuses with Quidco premium account. You can also register a card to earn cashback in-store at 7,000+ locations in the UK.

  3. Imutual

    Cashback 2023

    • Website:
    • Retailers: over 3,000 merchants
    • Membership: free account
    • Cashback: 100% commission return
    • Payout: payment to bank account starting at £1
    • Payout options: bank transfer, PayPal
    • Referral bonus: earn 100 free shares for every friend


    Cashback website is an independent website that aims to save you as much money as possible. When you join imutual, you can earn cashback when you shop online, find money-off voucher codes and even receive free shares in imutual PLC for being a part of a unique company. And you can earn another 100 free imutual shares for every friend introduced to imutual through Tell-a-friend scheme.

  4. Froggybank

    Cashback 2023

    • Website:
    • Retailers: over 1,500 merchants
    • Membership: free account
    • Cashback: 100% commission return
    • Payout: no payout threshold
    • Payout options: bank transfer
    • Referral bonus: £2.50 for each referred friend

    Visit Froggybank is a great cashback website where members can earn cashback from more than 1500 retailers. You will keep 100% of cashback and you can earn £2.50 for each of your friends or family members you refer to froggybank. Plus, you can also earn extra cash by completing surveys, free trials and availing special offers.

  5. Cashback Discount

    Cashback 2023

    • Website:
    • Retailers: over 3,200 merchants
    • Sign-up bonus: welcome bonus of 6.50 CashCoins
    • Membership: free membership
    • Cashback: 100% commission return
    • Payout: payout threshold from 20 CashCoins
    • Payout options: bank transfer only
    • Referral bonus: receive 5 CashCoins for every friend

    Visit Cashback Discount

    Comparing to other cashback websites, there are some extra ways to save even more. You can take an advantage of discount codes and special promotions, or get free extra CashCoins when introducing new friends or family members. Receive 5 CashCoins for everyone who signs up through you and there is no limit how many friends or family members you can invite.

  6. Boom25

    Cashback 2023

    • Website:
    • Retailers: over 1,100 shops and merchants
    • Membership: free membership
    • Cashback: 1:25 chance to win
    • Payout options: withdrawal using PayPal only
    • Referral bonus: receive bonus for each of your referrals

    Visit Boom25

    Here is something different and interesting. With, you can win up to 100% of your money back at more than 1,100 of your favorite shops. You just need to sign up for a free account, shop as you normally would and if your purchase was the 25th, you have won your money back. There are no fees or charges, everything is automatic and everybody has the same chance to win. And you even get a bonus for every purchase that you don’t win.

E-shopTopCashbackQuidcoImutualFroggybankCashback Discount CashCoins
AliExpress.com5%8.45%up to 6.5%up to 6.9%3.15% CashCoins to 10%up to 10%free £10 voucher
Booking.com3%4%4%4%3.5% CashCoins
Carphonewarehouse.comup to 2% / £70up to £80up to £41up to £40up to 20 CashCoins£26.25£30£251.15 CashCoins to 15%up to £701%1%0.5% CashCoins
Debenhams.comup to 5%up to 6.5%up to 3%0.5% CashCoins CashCoins off seller feevarious cashback
Evanscycles.com5.2%4%4.1%4%up to 3% CashCoins
Grouponup to 7.8 %up to 23.4 %9.5 %up to 9 %up to 9 % CashCoins to 10%up to 11.7%6.5%up to 6%1% CashCoins
Marksandspencer.comup to 3%1.3%2.1%2%1% CashCoins
Newlook.comup to 6%up to 5%up to 7%up to 2.5 CashCoins
Nike.com11%11.5%4.1%4%2.0% CashCoins
Sky.comup to £115up to £130up to £95up to 42.5 CashCoins
Sportsdirect.com4%3.9%1.1%0.5% CashCoins
Topshop.com2.4%5.2% to 14%up to 14%up to 7%up to 3.5% CashCoins

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